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October 28, 2016

All the leaves are brown.

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As commenter Pete pointed out (http://www.smh.com.au/victoria/man-who-told-police-about-sexts-sent-by-stepdaughter-convicted-under-child-porn-laws-20161007-grxsom.html) and as the Daily Fail love to point out (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3880072/More-50-000-sex-offenders-streets.html) we’re all sex criminals now, or at least 0.1% of us are convicted ones… a number that is growing.

Of course talking about wimminz / sex is pretty difficult, because I’ve covered the whole subject more than once in this blog alone, it is a very short playbook, and the only way to make it longer is to do what the soaps do, and tell the same story every day.

As I said to a wimminz who is the mother of two young daughters yesterday, I can joke all I want about paedophilia because the (sad) fact is that the only way to protect yourself is what I do, refuse to every be alone with children, no matter their sex, no matter who they are or who their parents are, because then all future false allegations of historical sexual abuse have another barrier to cross, and a significant one at that.

See liars come in two categories, the low hanging fruit liar and the psychopath liar, the low hanging fruit liar knows that nobody else apart from the accused knows the truth, so (absent forensic evidence which everyone will studiously not look for anyway) it’s the victim’s word against the accused, and why would anyone lie about sexual abuse.. but the psychopathic liar doesn’t give a fuck how many people know different, they know the lie itself exists in their head and they know nobody can see inside their head and therefore nobody can ever prove for a fact they are lying.

My psycho skank ho ex was a psychopathic liar, which is why her allegations stayed in the secret family courts and never migrated to the criminal courts, (the whole issue of allegations that were so weak they stood no chance at all in a criminal court even being allowed into a secret family court is a whole other issue) but in many ways that was good for me, there were lies that *could* have been told that would have been a lot harder to convince anyone did not happen.

In this the low hanging fruit liar is more cunning or smarter than the psycho liar, at a stroke here we have one of my objections to clinton, she is a psycho liar, which means she is not smart or cunning, it means she is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Trying to predict whether Clinton or Trump will win is computationally far far far simpler than trying to predict the outcome of a Clinton or Trump win, but trying to predict whether Clinton or Trump will win on November 8 2016 is like trying to predict the weather in every single american town on November 8 2016, you are attempting to make a computational analysis of an incomplete and inaccurate data set, and when I say incomplete I mean woefully incomplete.

In a fair an honest election with proper traditional paper ballots we could still get a surprise / upset at the polls a la Brexit, when you add in all the corruption and rigging.. it just gets too much, you CANNOT project upon that data set your own outrage at the corruption and rigging.

So in exactly the same way that the constant massaging of what constitutes a sex offender, to the point where it includes such instances as linked to above, means that now it is literally impossible to determine the *actual* number of *real* sex offenders out there…

It is now impossible to tabulate and record the actual votes of actual live american citizens in the 2016 election. It is a number that now CANNOT be known or determined.

Unintended consequence or deliberate ploy? You decide, but it makes no difference, because the basic fact remains the same, you now have no method of counting, recounting or verifying the voting record, which means you can’t prove anyone is lying.

Back in the day of the cash only economy where you got paid cash on a friday and spent cash because there was nothing else, it was dead easy to catch people out, I can remember talking to people who worked in cash handling industries, it’s didn’t matter where your shop was, if it was a news agents or tobacconists you’d pretty much always end the day with notes and coins in the till being in certain proportions, and the general store next door the same thing would be true, but the proportions would be different, and bar next door same thing again, and they all said exactly the same thing…

The thief who stole the odd high denomination note once every day or two was easy to catch and prosecute, it stood out like a sore thumb even if the amount itself was only a tiny fraction of the till total, but the thief who stole small denomination coin every single day was much harder to catch and prosecute, much much harder.

Tills of old (I don’t know if they still do) had a Z function, they printed out the entire days sales and totalled it.

I have mentioned here in the past about an old landlord who taught me bar work in a bar where beer was 38p per pint and the single till would take over £1,000 for a 5 hour shift on a Friday night (3 staff basically averaging nearly 3 drinks served per minute for the whole shift) who could walk in at the end of the night and look at the bottle bins and crates and empty kegs and predict to within £10 what was in the till, and get it right 365 days a year.

