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December 27, 2016

A farewell to arms

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Insanity in men usually takes the form where the crazy knows they are crazy, they might kill you for mentioning it, but they know they are.

Insanity in wimminz usually takes the form where the crazy thinks they are pretty normal, which is why insanity in wimminz is so dangerous, that and that fact that lots of women are borderline batshit.

I have spent part of the holidays visiting dysfunctional families, I’m branded as being “old fashioned” and “a bastard” because I walk into homes where their front door is not treated as an impermeable barrier to dysfunction, and so naturally enough the dysfunction spreads to the rest of the family, “I need to take a piss, where’s your bog?” so I’m directed upstairs 2nd door on the left, they could as easily said “the door that has holes that have been punched and kicked into the skin”, inside and out and when you mention this they all raise they brows and say “Ah, that’s Josh, he has anger management issues”.

It’s not for me to say “And you have house management issues, allowing the cunt to stay or visit or ever cross the threshold again” but it is what I am thinking, so then I’m regaled with tales of the 10 year old who draws on everything with marker, especially everything that has been re-decorated.

Nobody knows how to stop or control this behaviour, nobody is in charge, nobody is in control, shrug your shoulders, what can you do?

BTW before you go off on a tangent about drugs and unemployment in society, it’s worth mentioning that these parents are both in full time employment, even if they do literally have a lock on their own bedroom door to keep the youth out, and not for sexual purposes, but to prevent theft.

The unemployed are worse.

Closer to home I had some visiting me, they all have handheld electronic devices, they all want to know the wi-fi password, I tell them it’s one euro per hour, they all smirk and adopts shit eating but-I-have-no-money grins while holding their i-devices, I shrug and say no worries, you need the guest network, the password is password, it’s an entirely separate ssid and vlan with it’s own bandwidth limited pipe to the net, 250 kbit up/down for the whole vlan, oh yeah, it has a whole bunch of traffic filtering and blocking going on too, and as we all know having grown up with 9,800 baud that’s a shit lot of free bandwidth and more than enough to do serious work with, so they all sit there watching loading screens and not much else and tell me how my “internet” sucks and theirs at home is so much better.

I pull out my Note 4 and run speed test and show them I’m getting 50 mbit down and 10 mbit up, so no, there is fuck all wrong with my wi-fi, and if they don’t like my free wi-fi they are more than welcome to fuck off back home…. or pay 1 euro per hour for access to the fast ssid/vlan.

There is much grumbling, but soon enough it is replaced with questions about charging as their devices are getting low on battery, hey, no problem, charge anything you want here, 1 euro per hour to plug in to my electric….. shit eating but-I-have-no-money grins while they hold their i-devices… OK, here you go, here are the 100 mA chargers, should charge your i-device overnight… maybe…

2 full days and 3 nights here and they depart, the kids say “thank you for having us and thank you for not killing is in our sleep”, the adults laugh, I say “maybe those kids aren’t as fucking stupid and useless as I thought they were…” the adults laugh again, even more nervously, I suspect I have been crossed off the rota of christmas visits, permanent like.

In the meantime I have been told my car is shit, because everyone knows they are shit, because Jeremy fucking Clarkson says so, my computer is shit, because I won’t allow spongebob the movie anywhere near it, my games consoles is shit because it is a PC (socket 2011 plugged directly into a 7 series 48″ Samsung RGB LED/LCD TV) and not a PS4 pro, my Technics stereo separates hi-fi is shit because it doesn’t have a i-pod dock or bluetooth (but I turn it on and they are all oh my god that’s so loud and what is that weird (stereo image sound stage) sound… no, that’s not loud, that’s normal easy listening volume) I could go on and on, but you get the idea, if it isn’t in some current must have advert like Dr Dre Beats then it must be shit, because.

At one point I tire of it and explain carefully and gently that being 12 and knowing everything is not a sin, nobody will blame you for not having experience, but in 4 years time at the age of 16 a switch will click over, permanently, from one state to another, and you’ll be coming to people like me, looking for a job, and you won’t be getting one, and then your PS$ will stop working when the electric isn’t paid, you’ll go hungry, and things will go down fast from there.

