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October 18, 2016

Social security, welfare, capitalism, basic income

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Just been reading this shit.. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/10/18/basic_income_after_automation_thats_not_how_capitalism_works/

Oh look, it’s an article written by a wimminz in a university, by definition a recipient of “basic income”..

Ironically and tellingly, the best definition of “social security” or “dole” or “basic income” I ever heard was in a prison cell, it was security FOR society FROM those without work, here is enough money to live a basic life, thus removing your ability to claim that any criminal actions you take were just to survive or eat or have shoes on your feet.

Basically if you do not work in manufacturing, or in infrastructure, or in farming, then you are already one of the “basic income” parasites.

This wimminz talks about governments that are *thinking* about experimenting with basic income, apparently unaware that there are already third generation never had a job, never worked a day in their lives, never want a job, people already living in the UK, just get born with a cunt and spurt out some womb turds et voila, basic income for life.

Like it’s some sort of mass retirement home for those unemployed by automation, I don’t know what planet these cunts are from or what drugs they are taking, but retiring old bessie to live out her last days in the field now she is too old to haul the wagons is something that only ever happened on a rich farm, where old bessie was a vanishingly small proportion of the animal population….

Ain’t no fucker gonna keep fields of cattle in grass and vets bills and everything else while the steak-o-tron algae vats in the former wintering shed churn out primo kobe syntho-steak by the ton to pay for it all.

And as the old irish emigrees to the young yew ess of a will tell ya, you can’t grow subsistence crops on land that ain’t yours, and land ain’t yours unless you can defend it against all comers, including the state and armies.

In the aforementioned article, the bint says;

Imagine a worker in a shoe factory, who produces 100 pairs of shoes in an eight-hour workday. Now suppose that the machine she operates during these eight hours is exchanged for a new model which suddenly cuts production time in half: Our worker now produces 100 pairs of shoes in only four hours. In principle, the factory could keep shoe production constant, in which case the worker would have the rest of her day off.

Problem is (apart from the SHE operates…) is the reality is 10,000 shoes get made / sold / purchased / worn out a day, so instead of 10000/100 = 100 workers being required to meet demand, suddenly it’s 50, next week it’s 25, the week after it’s 5, and you now have 95 unemployed shoe makers with obsolete skills…

and  only 5 shoe makers still making the same money they were before, but the in town shops are all shut so there is only the out of town walmart.

Shoes still cost just as much, and the company turns over the same.

It’s the sort of logic and intellect I’d expect from a 5 year old, or someone who has never had a proper job their entire fucking life.

And those 5 shoe makers, why should they work to support 95 idle cunts?

So here I am with my high tech laser business that I bought and paid for and set up myself, no help from the state or banks or anyone else.

You gonna compulsory purchase that shit big mamma state?

May as well just pour gasoline over it and burn it to the ground and add me to those “earning” this “basic income” because you need the skills to operate and maintain it, and nobody on basic income either has the skills or the desperation / desire to acquire them, not that you can, just like that, it takes time and effort and a whole host of other basic core competencies.

The main PC I use for my design work etc for the laser died last week, the boot SSD died, the machine would not boot, next morning I went down to the local Maplin and bought a new 480 GB SSD, 3 hours later the machine was back up and running, IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY, even placement of desktop icons, desktop wallpaper, shit stored in My Documents and so on, to the machine that died the night before, that’s another skill that was needed to run a laser business.

So these great masses of unemployed on basic income, what we gonna do?

Why we just increase the basic income and create McJobs and indentured servitude via free credit and have them all living beyond their means consuming shit the 5 shoe makers make.

Yeah, that works, for maybe a generation, and then the cancer / parasite that is basic income becomes so much larger than the host organism of 5 fuckers actually making something (and lets not forget the one shoe factory and it’s owners) that the factory owners say fuckit and convert the factory into a drop ship warehouse for imported shoes from the outsourced to china shoe factory.

There is now 1 person working in the drop ship warehouse, and they have lower skill levels than both the retrained 5 shoemakers and the 95 manual shoemakers that went before them.

The kicker is the one person working in the drop ship warehouse doesn’t make enough to live, so they get a top up to basic income levels, the 99 unemployed shoe makers on basic income think he is an asshole, he thinks the 99 have no pride whereas he is on the ladder working towards future improved opportunities.

I’ll go out on a limb here, because I REALLY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA of the actual numbers, but I’ll lay LONG odds that you can go to schenzen in china and look at the numbers, and find that there are more people there, like me, setting up their own small business, starting a new business in one day than there is in the entire fucking UK in a whole fucking year.

You wanna know why they eat our lunch, that’s why.

There are only two possible ways out of the not working productively / basic income trap, one way is to reduce those numbers by small business startups and those startups employing staff in ones and twos, and by small business startups I mean MANUFACTURING of some sort, not the latest smartphone app or cup cake emporium.

The other is culling the herd.

This is why I say global thermonuclear war is unlikely, it’s indiscriminate, everyone in a town or city dies, not just 85% of the basic income cattle… you need a messy traditional land war / insurrection / civil war to do that.

Poison gases and chemical attacks and biological attacks and genetic attacks are still too crude, like the mushroom cloud, and will kill too many of the “wrong” people.

You can’t beat the pipe / hammer / axe / machete / firearm for that shit, it’s *easy* to ensure only the right kind of cattle die, 5,000 meters is enough to be in a safe zone, as opposed to a war zone, and after years of living on basic income playing fallout 4 and battlefield and all that shit, you just have to bus them to the non safe zone, or bus the rapefugees into your double secret future designated non safe zones.

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  1. “you need a messy traditional land war / insurrection / civil war to do that.”

    A land war won’t happen except at the civil level. And 85 vs 15 is bad odds. My bet is, if Clit gets elected, a short nuclear exchange that wipes out some major cities followed by pulling the plug on the welfare state because of a pariah dollar and the need to rebuild.

    Comment by RB — October 19, 2016 @ 10:29 am

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