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October 22, 2016

Business vs politics

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I can’t tell you the right way to generate sales and promotion for your business, but I can tell you all the wrong ways, I can’t tell you the right way to run or finance your business, but I can tell you all the wrong ways, and so on and so forth.

Being a mere human, when you come up with such a list you’ll find some of them that you do, provided you don’t do too many of them and provided you don’t take any individual ones of them too far, you should be good to go, assuming your business is actually viable, it may not be.

Other things you have to accept is that there are plenty things you can only accept, because you can’t change them, or if you can, the cost is too high, these things include the very viability of your business model.

There *are* ways to make a cup cake emporium work in Detroit, just give away a “free” Browning 9mm and 2x full clips with every cup cake, for values of ways that ignore the fact that you are no longer in the cup cake business, that’s just a front.

Much of my engineering apprenticeship was like this, sure, you got taught the right ways to do various things, but you also got taught all the wrong ways, and why they were wrong… an experienced and skilled engineer can bodge a car in ways that a cowboy mechanic can only dream of, I have seen bodges so good (and simultaneously so cheap) and so awful that you have to look about six times to realise it did not come from the factory like that, my personal favourite being a light truck converted from hydraulic clutch operation to cable clutch operation… it was so good that when it eventually went wrong I took the cable to the factors as a pattern to ask for a replacement, only to be met by blank stares and denial that said make / model of vehicle ever had a cable clutch.

And so it is that there are many things in this world that you do not have the answers for on how to do them right, but you do know how to do them wrong.

And if you look around you, you can see world and dog doing them wrong, inviting 28 year old rapefugee “children” into your country as asylum seekers, but refusing to check their ages via dental inspection or anything else, because that would violate their human rights.

Without wishing to insinuate that they are the only or worst offender, you can look at US politics and see across the board pretty much a clean sweep of everything possible being done in the worst possible way.

Produce your drivers licence and social security number to be allowed in to vote, and said vote is done on a paper ballot that is kept for 12 months, and said vote is for the actual president, none of this shit about presidential nominee to be ratified by the house etc.

That’s half way there, the other half to have “none of the above” on the ticket and for that to stand if that’s the way the vote goes, no president and no new laws or taxes for the next 4 years, believe it or not people and society would get along just fine.

4 years later none of the above would be returned in a landslide and that’s the reason the system isn’t run that way, it’s like the cup cake emporium that gives away Browning automatics but insists it is just a simple cup cake shop.

The USA today is proof positive that so called democracy is the weakest system of human government possible, it bakes in the seeds of its own destruction by having zero immune system, it is a host designed for parasites that seek power and wealth.

Europe today is what the USA would look like if the US were not united states under federal law, the USA today is what Europe would look like if all the countries were united under federal law.

I’ve known yanks and had good discussions with them about the relative merits of the original Constitution, the various amendments and the Bill of Rights, and alienated them all because they instantly start defending their beloved Constitution when I point out the complete lack of Rule 1.

Rule 1 would state that any individual or group that attempted in any way to increase the power, control, authority or influence in any way of the government over the individual be hung by the neck until dead… and that any individual unilaterally imposing that death sentence be absolved of all guilt or sanction.

Rule 1 part II would state that anyone seeking to alter or moderate rule 1 in any way be hung by the neck until dead, along with his entire immediate family, and all their assets be burned.

It really wouldn’t be hard to write something that made it damn near impossible to subvert this side of 1,000 years, but then you get the thing I have long called “The AfOR Problem”

“The AfOR Problem” is a universal symptom of human nature, if you personally are not involved in a thing, you personally have no interest in that thing.

Only paedophiles, victims of paedophilia, and those who seek to profit from paedophilia or fear of same, have any interest in paedophilia, to everyone else it is something they don’t do or have an interest in, and quite frankly I have enough on my plate at the moment, the electric and gas bills are due in, it’s Lucy’s birthday this week and Auntie Sue’s next week, the car needs two new tyres and track rods and brake pads, and I quite fancy a night out with the missus over the weekend.

So when the “interested parties” start banging on about paedophiles disguising themselves as traffic signals and hanging around on street corners near schools, the rest of us tend to be all WTF, Meh, do what you like, I have other fish to fry.

Fast forwards six weeks and a new law is passed banning traffic signals within 100 metres of schools or playgrounds, for the chiilldrruuuuun, and if you object it is because you must be a closet paedo…. even though by definition “The AfOR Problem” states that the only people who will object are those who do NOT have skin in the game.

I had a conversation with a particularly rabid and freaky “thing” that objected to the pronouns “He” and “She” and felt that not only was it their right to call themselves by whatever pronoun they liked, they should have the right of law to back them up and force me to agree, and I was speaking as a small business owner.

They were adamant that not only could they force me to accept them as a potential customer, if I was looking for an employee, I could force them to accept me as an employee.

“I’ll close the business before I deal with a worthless cunt like you, either as an employer or as a customer.” was my response.

outrage and shock, and statements that YOU CAN’T!!!!

Why not, who is going to stop me? Who is going to make me operate that business?

But but but what about your customers?