I explain gently that the real world is like showing you a new video game, there are no tutorials, no explanations, no rules, you can build a great base and go out hunting and another player will come along and steal your shit and burn the rest, and there is no pause, no save, no reload, no restart, and when you die it’s game over.

They start crying, literally.

If the gentle explanation and a 4 year advance warning makes them cry, WTF…. the reality will suck donkey balls.

Still, I can see they have all diligently and avidly absorbed the lesson, an hour later they are asking if my shit computer (and shit obsolete old me) can do/create/design something for them, I say sure, 50 euros per hour, should only take a few of hours, shit eating but-I-have-no-money grins again, can we have the free / lite version like the wi-fi and chargers, well gee, thing is time is the other consumable, and you know all those times you were told to pick this shit up and put that shit away and get yourself washed and dressed but you didn’t, or you did it wayyyyy too slow and dejected and foot dragging? You remember all that? Good, because that used up all the time that I was trying to set aside for this very thing you are now asking for, and a couple of other things that your parental units asked me if I could do, so now here is my impression of a shit eating but-I-haz-no-time grin… shrugs.

Christmas, that time of year when wimminz look at real men and start having second thoughts about how much they would like that man to impregnate them and raise children with them.

As a society we are beyond fucked, it’s not s much that these “people” are incapable of learning, clearly they are, capable, that is.. but the fact is they will resist it until their dying breath, and then they will demand someone else come in and teach them and sort that shit out.

We will be busy trying to keep our own shit straight, and helping you is contra-indicated.

Even the remarkably biased and low-balled official figures state that of the 1.2 million rapefugees that arrived in German is 2014/15, which is before the mass influx started, only 34,000 found *any* kind of paid employment (this is about 1 in 40) yet to even mention this is raycis and will get you a visit from the nazi apostasy politzei because you know you simply can’t say anything raycis or nazi in Germany (or many other places) because you know, that would be like smoking crack in a gunpowder store.

So the 10 year old girl who stuck her tongue out at me when I explained the word need is spelled N E E D, and the word she should have used was want, spelled W A N T, and it is pretty appalling to not be able to speak your own native language at ten years old, well pwinthess, sucks to be you, at no point will you ever have anything to offer me that will allow you to cross my threshold, at 10 you are already unfuckable for life, good luck with the rapefugfees and other mouth breathing but-I-don’t-have-any-money locals with their shit eating grins.

I will not be fighting for you.



  1. Think I´m slowly but surely coming down from my ORK warpath to your neck of the woods(again).
    These fuckers here are getting raped and killed left and right and their biggest fear is somebody calling them a Natziiiie.

    Yeah, they piss&moan like Weltmeisters in the comments of some shitty MSM news article.
    But NOT on the all mighty Judenbook, that WILL get them fired!
    The ex-Stasi (((Kahane´s))) censoring brigade is making damn sure of it.

    At this point I´m actually almost rooting for these retarded Muslim-inbred ORKS to finally start the fücking ISIS-TED offensive and kill of 20-30 Millions of these Gutmenschen.
    Which BTW is NOT and exaggerated number.
    A determined ISIS commando just armed with kitchen knifes can easily empty one of the MANY retirement homes in an hour, or two when they stop for some fine 80year old pussy rape.
    Which they will have when the (again no exaggeration)about 20-30k ISIS stationed here simultaneously attack (see Bracken´s Tet – Take Two).

    But no luck.

    See, these ISIS fucks are still the biggest pussies on Earth.
    They´re actually trying to recruit all the other Orks they hid amongst, for cannonfodder
    But their problem is, THE GERMAN GRAVY TRAIN IS TOO GOOD!
    They can rape and brawl with impunity WHILE getting payed a monthly allowance that would be enough for 3-4 unemployed “BIO-Germans”.
    Heard about the Canadians trying out basic income again?

    When the Deutsche Bank pops, THEN you can get your Popcorn ready.
    I will.

    Comment by hans — December 28, 2016 @ 2:25 am

  2. AfoR, do you have an email I can contact you on? I would like to pick your brains on something motorbike related but that might need some engineering. I was registered on a forum you had but I can’t remember the URL.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — December 28, 2016 @ 2:59 pm

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