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December 13, 2016


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No real reason for the title other than to +1 the total of URL’s out there that might get indexed and thus push awareness of this little bit of fake news and russian propaganda.

One of the hilarities of operating a blog like this is the steady stream of guys who email me telling me that their psycho ex listed their abuse blog in documents sent by her lawyers, and the guy reads the papers and find the URL of this blog listed.

As “Pierre” said this week, the bitch is so crazy when I point out the wimminz blog guy talks about “his sons” regularly in his blog, but we have 2 daughters and no sons, and she says well duh, Pierre changed the sex of his kids in the blog to try to hide the fact that Pierre wrote wimminz blog…  not quite as good as “Pedro” three or four years ago, who pointed out to his psycho ho ex and her lawyers that wimminz could not be his blog, because the first articles are dated nearly a year before his own personal hell started, only to be told by the psycho ex that anything can be faked and he wasn’t fooling anyone.

My own personal psycho skank ho did mention it in our case and claim it was me, I just said “prove it” and it died a rather quick death.

“Prove it” is what Pierre and Pedro should have said, and so should you, if so accused.

Meanwhile in the divided states of america the hilarity and insanity continues, the clinton crime cartel (and obummer) apparently really  do believe they will hang by the neck if trump gets inaugurated, and I hear from those who may be in the know that trump is downplaying all the “jail her” shit simply because he hasn’t been inaugurated yet, and if he played it straight he would not be.

What with the anti russian hacker and propaganda laws and all the rest of the electoral college “bad faith” and so on, the place really has turned into a banana republic one step away from a police state.

“Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” it ain’t, when 100 million of them are fucking shitting themselves at the prospect of a Trump prezzidency.

My local butcher who sells meat he raises on his own farm here in dear old blighty is pro trump, simply because he is anti-establishment, it’s amazing how many “tradesmen” with actual real trades share his views, while the office workers of the world fear the swamp being drained.

I tell any cunt who will listen, go on you tube and search for “laser rust removal” and you’ll find videos 7 years old, now fire up google and try and buy or hire one near where you live, if you live in the UK you are shit out of luck, and this is the real reason our economy is in the shit and staying there, anyone who has one will eat you lunch, if you are competing with them.

Much of the problems with the economy here is the country is chock full of people who will in the evening turn to Amazon to buy product X, but during the day flatly refuse to see anything available on Amazon as competition to the product they make / sell, despite everyone in the buyers market for product X comparing them with Amazon… go figure.

Recently I got handed two rough wood shingles, basically really rough, saw cut, pieces of wood, look at them and your first instinct is to put them on the fire, but oh no, the 2015 SUV owning business proprietor wants them lasered to make some trophies, I shit you not… I won’t be expecting a repeat order in 2017, not because I was crap, but because he will almost certainly have folded within 12 months, and when he does, it will be because of the fucking brexiters or the fucking immigrants or the fucking chinese or something.

It really is not possible to say who or what the real donald is, but I have to admit, “I’m a smart man, I don’t need a daily intelligence briefing about 99 things that haven’t changed since yesterday” does strike the right note with me.

It’s like the current squeeze, who is turning into a long term squeeze for no other reason than a 100% achievement rate at putting me first, she went out today and made sure there were fresh sheets on the bed and a meal (x2) in the fridge and the place was tidy, because some other skank was coming over for a fuck, and despite giving her three clear opportunities over separate days where she could have raised an ever so minor expression of preference that I did not fuck the skank, she avoided any kind of negativity like the plague and called the skank a lucky skank for having me.

I *know* it’s hurting her, but she is dealing with that by telling herself better she suffer some hurt, than lose me and suffer a lot more hurt and also have no upsides to it.

Comes a point when you start to accept that that individual is not playing games or putting on an act, she is playing it straight and for real, and she is in it for learning lessons and growing as a person.

The donald may or may not reach that point where the electorate accepts that he is not playing games or putting on an act, if he does he won’t get there by taking 20 golfing vacations a year like obummer, he’ll do it by doing all the shitty jobs and working 100 hours a week.


The current squeeze only got to the interview stage because of how she treated her kids and her ex when she split, which was to walk out the family home leaving everything intact and unchanged, and still contribute towards the mortgage and bills.

NAWALT I hear us all cry, and AWALT in response, well, APALT, if All Politicians Are Like That everyone who voted was a complete asshole, the downside is you preclude the acceptance of the outlier, and outliers do exist.

The problem is identifying them, and wishes and horses getting in the way of sound and distant judgement, treating the donald as the great white hope is a recipe for pain.

Put the fucker on the spot and give him all hard choices and no rewards for a couple of years and see how he does.

The donald got to the interview stage by funding his own campaign pretty much and not falling into any of the obvious traps, he could be a devious operator, he could be the real deal, like the current squeeze, all you can do is call it the interview stage and maintain a dispassionate watching brief for a few years, and maybe after a couple of years you can make some interim working observations and character assessments that are worth more than a handful of shit.

Certainly I can also be dispassionate about myself, take a back seat and analyse things and say, you know what, one the one hand you can put me and my worth as a “catch”, and on the other hand you can put the current squeeze and all the shit I have put her through the past couple of years, all the stuff she has given up uncomplainingly to win this great prize, all the consistent effort she has made, and not a hint of a foot put wrong, not even when traps were laid, and be truthful and say that further testing under the current regime is pointless, we need to move on to the next (thinking metallurgy terms here) part of the tempering / proving / assaying process, otherwise all you will do is kill it.

