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November 1, 2016

Science bitchez

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If I can read your description, go out an assemble the required stuff, and reproduce your experiement and reliably replicate your results, that is science.

Good sceince is when we measure the temperature of the water as it boils and try to infer variables such as atmospheric pressure and / or altitude from that, great science is the “that’s odd” moment when we did something wrong but still faithfully and accurately recorded the experiment and results, never mind the fact they weren’t the results we were expecting or hoping for.

By definition 99.9% of “climate change” studies are the least scientific thing you can get on the planet, because the moment you take the money and start looking for a specific result you’re not only no longer doing science, you’re doing anti-science.

You should, literally, be burned alive at the stake, along with your sponsors and all your so called “data”.

Which is why there was a piece in the paper yesterday about a POOR WOMAN who got fined 200 bucks because she literally only overstayed her parking permit by 2 seconds.

Hey I wasn’t drink driving judge, I was just 2 points over the blood alcohol limit, it’s the same with Hitlery, just running the home mail server alone *should* all by itself have been enough to get ALL her security clearances revoked for life (thus making her incapable of holding any office in the government) where people have no concept of basic scientific principle.

I’m about to get shitcanned in another forum because some asshole posted a link to the latest mommy’s boy di caprio / nat geo shit about global warming, claiming it’s one of the most important documentary films made recently…. no, it’s a steaming pile of propaganda shite.

It’s totally bereft of any scientific method, science, or factual content.

And THAT is what is a dwindling resource on the planet today, respect for scientific fact and scientific method, and disgust for everything else.

BY all means, cry and rage and scream when someone you love and care for is about to die of cancer, because there is no scientific method of curing it and allowing them to live.

But do not confuse your feelings of hurt with any right to have them kissed better.

At the risk of bordering on existentialism, one of the saddest things about WW2 in France was that roaches like Sartre and de Bouvoir were not exterminated by the Nazis, but survives when millions more worthy did not.

It’s one of the great hilarious facts about humanity (Twain would approve) that I can sit here and classify hitlary as a roach and happily oversee a thousand like her boiled alive in oil in preference to killing one small puppy dog, while not fully realising that people like hitlary classify people like me as roaches, and would happily see  a thousand like me boiled alive in oil in preference to anything else she could think of.

Difference is, she is the one that has had that power and used it, we came, we saw, he died.

El Che was a brutal bloodthirsty killer because he got that simple fact, to defeat the roaches you have to be as callous about killing the opposition as they are, but he was known as a brutal bloodthirsty killer not because he was any different to them, but because he wasn’t backed by the media as they were.

AS zerohedge says

John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

At that point, apply the scientific method, it is now impossible for there to be a just and impartial investigation, and far from saying that the only possible scientific conclusion is the whole lot of them need to go to the gallows, which means all 113,543 DOJ employees, and start afresh, no, we will blame it all on one of two bad apples and non team players, you know, the ones who gave all the other good apples a bad name.


Frankly speaking anyone who states anything along the lines of bad apples giving all the good apples a bad name should be first to the guillotine, because you can’t have bad apples in the same place as you have good apples, you either elimiate the bad ones early with extreme prejudice, or the whole crop goes bad.


The bad apples were in there and weren’t eliminated with extreme prejudice, therefore the rest of the (insert descriptive here) are also bad apples, all the good ones already left in disgust.


King Canute was famous for sitting on the beach and commanding the tide to not come in, as a demonstration to his courtiers that his word as a monarch, his word as law, only had limited utility, and none at all when it went against common sense and common fact.


It was an attempt by him to prevent the courtiers from enacting such a system as they have now, where the mere existence of a private email server, nonody gives a fuck what emails are or are not on it, would have been more than sufficient to immediately and permanently bar hitlary from every having any security clearance ever again, and being unfit for any office as a result.


And while you are at it, do the same for EVERYONE who sent her an email (looking at you obama) and EVERYONE she sent an email to.


I’m just a fucking guy, know what I mean, and my real private personal email server is a whitelist only job, if you’re not on the whitelist you can’t email me and I can’t email you, and it is easy to get off the whitelist and real real real hard to get on it.

The FBI could sieze my shit now (hey, I have history of my shit being sezied, when the psycho skank ho ex said I had everything from kiddie porn on down on my stuff, got 100% of my kit back 18 months later, which should tell you something, and she was never prosecuted for that blatantly false allegation, which should tell you something else) and amongst all the usual mundane crap there are two or three big (100 gig plus) archives that I am holding for other people.

I don’t know whats in them and don’t want to know, my conditions were that I sat there and watched them use 256 bit AES to put all their shit into one solid chunk that I don’t know the password to, or the content of, or anything else, may never want it bro, but if I do I need to be able to get it…

Likelihood it’s exactly the same as what I have, disk image of the corporate laptop from the last gig, just in case some dweeb in 2017 or 2018 decided to pin the blame for something bad onto that guy that left the company two years ago that nobody will give a fuck about now… I’d rather face the fines for holding company data that technically I should not be, in preference to the jail time for being responsible for taking down Asda’s car payment systems nationwide (happened yesterday) which is exactly the sort of shit we worked on.

So for every site visit I kept photos and details and putty terminal session logs and emails and so on and so forth, all neatly organised into a directory of year > month > date > site/job and so on.

I suspect that what Weiner was doing and how he came to have 165,000 emails from clintons server. Not so much a get out of jail free card as a wasn’t me and I CAN fucking prove it card.

You DO get this MAD (mutually asured etc) shit in the corporate world, people with enough dirt to bury other people, 99.9% of the time it’s enough to ensure some sort of civility between frenemies.

Now and again some new broom comes along that doesn’t get it and starts upsetting the apple cart, I suspect there are a LOT of people in DC with such “don’t fuck me bro” archives stashed away, just in case, and should all of them pop it would be like all the MIRV ICBM’s on every side being launched at once, there’d be fuck all left but roaches.

I know *something* is filtering down to the street level because the often mentioned by me lowering of driving standards and increasing in impatience and road rage continues apace,  the “accidents” are getting more frequent and more severe, in the past week alone and locally alone we have had three large roads totally blocked for hours by serious / fatal accidents that happened in broad daylight on dry straight roads with perfect visibility and perfect driving conditions, and they turned into pileups…

My guess is the sheeple know things are not right and they are all acting nervous and afraid and agressive, they just are sure who or what the enemy is anymore.


  1. would have been more than sufficient to immediately and permanently bar hitlary from every having any security clearance ever again, and being unfit for any office as a result.

    while i agree with your sentiment, the fact remains that in the US there are no ‘fitness’ or ‘security clearance’ standards for running for office such as you are talking about.

    the very fact that someone can secure election, despite whatever previous convictions may have accrued, is presumed to ‘qualify’ them for office.

    Marion Barry, video taped smoking crack in a prostitute’s apartment and receiving a felony conviction for this, subsequently returned to the Mayorship of Washington DC is the primary example.

    Barack Obama never having been properly vetted or forced to provide his actual birth certificate documents is another.

    you may now commence heckling those hick Colonists.

    Comment by bob k. mando — November 2, 2016 @ 10:32 pm

    • if hillary is elected she can pardon herself and everybody around her. well, maybe not comey. he can be #spiritcooked.

      Comment by let it burn — November 5, 2016 @ 9:12 pm

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