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November 8, 2016

Amazon Echo / Google Home / My Bitch

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So….  when Echo and Home can suck my cock and make me coffee and NOT report it in realtime to the cloud, they may be on to a winner, until then….

Which brings me to WHAT A PERSON IS, by and large 5+ decades on this planet has taught me one thing about people, and I’m not talking about the persona or fascade they put on, I’m talking about the real actual person, it is that absent a strong positive or negative modifier, they are what they are.

A strong positive modifier is me having something you want and you having to make me like you so you can get it, a strong negative modifier is me having something you really do *not* want any part of, and having to make sure I don’t have a reason to impose it on you.

So at a stroke we have both simplified and complicated matters, because we have explained how a gold digger works, and how someone not breaking the murder laws work, but we are left with the lower level stuff where the modifiers are NOT strong enough to change what the person is by way of actions in the large scale, but in the small scale.

I know a guy who is with a girl, has to be said, both of them are very happy, it’s one of those male / female relationshits that actually seems to work sufficiently to form the basis of what people point at when they shout NAWALT at you.

Only problem is, now she is with him, she is all loved up and in mother / wife mode, which he doesn’t have a problem with, but before they met, she was a slut, which he doesn’t have a problem with either, what he has a problem with is there ain’t enough of the slut in what he sees, she’s up for it, just doesn’t know how to do it, absent those minor behaviour modifiers that were present before they met and she was looking for something but didn’t know what.

It’s been alternately expressed in the past about women being a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom and not too long in the fucking bathroom…

Echo and Home now come back in to play, because neither one of them is purely what it says on the tin, inherent in what they are are built in strong personal modifiers to make you, the customer, like them, and the thing you look at when seeing Echo and Home is like gazing at a nipple, and forgetting it’s attached to the body of the psycho skank ho ex and all she did do and tried to do to destroy me.

I’ll have an Echo and a Home on one condition, I can put both of them together in a sound proofed box, teach each one that the voice of the other one is in fact my voice, and pipe in to the sound proofed box the odd bit of this

Thus far, it is not yet illegal to fuck with pre-pubescent algorithms and data miners, and make no mistake, it will be, so get your kicks while you can.



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