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November 11, 2016

It’s time for Trump-ton

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I was working on trumps boat before it was his, back when it was adnan’s….mmmm…

so for those of you who do not know, Trumpton was a children’s TV programme in the sixties http://trumpton3.homestead.com/pughpughbarneymcgrew.html

Here in the UK I was watching the Clinton News Network’s flash webpage of the results as they came in, and Florida was very telling, the entire state apart from Palm Beach and Miami was red, and yet the tally mysteriously got stuck at 91% of votes counted, because you see, Florida was one of those damn swing states that had lots of house seats (29) so nobody wanted to call it a Trump win early on in election night, even though the same map was showing blue states that when you clicked on them, 0% of the vote was in.

Between dirty tricks, propaganda, vote rigging, the media and everything else, the blue team were pretty much convinced that they could have run a garden gnome against trump and won… ironically a garden gnome might have gotten more votes than hitlary, but despite every trick in the bag being pulled it soon became obvious that this one blew up in their faces and the un-posssssibllle became fact.

So where does this leave us?

As a scientist I have to say that the answer is “No fucking idea”, I have no way of knowing if there is in fact any difference at all (apart from the logo on the packet of cereal) in substance between trump and hitlary, or if any such imagined difference carries any weight at all once you enter the white house and all that that entails.

As a scientist I’d have to wait 4 years and judge him by his actions, or lack thereof.

AS a human being, well, all my experience on this planet tells me one thing.

If you participate in a campaign against hitlary, and all the wikileaks come out, and you start talking about “you should be in prison” and “drain the swamp”… and then you WIN…  then you are looking at civil war / anarchy / social breakdown levels of disturbance if you don’t start delivering on that.

Trump isn’t a mealy-mouthed slimy political lawyer, he doesn’t have a lifetime of saying one thing that sounds like he was actually saying something completely different but when you go back and check it turns out that blah blah blah… so trump said stuff like build a wall, you should be in jail, drain the swamp, etc.

There won’t be any “I don’t recall” wriggle room for trump as/when/if he doesn’t deliver.

There will be about 75% of the unelected masses of government tit employees actively working against him and anything trump.

So now we enter the meat and potatoes of this post.

“Drain the swamp” as an engineer it’s no big deal, a few expected precautions against losing people to malaria or crocodiles or snakes or drowning etc, get the machinery in and get working, we won’t be having snakes sneaking in at night and putting valve grinding paste into the hydraulic oil reservoirs and crocs sneaking in and adding gallons of diesel to the sumps and mosquitos sneaking in and hacking the computer systems and so on.

This is a very important point.

The DC swamp ain’t like that, it ain’t like that at all, and not only are the crocs and snakes and mossies there protected from their own actions in fighting to maintain the status quo, everything that does happen, no matter what direction it takes, can be laid at the feet of the guy who is trying to drain the swamp.

Meanwhile trump has a mandate from 50+ million voters who kind of *expect* collateral damage, so napalm the swamp, if that doesn’t kill everything nuke it from orbit, and use the crater to stash all the lime covered fags and neoliberals and joos and mussies bodies.

If the bleeding hearts are screaming and bleeding, you’re kinda doing the right thing, but not really, because the cunts still have breath to scream with and excess blood to leak out…

Trump’s *easiest* by far choice is to become just like all the others, and in the process become the world’s first trillionaire (remember folks, you read it here first) because that is about a million times easier than standing by the shit that got him elected.

BUT… there is a very real possibility that the quislings in the machine make both of those options impossible for trump, which is what really happened with adolf back in the day (you really *should* have read a translation of Mein Kampf by now, and related that to what happened in the years to follow) and the only option left is a Kristalnacht, because those who voted won’t have it any other way, the cunts would not go quietly in handcuffs so let them go screaming in body bags.

Back in my youth on an acid and speed high I can (vaguely..lol) remember being at (semi crashed) an impromptu private beach party held by the local 1% outlaw patch biker club, and words were exchanged between myself and a couple of the prospects (who the fuck invited you / who the fuck asked your opinion asshole) and next thing you know I had my ass kicked, don’t really remember much about it at all, so I sat down with some of the older guys and proceeded to drink beer and smoke grass.

Got a ***LOT*** of kudos afterwards, didn’t matter who was right and who was wrong, it happened and you took it, and then stayed around and got on with the reason for being there, partying till sunrise, and didn’t mention it again.

One of said prospects got washed out for it, and two took a severe beating from the older crew (the club prez was my local drug dealer, sergeant at arms and enforcer were drinking companions and so on) for over stepping their authority.

Not a million miles from mafioso approach to life, and trump being in property in new yoik and las vegas and florida and so on sure as fuck has been dealing with the mafioso for 30 years.

Mafiosi, outlaw bike clubs, goldman sachs, salafist muslim radicals, they are all just businessmen really, it’s just that they all do business differently, and while a businessman like trump will do business with anyone if he can turn a profit, it is still true that some people are easier to do business with than others, some people will stand by business relationships longer than others, some people will have core values outside of business closer to ours than others.

