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November 25, 2016


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I had a convo with someone regarding the recent push by the EU, sans a Hitlary prezzident-elect, to say fuck it, we’ll start a war with Russia without the Yanks help…

Suffice it to say we had a difference of opinion, my opinion was rendering themselves unelectable wasn’t their (Eg our glorious EU leaders from mutti merkel on down) concern, their concern was swinging from lamp-posts, and that was likely to follow being unelectable and someone draining the swamp and digging up the dead bodies and pointing fingers… so the only way to prevent it all is to head em off at the pass end herd everyone over the cliff to war.

His opinion was that nobody was that fucking crazy, nobody would choose all the perils of war over the perils of a swamp draining a guillotine party, because there would be no guillotine party, maybe a little suspended jail time.

Now, I can’t say I have known intimately any paedos or serial killers, but I did know very well indeed someone who today would be called a crazy stalker.

I knew both the stalker A, and the object of their attentions B, and one day B did something trivial for A (who had a few life issues anyway it had to be said) and within 24 hours A was flatly convinced that she and B were in forever love and were destined to be together forever.

B, for his part, felt none of this, and went from someone prepared to talk to her socially to someone who used to hide from her.

Me being me I took the opportunities as presented, B would ask me to keep A away from him, A would ask me to get her closer to B, I told A jealousy was the way to go so we’d have to have lots of kinky sex, it worked for a few weeks… from my perspective…

But, it was the talking to A, fucking delusional doesn’t cut it, on so many fucking levels, that she was a gorgeous person who B deserved to be with, because only that way could B be happy etc.

B basically skipped the country a few weeks later, went to Italy and made everyone promise not to tell A he had gone to the Canaries…lol.. me and two others knew he was actually going to Genoa.

Anyway, prior to meeting her, I would never have believed, that contrary to every single bit of evidence available, someone could believe a thing, and would go to any lengths to protect that belief.

About the time I bailed the penny dropped that to A the greatest evils in her life was anything and everything that challenged her beliefs, all those thousands of contrary facts? They were mere tests, only visible to those who were her enemies and who wished her to fail in her destiny.

That bitch would have started global thermonuclear war, not even to get her dream, but just for an evening in the same bar as B, so she could gaze at him like a starving hyena eyes a trapped baby goat.

So, when I see these freaks angling for an increase in tensions and a move closer to war with Russia, I *do* fucking believe it, and all I can see is that whatever their dark secrets and desires and beliefs are, they are strong enough that war with Russia is seen as a solution, not a problem.

You see, to these people, the problem is *not* having some huge distracting event, whereas Brexit / Trumpit / Grexit / Frexit / Italeave / etc *is* the worst of all possible worlds, and since they are the worst of all possible worlds, all actions to avert them are justified.

The difference between B and the brexiters who celebrated here and the trumpton-ites who celebrated in the states is B did not think that A was like him but a bit crazy, or that A was like him but a bit messed up, or that A was like him but a bit prone to do the odd bad thing, or that A was like him but was just misunderstood or confused.

B knew that A was fucking psycho, and if she ever got him alone and the mirror got cracked, she’d cut his fucking heart out, if she couldn’t have him, nobody could.

B knew that there was not one single redeeming feature in A, not one single thing to inspire mercy or understanding or help or compassion, kill it with fire, but since he could not do that without sacrificing his own life he made himself disappear.

B could do that, because A was just a lone psycho with no power.

As time goes by, I am staring to accept the proposition that humanity is indeed facing an r/K civil war, those in power will not relinquish it or allow a sea change, they’d rather burn it all down, to them it is the safer and saner option.

I cannot see any evidence to the contrary………… and I have been looking, because I have been wanting to dismiss the theory for some months now.

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  1. r/K is interesting.

    but when you couple it with the DSM is where it gets really scary. because the Cluster B personality types ( who generally sort out as r-type behavior ) absolutely do NOT give a fuck about anyone else on the planet.

    and once you grasp that pretty much everyone at the top of the political ladder has been filtered out to be some sort of neuro-deviancy ( Narcissism probably being the least toxic ), you realize that they actually, really truly would prefer to destroy everything if the alternative is them not being in charge.

    because, to them, not being in charge is the equivalent of swinging from a lamp post.

    Comment by bob k. mando — November 25, 2016 @ 6:39 am

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