They’ll be fine, Acme 2016 Corp closes and Acme 2017 Corp opens, and the thing worthless cunts like you fail to realise is that the services of Acme 2017 Corp will be in demand, the services of worthless cunts like you won’t be.

The services of companies that cave in and cater to and serve and employ worthless cunts like you won’t be.

So I look are the furore over the US election charade, how dare Vladimir Trump, the commine pinko rapist, call into question the sanctity of the Soros / Diebold voting system.

And I feel “a great disturbance in the force” as a whole load of rats and parasites look around, because make no mistake, they will jump whatever ship it is before it sinks, and then they will be the loudest voices decrying the captaincy and crewing of the old ship, there will be NONE of the dignity shown by the accused at the Nuremberg trials where Nazis were processed and hung as rapidly as possible before they could utter any unpleasant truths.

It is not for nothing that the bloody French are universally derided as cheese eating surrender money whose women are hairy and smelly and unwashed, the French after all introduced Madame Guillotine to many parasite necks, and they were the only country in history so far to do so properly and eliminate the parasites en masse, entire families at a time.

I’d conservatively estimate that in most modern European countries such as the UK, Mme Guillotine would have to chop a million heads, in a larger country like the USA nearer 10 million heads.

The guillotine blade and the hangman’s noose are slow and deliberate, they are very very very specific and targeted, none of this shit about droning 99 people in an embassy and 27 outside because a dog that looked like Assange but was really a Russian/ISIS?CIA hacker was having a wedding somewhere nearby.

Turning “The AfOR Problem” on it’s head, and using it as a business tool, the only people who are going to object to my business plan are those that don’t have skin in the game as potential customers, every one else can tax me, inspect me, sell to me, sell to my potential customers, and so on, those who have no skin in the game and will never be potential customers are nowhere on the horizon.

So it becomes a lot simpler, “The AfOR Problem” says that everything that pops up on the radar has skin in the game of my business plan, and only a subset of those are potential customers, so back where we started with all those “unknown ways to do things right” vs “plenty of known ways to do things wrong” , all the ways of doing things wrong is going to overlap with all those who have skin in the game of my business plan, but who are *not* potential customers.

Every minute spent talking to banks about financing, the state about taxation, the local council about refuse and taxes, google about adwords, isn’t *just* a minute wasted not talking to potential customers.

Because those with skin in the game who are *not* potential customers, want to continue and expand upon those minutes of interaction… this is their *sole* ethos.

Before you know it you require full time employees who never deal with either a single customer or a single order.

Before you know it you have a beurocracy, WITHIN your own business, and their sole ethos is to expand their minutes of interaction with others of their ilk, none of them will ever deal with a customer or get a job out the door personally.

“The AfOR Problem” states that anything that does not exterminate those with skin in the game, just riles them up, and they don’t like being riled up, and the only way they know how to respond to being riled up is to extend and embrace their influence and extinguish any opposition.

Back when obummer was in the running I warned every yank who would listen, hope and change my fucking ass, you are looking to elect a Black Tony Blair, and a Black Blair is much worse than a White Blair, because dat’s rayciss innit.

Trump ain’t a saviour, he isn’t wielding a guillotine.

Hitlary ain’t a saviour, she wants guillotines behind secret walls, and she wants them fed daily with the blood of dissenters… see link at end

We had a saying here to do with banking etc, TBTF, Too Big To Fail, well, I got another TBTF for ya, Too Broke To Fix.

At best, Trump may be the blue touch paper, that’s at best, and that’s a big maybe, even if he is everything he says and not just another shill designed to root out the “ballot box, ammo box” dissenters.



  1. AFor
    The USA today is proof positive that so called democracy is the weakest system of human government possible

    which is why the US was not designed to be a democracy and why ‘democracy’ is directly against the founding principles of the nation.

    funny how they’ve managed to substitute that in.

    Rule 1 would state that any individual or group that attempted in any way to increase the power, control, authority or influence in any way of the government over the individual be hung by the neck until dead… and that any individual unilaterally imposing that death sentence be absolved of all guilt or sanction.

    this is the 10th Amendment with a death penalty clause appended.

    not that i’m against the concept, but i fail to see how you’re going to get this implemented in a society which has outlawed dueling.

    i’m also not so sure that it’s non-subvert-able. the current, Constitutional remedy to violation of the 10th is impeachment for violation of oath to uphold the Law. that never gets done, though.

    in the case of your suggestion, they would simply prosecute in spite of your claim to ‘Rule 1’ protection. probably claim you were a madman or something.

    Marxists are really good about claiming mental deficiencies in others when they want to consign them to death.

    Comment by bob k. mando — October 22, 2016 @ 5:57 pm

  2. The US constitution only had any power here because men took it seriously and enforced it. Now nobody really cares, if they did there would have been a revolution already. So I have a hard time believing that having a death penalty to protect the constitution will save it either. It requires a level of moral certainty and testicular fortitude that is simply lacking in our society. Frankly, at this point Orwell’s final warning about the future seems to be just what most people today deserve. A boot stamping on their faces, forever.

    So, I really don’t care about constitutions anymore. I second Bob’s suggestion of bringing back dueling though.

    Comment by Michael — October 23, 2016 @ 2:01 pm

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