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October 24, 2016

Politics and video games

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I know, it sound stupid, right? But they both involve PEOPLE, so it isn’t as stupid as it sounds, because selling a political idea to a person has to have some common ground with selling a video game idea to a person, which has to have some common ground with selling a hamburger to a person.

Being an autistic / engineer / scientific / asshole type, much as I enjoyed Star Wars when it came out in the seventies, I also hated it with a vengance, and the most obvious reason for hating it was that it was set in space, and space as we all know is a vacuum.

In a vacuum sound does not travel, you do not get shockwaves, and of course there are no aerodynamic maneouvers possible, Newtons first law of motion.

To *some* extent I could forgive this in the seventies to make a space opera film for the cinema, even though the very same film took advantage of the vacuum of space when it chose to.

However it is now late 2016, and even the self appointed cutting edge for realism space games STILL DO THIS FUCKING SHIT, and there can be only one reason.

If they did not, if they did proper vacuum physics, nobody would buy the fucking game.

People prefer the fantasy to the reality.

So, the donald is going to drain the swamp of DC corruption, corruption that has been fucking endemic for at least 100 years and at least epidemic since nixon / watergate, you simply cannot be alive and in business / politics today and not be aware of the sheer levels and pervasiveness of corruption and graft.

It’s like growing up the child of a psycho bunny boiler skank ho for 20 years and then marrying another one and living with her for another 30 years, when your eyes are opened you can be shell shocked and proclaim that you thought it was normal, and then revelation after revelation will pour out of your mouth while you mention shit that you thought was normal but maybe it wasn’t please validate this for me… what you CANNOT do is claim you did not see anything wrong or know anything was wrong, and if it was, *you* certainly weren’t involved in it, and all those nasty people must have deceived you.

The donald isn’t about to drain a swamp to turn it into a childrens play area for free and give it back to the people for free… if the donald drains the swamp it will be to build new high rise glass and chrome edifices.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, or a worse thing that leaving all the parasites in the swamp, and to be fair to the donald, he isn’t promising to build a safe zone for kiddies, though it appears that nobody in the states is listening to what he is actually saying.

For lots of those inhabiting the swamp today, the donald’s new metropolis will offer them an upgrade, from 500 square feet of leech lounge at ground zero to 50,000 square feet of lizard lounge on the 99th floor.

The donald talking about workers making better consumers than the unemployed, the donald talking about the fruits of that production staying in the yew ess of aaaayyyy

The donald ain’t talking about a workers paradise of socialist collective here, the donald is talking about maximising yield and revenue, now the globalist agenda has bled the country dry, it’s time to seal up the borders and fatten the calf on protectionist policies, he is talking like a farmer talking about reinvigorating the land, increasing crop production and livestock production and taking all that to market and being able to sell it for a profit, he isn’t talking like a farmer who wants the corn and cows to go into business for themselves and start owning square yards of land at a time while the farmer sits back and benevolently presides over his own dissolution into irrelevance.

The donald may well be right, it may well be the best / most practical way forwards from the parasite ridden corpse that is the usa today…

But it is not the ONLY way forwards, and it may not be the best way in the long term, and it may not be best way for we the people, or for peace, or much else.

It will be the best way for the donald, he isn’t looking to make a couple of hundreds of millions like the clintons, and do so through parasitic deals and schemes, he’d looking to buy manhattan for a few handfuls of glass beads in over the counter above board deals that make him a couple of hundred billions, he could well be the worlds first trillionaire.

He *could* have run for office any time in the last 20 years.

He didn’t, it wasn’t enough of a sellers market, there were too many sellers and not enough starvation.

If that sounds a bit like the rockerfellas a century or so ago….

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  1. At this point in time we´re basically a minute from total devastation.
    The plan should be visible for most.
    Except for the wimminz who are long gone already. As their manic voting for the Bolshevik overlords and rapefugee “empathy” shows.

    Utter inhuman subjugation&eradication of the free thinking white man, or what´s left of him.
    Up till now through the slow steady death in slave labor, because that is what ANY job amounts to in a fiat-currency world.
    Or coming up, a bit quicker with DNA altering GMO crap and mandatory vaccines for EVERYBODY.
    Which will create totally new and exciting diseases for the industrial medical drug&health complex to exploit.

    The replacement is already in town, and boy are they a great slave stock.
    Breeds like rabbits, dumb, inbred, aggressive as fuck and thus easy to manipulate and deceive.
    What dumb-ass actually believes a sky god awards killers with 72 ethereal virgins or gives a flying fück which way your ass points when you “pray” to it?

    So the plan is clear and we all know who´s A-OK with it.
    Just switch the TV (Traitor View) on.

    So what ABOUT Trump?
    What is HIS game? Frankly I don´t give a flying fuck.
    When one is thrown a life belt, nobody asks which color.

    But I see how the “Destroyers” react to him, namely in utter panic as he keeps beating them at their own game.
    Which gives me more hope than I thought I had left.

    Comment by hans — October 27, 2016 @ 2:53 am

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