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November 30, 2016

I feel like a wog

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So a couple of days ago here in the UK we were treated to a photo in the “news” of some skank walking out of downing street with a full page of hand written notes visible dealing with brexit, and this happens maybe 30 feet away from the press, who are all armed with *excellent* Canon and Nikon kit and lenses.

It is not possible to be in government at that level and not be aware of cameras and lenses, it simply is not possible, so everything you want to keep quiet will go in a zipped attaché case, end of.

If it doesn’t, and it is carried like that, you were meant to fucking see it, which means it’s fake news.

It’s like the USA and UK (and other places) coming up with a cash for clunkers car scrappage scheme at the same time, anything that can be sold as a good idea with few objections gets it, so all you have to do is take your real idea and wrap it in fakery until it can be sold as a good idea with few objections.

See, the monarchy ended for me in 1974, because here in the UK the monarchy has to sign every law into being, and in ’74 lizzie signed the helmet law into being, and for me that was the first time the state intervened in my life, or if you like the day my eyes were first opened.

I wrote to both the Daily Mail and the Express back then, and both letters were published, but by the time creative editing had been done all the facts had been removed and what was left was me apparently supporting the new law, when in fact I was vehemently against it, and that was the day the media died in my eyes.

Mr Clancy, my physics teacher, will forever remain a God in my memory, because he would answer any and every question, and he never ever resorted to “because it just is, OK, now stop asking”

Even questions that he could not answer, or to which the answer was not know, he would discuss.

It’s a dangerous rabbit hole to go down, once you start questioning, and stop accepting “because it just is, OK” as a reason, because before long you’ll find that at least 90% of life and laws and customs come in the “because it just is, OK” category.

At that time in the UK it was legal to fuck or join the army at 16, to get a driving licence or get married without consent at 17, to buy alcohol or vote at 18, and drive a truck at 21, I can’t honestly remember the age of homosexual consent because it didn’t affect me, it would have been 18 or 21 I guess.

The obvious inconsistencies in those ages or permissibility gave rise to a very good question, the question wasn’t where you could set the age of consent for sex, there were arguments for and against various ages, but you had to draw the line somewhere, the argument was, WHY do you have to draw the line somewhere?

Today if you are in any position of authority, the age of sexual consent is 18, which means that I could marry a girl who was my student and live platonically for a year and not consummate the marriage and not break any laws, but if I fuck my wife it would be illegal, because she was also my student, and I mean ANY student, could be driving student for all the law cares.

The shit doesn’t mean the lines are drawn in the wrong place, though that is ALWAYS what is said, the lines are in the wrong place, what it means is that shit should not exist in the first place.

You either have an age of majority or you do not, and if you do, that age applies to EVERY fucking thing, and if you are troubling yourself over questions like it being ok for johnny to join the army and get his ass shot off at 17, but he should be allowed to get his ass reamed until he is 18, then the problem is you, you do not get the principle of majority.

If you are NOT in the majority, then you should be protected, and if you are going to be protected, you should be protected from everything, no good saying porn is bad for 10 year old girls, but tampax and beauty marketing is good for 10 year old girls, if they are minors you do not get to market ANYTHING to them.

Back in the day the Meccano #6 set was not marketed to small boys like me, it was marketed to dads like mine, who might want to consider buying such an educational and fun present for their son.

I remember when Google / android / smartphones came out, I remember a smart but paranoid guy saying to me that target market wasn’t adults like us, long term the target market was 5 year olds an up, and he was right.

What an amazing device to put into the hands of young children, in the same society where we are taught that the evils of child indoctrination by the Nazis were the pinnacle of devilry, when the reality is ceebeebies and peppa pig alone blow away anything the hitler youth managed in terms of mind shaping.

It is very easy to say “everything you read in the MSM is a lie”, it’s a factual statement, but it’s not helpful, the hard bit comes when you start collating and documenting all the lies, hoping to infer the truth by inference from all the negatives, the suspect does not have red hair, or frizzy hair, does not have brown eyes, does not go by the name of Fred, does not like baseball or any ball sports, does not live in a house.

Ah yes, clearly we are talking about the late and not lamented (because nobody is talking about it) Julian Assange, least of all the non-compromised wikileaks.

Meanwhile in the states everyone is talking about possible back room deals and you scratch my back swamp dwellers being behind Carrier deciding not to outsource 1000 manufacturing jobs to mexico, whereas all the donald had to do was pick up the phone BEFORE he won the election and tell the board of carrier that if those jobs go, ALL carriers guvvmint tit contracts would go along with them, the donald wins, carrier execs run around like headless chickens for a week or two arguing over who is going to be sacrificed at board level, and the announcement is made, the jobs are staying.

The donald is going to hire hitlary as secretary of state, well the MSM says so, but those “in the know” say no, the donald says fuck the MSM, the donald makes all his announcements via twatter…

That’s great, except the donald does not control twatter, so those who do have ultimate control over what he says..

Erdogan is doing a deal with Putin, Erdogan is invading Syria and declaring war on Putin by proxy, in a world of lies, nobody knows the truth, we just know what the lies are, which is basically everything we are told, from how to think to how to act to how to behave.

I have long said, YOU should not care if |I do not steal from you because it would be wrong, or because I don’t want to go to prison, to YOU, the outcome is the same, it is only ME who should care why I do not steal from you.

You should only care if you wish to associate with me, and I will use the same metric to judge you, and that is all old school human interaction 1-on-1 stuff that cannot be digitised or automated or signed or certificated.

You should care which sort or person has power over you though… don’t vote for anyone you don’t know personally.

Can’t run a democracy like that? Too bad, you were asking the wrong question, that line did not need to be drawn at all.

SOCIETY will run itself.

The age of consent should be decided by he whom is responsible for the body in question, so in the case of the young girl it is either her call, or her father’s call, nobody else’s business.

Standards based shit like driving, you either make the standard or you do not, who gives a shit if you are 14 or 40.


  1. In relation to a theme AfoR uses to hammer points home or to demonstrate the insanity of modern times…

    …any of you guys following the whole Pizzagate thing?

    Comment by Alpheta — December 1, 2016 @ 5:49 pm

    • Yep, on Funnyjunk of all places.
      But maybe not so surprising, as it´s so systematically getting hushed up on ALL the “real” fake news media.
      AND of course facefuk and Twatter.

      Comment by hans — December 3, 2016 @ 12:53 pm

  2. did you see the guy in ny that stole 1.5 million yellen bux worth of gold off the back of a truck? old dude is having a hard time humping the bucket down the street. hilarious metaphor for all us basket of deplorables as the gold and he’s the managerial class trying to control us.

    Comment by let it burn — December 3, 2016 @ 5:52 pm

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