Same goes for the electorate and the donald, assuming that he does prove to be a man of integrity and not just another fucking politician, if he can deliver a couple of years of hard shitty jobs done for fuck all rewards, it will be time to move on from suspicion and start doing some field testing and feedback analysis, lets see if this fucker will run a quarter mile in under a minute…

AWALT/NAWALT and APALT/NAPALT means schizm in the electorate, because by definition anyone who *is* the real deal will eventually call it quits if they are the only fucker manning the oars on the galley and everyone else is appointing themselves to management positions on deck.

Getting Carrier to keep the workforce and manufacturing in the USA isn’t enough, they also have to start making world class kit that beats anything else on quality, this isn’t optional, if they decide to be like GM then the knives come out and the donald and his billionaire friends just create a start up that does, and that eats carrier’s lunch, and the crap carrier management and shareholders are all kicked to the kerb, and the good carrier employees go work for the new startup.

Good faith, just like bad faith, is a two way street.

It’s no good offering redemption if you can’t deliver when someone comes along and earns it, if you can deliver then we are back to the old school, and something all men everywhere know instinctively, earned loyalty.

Everything I do know about trump is his existing employees are very loyal, and many of them have stories that no job is too mundane or menial for the donald to be able to converse with them intelligently about it.

He didn’t marry an amerikansky bitch, he married a foreigner, twice (and a yank once, but never a wookie or ewok..lol) so twice divorced and thrice married, gain he doesn’t fit the mold for politicking, which favours life long marriages of convenience like hollywood fags of old (Rock Hudson etc) simply for “respectability” sake, while being anything but, and both his two lasting marriages were to women who worked and I don’t mean in the nail salon (the current bitch works, and hard too, she is the only female doing an all male manual labour job)

But these and many other things (trump giving up his business interests for the duration) are glossed over, just as home here many gloss over what the current bitch does for a living and how she treated her ex and her family (exemplary is the word that comes to mind) and to do so and focus instead on other irrelevant bullshit is to *potentially* miss the point utterly.

Missing the point in the same manner as the clintons complaining about wikileaks while ignoring utterly the damning content of what was actually leaked.

You gotta know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk and when to run, the DNC / clintons didn’t, and still don’t.

Please do not be blindsided by thoughts that AfOR has been cunt struck and will start preaching NAWALT and the clock starts ticking until I get deservedly fucked over again, under certain circumstances AWALT can be a self defeating strategy for a man, if applied universally (my own mother in her 90’s is cut from an entirely different cloth than a modern women, yet she is a woman) simply for the sake of purity.

There are occasions where it is wise to invoke a third category, “under field test” because the purity of either of the extremes will inevitably lead you to an outcome you would rather avoid.

You just don’t get invested in the outcome, nor do you pre-judge it or bet on it, nor do you pre-judge it and bet against it. Nor should you artificially prolong or shorten the tests.

*IF* the donald turns out to be the real deal, 2018/9 will be a real fucking interesting years…. and 2017/8 will be the years to gather data in preparation.

Shit, or get off the pot.

The tree of liberty needs periodic freshening with blood, those whose blood should be used for that purpose always know well in advance who they are, and they try to spill everyone else’s instead.

Still, many a slip between now and January 20th, and if all goes as expected, then it’s watch and wait, and be prepared to move.

I’m giving him three months in office, mid / end April 2017, and then I’ll either double my investment in capital equipment in my business, or use the money to go off grid.


  1. Dude has practically already been in office for a month.
    I´ve never seen the other Prezes sElect do anything but golfing until then.

    Here´s the current one having “a chat” with about 3 Trillion bucks net-worth at the table..

    Just love how uncomfortable Musk withers in his steely gaze.
    That POS carbon-credit, 60ies rocket tech peddling quasi-foodstamp recipient.
    And he´s also the smallest fry by far there, ha.

    Comment by hans — December 15, 2016 @ 4:05 am

  2. What is it that distinguishes right wing idol worship from left wing? BTW, if you are the Hans I think you are, I remember you from a forum back in the day. You used to be more cheerful.

    Comment by RB — December 17, 2016 @ 1:41 pm

    • Right wing idol worship vs. left wing?
      Dunno, “The West” never had a right wing idol. They were ALL lefties at certain shades of red.(Hint: National SOCIALISM)

      Yeah, cheerful has been out the window for more than a year now for me.

      Party is over here, only nobody wants to notice.
      Which REALLY puts another dampener on the cheerfulness.

      Really can´t wait for this Sylvester/NYE.

      Comment by hans — December 17, 2016 @ 10:31 pm

  3. “Just love how uncomfortable Musk withers in his steely gaze.”

    bezos, cook, and musk walk into a gay bar holding hands. stop me if
    you’ve heard this one before…

    “Still, many a slip between now and January 20th”

    monday dec 19th: electoral college meets to vote for president
    friday jan 6th: congress meets to ratify electoral college vote.
    friday jan 20th, high noon: god-emperor trump assends the cherry-blossom throne

    let the games begin!

    Comment by let it burn — December 17, 2016 @ 7:13 pm

  4. I will go to India soon. Will be interesting to see how things have progressed after banning much of their cash system. Hopefully it will be safe.

    Comment by undefined — December 19, 2016 @ 3:54 am

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