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November 4, 2016

A charmed life

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What with all the complaining and whining and angst about the world, wimminz, the psycho skank ho ex and so on, you might be forgiven for thinking that I lead an unhappy and miserable life.

I do not, I lead what is in many ways a charmed life, it serves no actual purpose to go into explicit individual details here in this blog, but there are a lot of tick boxes that are ticked and that shit is down pat, chilled and frilled and good to go.

It is one of the hallmarks of a technologically advanced western civilisation that life is easy, and there is a certain element of can’t complain that the wimminz and niggerz have it easy because I have it easy and we all got our boats lifted on the same tide of modern western technological society.

What I have been attempting to do with this blog is to demarcate and differentiate, the wimminz and niggerz be like turds floating on that rising tide, they have no influence on it, and are 100% at the mercy of it, but because they float to the top of it they think this is a sign of merit.

Everyone else, thee and me dear reader, we should give thanks we’re still living on easy street, see the ways in which easy street could turn into hard street, and see the ways in which our actions can have effects on our future prospects.

I’m still floating on top of the rising tide with all the turds and used condoms, but on a home made raft, I can paddle around.

The great american west and the Colorado River Basic / Catchment area, is a great example of what happens when individuals get far more power than I have, and can build and control dams and sluice gates and boreholes and so on, it’s Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice controlling the furies, or so he thinks, just like any firebug with a box of matches when the fire is still small and vigorous and exciting.

You think you can control that shit.

Big time.

And out of the 4 billion year history of the planet you hold up the last 50 years as proof of that.

The giant farts in his sleep and suddenly you have a 100 year drought or some such, sustainable population drops from 1 million to 1 thousand.

Take away the massive irrigation projects and you turn old Libya into new Libya, or Arizona into Syria, in a thousand years it’s known as a poor place that has always been poor except for some ancient history mumbo jumbo about casinos, but today you’d go there to find olive trees, flies and ugly women.

In a hurriedly squashed story in the daily fail website, the (white) reporters went to a small yorkshire town that is now basically 99.9% muslim, and were told to leave as they did not belong and had no place there.

It’s the viewpoint that species differentiation and evolution itself is all wrong, and all we have to do is put them all in a big melting pot and force them to mingle by law, and we can then right that wrong, and the reality is that the whites want to live amongst whites, the black want to live amongst blacks and the muslims want to live amongst muslims etc, and suggesting that any of these can “change” even the muslims, is like suggesting that a fag can change into a straight man.

You can make homosexuality and buggery illegal and punishable by imprisonment or death, and at best what you do is suppress it, you have precisely zero chance of eradicating it.

Back a bit in European history we had the only thing that “worked” for values of worked that may vary depending on your perspective, if you are a Jew then you can stay and die or leave and live, it worked for a decade or so.

When lands were stolen from Palestine to give the Jews a “homeland” perhaps the thought was that Jews would go there, some did, and made everyone else unwelcome, meanwhile most of them stayed everywhere else.

I can look at the United Sates and it really does not matter if I am looking at the cast list of a Hollywierd film or the cast list of Congress, almost none of the names are white.

In Scotland there were Celtic and Rangers, Celtic were the catholic football club and Rangers were the protestant football club, and if you grew up in Glasgow after the war your name and your address told a potential employer which one you were, and whether you got the job or not…

Where I sit and type this we have a thousand years of distrusting and disliking city folk from Londinium, but in the past 50 years we have laws saying that is illegal, and it is especially illegal if those london folks are black or lesbian or muslim.

Speaking as a white man I am NOT going to sit here and say that white men are innately superior to all others, because that means every white man is superior to every black man, and that clearly isn’t the case, there is some world class white genetic trash around, but in the same way that men as a whole have a greater IQ spread than women as a whole, white men as a whole have a greater “player.level” (channeling video games memes) spread than other races as a whole, so it doesn’t really matter what we apply ourselves to as a race, we’ll do it better than anyone else, and history bears out this truth, time and time and time again, without exception.

And every blade cuts both ways, historically when it comes to weapons of war it was the white man who developed technological things, german rocket engineers or battleship builders for example, and it is no accident that these white men gravitated towards this sort of invention and away from the pure weapon sort of invention like the atom bomb and biological warfare, 22nd century white men will invent the gravity defying spaceship, 22nd century jewish men will invent the planet buster bombs dropped from it.

White men (and women and children) can and will remind the world that when it comes to plumbing the depths of depravity, they will do it with clinical excellence better than anyone else can even hope to do.

White men read the also suppressed story about Putin commenting on european courts that free rapefugees who rape white kids in swimming pools, saying that any country that cannot even protect it’s own children is toast, and we understand *exactly* what he is saying, and the utter contempt which he justifiably feels for us.

White men read about the ever widening ripples in the pool of shit that surround the Clintons and contrary to what 99% of the media, even the fringe internet media like ZH are saying, we are NOT asking what Clintons have to do to go to prison, we KNOW how corrupt and fucked the system is, and who infests it and why it is so.

We KNOW it cannot be fixed by any method that does not first involve madame guillotine.

Troops stationed at a border can move in two directions, they can advance on the russian “enemy” or they can execute some west point assholes and all the lesbians and lawyers in their midst and turn coat en masse and start marching west, ain’t gonna study war no more.

Memes spread in an army just as fast as they spread in a civilian population, they are all human, and the closer you push people to the limit the smaller the next push has to be before they say fuck it and do the thing their DNA says is right, as opposed to the thing their banker masters says is right.

THE USA has long held a policy of imprisoning and punishing whistleblowers while granting amnesty to those who did wrong, the end result is what we have today, one small step short of civil war within the FBI / NYPD etc etc etc… the FBI has more leaks than a sieve.



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