However to most, the USA up until now was a “closed shop” when it came to making money, if you were on the team you made money, all you could want, if you were not on the team then you had to deal with the team, and give them the lion’s share.

Now is potentially a time of opportunity, so apart from the 50+ million who voted to “drain the swamp” there will be businessmen who see an opportunity to oust the old team, and be a part of the new team, it will be a turf war.

One “safe” bet for trump is *massive* infrastructure works (same as adolf, hey ho) because the infrastructure in the USA is on its last legs, and rebuilding it all and bringing it all kicking and screaming into the 21st century is not only something that will generate *huge* employment and manufacturing and revenues within the USA itself, it is also something that all 300 million citizens will be able to see and touch and use.

1/ resurface / rebuild *all* roads and associated structures such and bridges and tunnels.

2/ rebuild and improve the rail networks from the ground up and tie them in with the roads and ports.

3/ rebuild the energy distribution and generation networks (no more war on coal and nukes) and prvent enron esque blackouts for profit

4/ build a proper koren level brodband infrastructure nationwide.

There is enough there alone to take his maximum possible 2 terms in office achieve, and if he goes ganbuster at it now he is guaranteed re-election simply because of all the jobs and wealth he will create *nationwide* doing so. He doesn’t have to do anything else.

He doesn’t even have to drain the swamp to do it, just award a contract to build a mall and flyover and rail yard on the same land, you drain the swamp by starving the beast of the lifeblood dollar bills it needs.

All skills that the donald and far more importantly his property management team have built up over the past decades.

All things that would appease the 50 milion baying for blood, provides some blood is spilled.

Big media will just go to trump and take his money and sing his song, like a psycho skank ho who one day worships your cock and the next accuses it of raping her virginal holes of worship.

There is no more loyalty in the big banks, they’ll throw the entire DNC and clinton foundation and bush families onto the pyre if it gets them a seat at the new table and not too many questions asked.

Big / old money and influence won’t throw podesta / hitlary etc to the wolves for failing, though that is a sin, they will do it for throwing light on their backers, instead of keeping them hidden, that is the unforgivable sin.

They could just been smart or lucky and taken their licks at the campfire, justified or not, and kept quiet about it and partying on.

They didn’t, the tail started wagging the dog.

In theory trump will enter into ALL the same deals that hitlary would have, in practice trump won’t see himself as the kingpin, just one of the big cogs in the machine.

The Hitlary DNC campaign was like a rock group that conceded to play 6 big stadiums nationally seating 100,000 each where the tickets were 1000 bucks a piece and the chances are you’d be 1000 feet from the nearest jumbotron and 3000 feet from the stage.

Trump campaign was a rock group on the road playing 365 venues, one every single day, and none of them more than 70 miles from where you lived and none of them seated more than 500 people.

Hitlary’s final night was in a gargantuan glass and chrome greenhouse built on pork outside the city where there was nothing else, Trump’s final night was the downtown hilton, across the road from his own place, with paris sucking his cock.

But, the scientist says wait and watch and judge him by his actions.



  1. Afor
    (remember folks, you read it here first)

    ummm, no.

    i’ve been pointing that out for a year.

    what hILLary has been doing isn’t particularly complex … apart from having enough dirt to be able to have absolute control of all of the investigatory and prosecutorial apparatus.

    she’s made herself worth hundreds of millions start from ( supposedly ) broke when they left the White House.

    Trump is already worth hundreds of millions, possibly a billion if you believe all the smoke he blows.

    if Trump plays Clinton-type games, the outcome is pretty obvious.

    that’s actually why, back during the early primary season, i decided that Trump wasn’t a stalking horse for Hillary ( my original concern ).

    EVEN IF Trump started out as a stalking horse, once he seized the lead over the Repukelican field
    THEN the outcome is obvious.

    hILLary cannot promise to pay Trump enough of a bribe to compensate him for the money he could make sitting on the Dragon Throne. he could always just decide to play the game she’s playing and keep ALL of the proceeds for himself.

    with one caveat: Trump is actually competent and not simply psycho. anything hILLBillery can do, Trump can do better.

    so, worst case, we get a president who uses the office for pay-for-play … which is what we would have had with Hillary anyways.

    but maybe, just maybe, he makes good on some of the shit he was talking about.

    1 – get control of immigration
    2 – expel illegals, with prejudice ( i’ve already suggested using the drug crime asset forfeiture policy against every illegal alien in the country; every dollar and every asset they hold within the domestic US is the proceed of a criminal act )
    3 – get some rationality into the foreign policy, especially .mil deployments
    4 – repeal ObamaCare

    if we can get those, i will forgive almost anything else.

    Comment by bob k. mando — November 12, 2016 @ 5:21 am

    • Hey, blogger’s priviledge, I get to steal other people’s ideas (unconsciously or otherwise) and claim them as my own.. I’m in training for a job in the MSM see..lol

      Comment by wimminz — November 12, 2016 @ 6:18 pm

  2. great minds converge alike.

    Comment by bob k. mando — November 13, 2016 @ 1:23 am

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