Old Bob could “call” that bit of accounting, FOR THAT NIGHT, IN ARREARS, and I have known people working on elections who could do the same thing, and as mentioned here people who worked in cash handling who could do the same thing.

These were consummate professionals at their trade, and if you asked Bob what would be in the till NEXT friday night, he’d shrug and talk about last friday, or the same friday last year, but this friday, who knows, all he would know was if someone pocketed a £10 note.

The only way you could *make* money working at that bar was to short change customers, and the head barman was a past master at it, and a lot of the juniors thought he was a past master because he did it, he didn’t, he caught them and they went straight out the door, bleeding, because short-changing customers was the one “undetectable” way to beat the system.

Customer gives you a 20 and you give them change for a 10 and pocket 10 and the till will balance, I got around suspicion of this by having no cash at all with me behind the bar, “and one for yourself barman” was always a half pint bottle of brown ale which went into “my” empty crate under the bar, which I could take home and drink or sell back to bob, of course being a teenager I took it home and drank it..lol

If you made a genuine mistake the till would show it, whether you short changed or over changed a customer, or if you short charged or over charged a customer, bob would know it because the till would not match the empties.

So it really always has been a trivial thing to take and count paper votes, and even challenge the count on the spot and get a recount.

It’s no more complex than asking every shopkeeper to Z their till at the end of the day, something they do anyway.

And in this same argument we can see that the alleged trouble with cash being that it is untraceable and a money launderers dream is also total bullshit, nowhere in any of the above do we care about individual £10 notes or individual bottles of beer, we don’t need to know any of those things to know if something is off.

Laundering money nowadays compared to 30 years ago is trivial, for values of “laundering” that include “false reporting” to some very small extents I do it every single day in business, I’m not going to tell you how because it’s trivially simple to do, but then it always was, just use three sets of books, the difference is nowadays I can set up random transactions generated by a computer that will pay 50,000 a day from one account to another and yet no transaction is more than 5 bucks and there is no real pattern to them, I know of someone who actually does this.

I take childish amusement in making electronic transfers to people I know (not business customers or suppliers) and tagging the payment things like “Anal Lube” and “Gay Sex Toys Inc” ha ha very bloody funny, but I know someone who uses “AmazonUK” and their statement shows credit after credit from “AmazonUK” and we all know that whatever it says on the *right* computer screen is gospel.

They could just as easily put Diebold or Clinton Foundation or Trump.

I know someone who had/has two accounts, (I’m lying slightly about amounts and labels and methods to protect the guilty) and who funneled 2,000 between them every month, ten standing orders of 200 from account B to account A, and one standing order of 2,000 from account A to account B, and that one is labelled as “Mercedes-Benz UK” and despite the fact that he has never owned a merc nor worked for them or any kind of garage that was what he used to get a mortgage and later a motorcycle loan… hilariously he is now in the shit for trying to claim a state benefit / top up reserved for the un/underemployed, while apparently “working”… after some thinking he decided that rather than argue the toss and have the whole thing come out in the wash he’ll repay the 1200 quid to the state and say no more about it.

It became a fact on a bank computer screen that was then verified as a fact by a mortgage company and a auto loan company, and somewhere along the line the state got copied in to that fact, despite the FACT that apart from bunging 20 a month for fees at those two accounts, it’s the same £2,000 that has been endlessly circulating for a few years now…. 5 years = 60 months @ 2,000 a month = 120,000…

So, whether you believe my mate genuinely earned an eighth of a million working for mercedes, or whether you believe hitlary genuinely got 62% of the vote, it doesn’t matter, because there is no way to verify it, it is physically impossible to verify it.

And at that point, if you are a rational human being, you should lose all interest in who my mate is, or how he makes a living, and focus solely on how something that was done to stop money laundering made it literally impossible to tell the difference between real and laundered income, and lose all interest in whether trump or hitlary wins, and focus solely on how the voting system ITSELF was stolen from you and destroyed to such an extent that it is now literally impossible to accurately record and count the votes.

Get down on your knees and pretend to pray, the preacher likes the cold, he knows you’re gonna stay in the safe and warm.

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