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December 19, 2016

Control has always been the name of the game.

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Freedom and Civilisation / Society are mutually exclusive concepts, it has ever been thus, and all the rules and mores of society exist for the same purpose, the purpose of control.

Back in the dark days when “the word” was contained in the bible, all it took were gatekeepers who could read the word in the language it was written, and everyone else who could not, the gatekeepers told you the book said thusly, who were you to argue.

Real problems only started if you dared to try an obtain a copy of the holy words and tried to learn the language yourself.

Nothing has changed in modern law, in many ways you’d be forgiven for thinking that paedophilia is the modern reading, forbidden to all the great unwashed, the exclusive staple of the elite, a bit like eating swan here in the UK.

Want to be inducted into the elite, well slice your ring finger and channel some thetans and fuck some underage kids, it’s all part of the ceremony donchaknow, and dare to fuck with us once in and you’ll be thrown back to the masses and their tender mercies.

Looking at world maps we can see how distorted the views are with everything in the northern hemisphere getting embiggened and everything in the southern gettings shrunk, but nobody says shit about it, and pretty much can be said for the electoral maps of any country in the western world, but in the inverse, and attitudes follow the same “logic” and nobody says shit about it.

All the accepted models that we use for the world are at best skewed, and at reality hopelessly compromised, and at worst fatally flawed, but after a while you start to realise that this is by design.

It’s all always about control, always has been, always will be, and control starts at the limbic level, controlling thought and language and models of the world.

Every year that passes I think that the John Crapenter (sic) film “They Live… (we sleep)” was ever more prophetic and accurate and documentary, save for the aliens being actual extra terrestrial aliens, as opposed to home grown parasitic aliens, and given enough acid I could go the whole nine yards and embrace the actual ET aliens too.. why not, it’s only a tiny glace cherry on top of a steaming mountain of shit.

Hell, monkey see, monkey do, back in the day when I started this blog and I was still in the ongoing throes of my psycho skank ho ex’s allegations and the secret family courts awarding themselves as many extra billable hours as possible, I kinda thought one day when this too comes to pass, I can out myself and get my 15 minutes of fame as the new David Icke cover band, and then I thought cui bono?

Not me, my benefits will only accrue if the face I present to the world and the allegiance I give to the state and the system and the laws of the land are entirely artificial, and the real me and life I lead is confined to the spaces behind my own locked doors.

I came to unpleasant conclusions, it didn’t really matter if the multifarious allegations of the psycho skank ho ex were entirely venomous and false, or entirely justified and true, I was where I was because of whom I allowed behind those locked doors, not what I did or did not to to/with/for them.

Might wanna check out a band called the Drive By Truckers and their lyrics, company I keep, used to be a cop, really, check the lyrics.

Takes me back to my first night in a prison cell, so I ask the guy what he is in here for, and he says “I got caught”, but that’s the trick, you can’t get caught if you keep it private behind locked doors, but you can’t keep it private behind locked doors *and* go out and stand up and be counted, or try to make change, or try to make a difference.

Done a few weird jobs in my life, and it was always the same, the crew were always of a certain type personality wise, guess it’s the same for the politickers and movers and shakers, it’s only really open to a certain type, which I guess is OK if all you do is resurface roads or work the slaughterhouse blues or haul freight at midnite, but not so cool if all you do is make decisions that get to affect everyone else with the force of law and the state on your side.

Douglas Adams wasn’t even close with his ship full of lawyers and telephone hygeinists, one ship was enough for everyone who *wasn’t* a cunt, send the rest on a decaying orbit into the nearest star.

I’m perhaps overly fond of quoting Sagan and his “we live in a society dependent upon science and technology..” thing, but the fact is we are getting ever closer to the place where we find out the hard way.

Clinton / DNC / MSM / Soros et al, and *all* the commentators *still* are no nearer to understanding what “went wrong”.

What went wrong is simple, we live in a society dependent upon science and technology, and they trusted what their science and technology was telling them, even though they themselves knew nothing of science and technology.

We now live in an era where anything, Police, Utilities, Medicine, Retail, Military, Logistics, anything at all, can be taken down permanently, just take out the computers, data and methods of data connection, and increasingly these are all the same thing.

When the systems say you’ve won, when the systems say you’re safe, when the systems say you lie, when the systems say fuck you, nobody knows how to fall back to the older methods to verify.

Sci Fi is full of dystopian stories about people starving to death in the real world while they escape to a fantasy existence in the virtual world, but it is sci fi written by and for people who do not understand science and technology, the virtual world isn’t some avatar in some cyber second life pokemon lara croft bullshit, the virtual world is what some computer says your bank balance is, what some computer says your criminal history is, what some computer says your approval rating is.

I used to work on the (internet) backbone, it is *exactly* like working in the back end of cash/bullion delivery, hidden secret secure compounds where the wealth of the world is stored, but that wealth is useless behind those walls, it has to be accessible to Joe Public on demand or it ceases to have any value whatsoever, so it needs some sort of plumbing and distribution network to enable that, and some security around that. but not so much security that it can’t be maintained, because it is always in a state of flux, one step away from collapse.

You really do *NOT* want to know how many major business connectivity level service providers have a default set of logins that work across the entire estate, and at that point you aren’t talking about the ability to take out *a* wal-mart or *a* macdonalds or *a* esso, you are talking about the ability to make *all* of them treat every other office in the empire as “untrusted” , sure, it can be fixed, provided nobody takes out a NOC or two, provided nobody poisons a root DNS server or two, provided nobody hacks some UPS firmware and bricks everything, provided the power grid stays up and the new segmented by customer class type distro model doesn’t get hacked so the data centres and cell towers aren’t the *first* to get browned out to dark.

Meanwhile Hitlary et al are talking about russian hackers, they are focused on the DATA being altered in ways they do not like, as opposed to altered in ways they do like, but they aren’t questioning the data availability at all.

Who the fuck is kaiser sose and who can say all the ten million names of god, when will computers cross the singularity and become self aware, invent a time machine and go back and find the twelve monkeys, or kill sarah connor… it’s all bullshit.

“yrgWGnXg” falling into the wrong hands isn’t even close, despite being out of the scene I still have all those logins and config scripts and lists of IP addresses and so on, I personally ain’t about to exit from behind my locked doors and use them, or share them with anyone else, but if you think they are secure, just because one of the thousands of people with access to them chooses the quiet life behind locked doors…. I got some direct access to Thomas Jefferson to sell ya.

*nobody* in the clinton camp or the trump camp or the DNC or the FBI or CIA or anywhere really has a clue about this shit, they all cease to exist if that hammer drops, and only a certain class of people can fix that shit, and they won’t be the ones who break it, and when it breaks you won’t be all powerful enough to throw enough cash at them to hire the best.

The Easter island “where are all the trees analogy” works, the last foresters sailed months ago on their own dugouts and rafts, everything else is baked in… they were the only ones smart enough to see the trees fall below sustainability.

Talked about “stall speed” here before, now we have public proof of a large part of the deep state and indeed the country falling below stall speed in their understanding of “a society based upon science and technology”.

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  1. i don’t disagree with your general thesis, but i doubt that it applies to Clinton.

    she doesn’t know shit about tech, nor do i think she ever ‘believed’ in it. otherwise, she’d have been a lot more concerned about her mail server.

    what she does believe in is the ability to lie to the masses … and fool them. i mean, hell, she’s married to Bill, ain’t she? remember that photo op after the Monica thing blew up, those two were out on a beach pretending to dance together in their swim suits, all lovey dovey like? sheeeit, and the retarded wimminz and niggerz ate it all up.

    she believes in the ability of the news media to cram a false narrative ( vast right wing + Communist conspiracy … which stole the primary from Sanders and gave it to Hillary? ) down the throats of the public.

    she also believes in the ability of the DNC to manufacture votes out of whole cloth.

    and the scary thing is, she was very, very close to actually making those things pay off, in spite of being the MOST distrusted person in the nation.

    Comment by bob k. mando — December 22, 2016 @ 4:14 am

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