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October 13, 2016

Anal annie and the demon seed

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I face the same problem the CIA does, in a world awash with data and information, how do you pick out the factual and relevant, and discard the rest as mere distraction?

Certainly it’s easy enough to go online and convince yourself within a day or two that world war three, the thermonuclear edition, is just around the corner, and it might be, or might not be, the point is it is easy enough to find enough data to persuade yourself that it is.

It is also easy enough to find enough data to persuade yourself that Hitlery is the greatest person that ever lived and would make an ideal prezzident and commander in chief.

My own reasons for disgust with the clinton’s and bushes et al is simple enough, you can make a valid excuse for dynsatic structures in the firm your own grandaddy founded, but nowhere else, certainly *not* in the world of politics, it should not be a job for life, it should be a job for 4 years, and that includes the *entire* gubbmint structure, it should be as popular a passtime as the draft in the vietnam era.

Trouble is, shit isn’t what you think it is, cognitive dissonance and all that, we all deny reality all the time, and shit reminded me of an incident I witnessed yesterday.

Think of a small for her age and skinny 10 year old girl, looks more like 8, not just smallest in the class at school but smallest in the year, now think of the shock and horror associated with an adult male (for it is always an adult male innit) raping that child and forcing his huge penis into her, splitting her in two like a ripe melon.

This is the image everyone (mainly blokes) has and it is associated with the image that a huge baby cannot possibly come out of my girlfriend’s sweet tight cunt, I can barely get my cock in there, and somewhere in the background there is some knowledge of biology and growth, but it is very distant and vague and eventually the line gets drawn somewhere around anything below 175 cm tall and 60 kg in weight and 16 years in age is too small to fuck, and those numbers are pushing it innit.

So back to yesterday, and this teensy tiny little girl takes a dump and leaves a floater in the bog bowl, and me, I’m not exactly under endowed in the penis department, but this turd put my cock to shame, I said to her mother that your little girl TIUTA from mandingo, for which I got a (playful and outraged) slap but you can’t argue facts, and size matters, and size is empirical, to pass a turd like that the wee 10 year old girl must have an asshole that can take a fisting from a wee 10 year old hand, and if her ass is like that…..

And I was reminded by this skinny 10 year old girl with the mandingo floater of an earlier incident in my life, a skinny 10 year old black boy in the bush in africa, with his little pot belly squatting down and spraying out undigested millet and tapeworm segments, while cradling his ak47, and there were those who like the “she is way too small to fuck” example above thought this kid was way too small to be even holding this weapon, but there is no way he could fire it, no way he could actually aim it in someone’s general direction and pull the trigger, no way, it’s the same inbuilt cognitive rejection where you will reject a real factual phyiscal thing right before your own eyes, in favour of some belief that your find more palatable.

Of course, other people treat evidence in other ways, it no longer becomes merely evidence of some kind, it becomes an absolute proof, clearly mandingo girl has been TIUTA from monster cocks from the age of eight, so intervention time and the size of her asshole is all the proof you need to convict the perps, in this case I know the parents, and take it from me the only kind of abuse those kids get is being given ipads and phones and laptops and shit far too young, both parents worship the ground the kids walk on, but my knowledge of them would not get a look in once miz social services decides mandingo ass babe is a victim, so there must be a perp with a penis somewhere nearby, and daddy’s protest that he would not let anyone harm his kids or near his kids is just seen as an admission of personal guilt, hey, he just exonerated everyone else, right?

And this is the kind of pseudo religious feelgood mental short circuits that give you the Trump OR Hitlary thing.

I knew a blind guy years ago (100% blind, not just legally blind but can still drive etc) who did not give a fuck what he looked like physically, but who cared *hugely* about how he was seen by others, the result was someone who, had they not cared about how they were seen by others, would have been a very badly dressed version of me, and sartorially speaking that’s saying something, but he would have fitted right in at walmart, instead he ended up being the crazy blind freak, because everything was a percieved insult.

Knew a guy years ago who lost an arm, (how careless of him) he was telling me how outraged he was when his doctor said “on the other hand” in conversation with him, said to the guy get a fucking life, it’s just a phrase people use, and no, he shouldn’t have taken time out of his life and thought processes and profession just to analyse every single utterance and nuance, just in case it upset a one armed bandit.

It was shame because for quite a few years I used to hold this guy up as an example of how to ride over a problem in life and overcome it, but something eventually obviously got to him and he became a tosser just like all the others.

It’s the problem with electing a trump or a hitlary, it’s not even remotely like choosing a 50 gpm centrifugal pump to empty out a swimming pool, plug it in, walk away and let it work, but we treat it exactly like LED or Sodium for street lighting, cue huge arguments about lower power consumption vs monochromatic light that pierces fog and mist and gives better illumination coverage…

Little girl has a huge asshole, so either she TIUTA from mandingo or most/all little girls can pass floating turds that huge, and unless you are a child proctologist (if such a thing even exists) you won’t be speaking from experience or experimentation on this one, so you get to choose between two untested and unknown possibilities.

If the MSM reports in this blog post they’ll be talking about me suggesting grabbing that little girl by the cunt, alex jones will be talking about me saying ww3 will be triggered by a small black boy with an ak47 and tapeworm, max keiser will be talking about how I deliberately avoid talking about bitcoin and the bankers, and so on….

Meanwhile I can sit here and look out the window and still have no idea what the fuck the world will be like in one week, one month, one year, all I can do is do my best to survive day to day.

I cannot influence the masses, I can try to prevent them influencing me to be a good sheep, mix my metaphors and follow the rest of the lemmings over the cliff.

That may or may not be a wise choice on my part, the swift death of a drop onto the rocks below may be preferable to a lingering painful one in the radioactive aftermath, I don’t get to choose CONSEQUENCES, just choices and actions or inactions.

Some or many of those cheerleading for the apocalypse don’t want the consequences of an apocalypse, they just want enough advance warning so they can party like it’s 1999 and know that nobody is going to around long enough for them to serve 20 years to life in joliet.

I’ll give you a scenario, all males except me die, and all females over 16 years of age die, I’ll be in pussy heaven… err, no I won’t, with no infrastructure I’ll be doing my best to survive and I’ll *maybe* have enough surplus energy to keep 3 of those wimminz alive amongst all the rotting corpses and lack of infrastructure, and I’ll unlikely have much time for 4somes in satin sheets with barry white playing… and besides if you’re playing those sorts of odds you’ll get better odds expecting to win the lottery jackpot every week for a year.

When bombs start dropping and bullets start to fly and fire and dirt and disease abound and infrastructure collapses, the murderer and the banker and a paedophile and the priest are all united in their goal to survive long enough to see the next dawn, and pretty much nothing else matters to them.

War on white man’s soil *is* likely, simply because it’s been too long since we have had one and everyone has forgotten how awful it is, and meantime we have been importing non whites who only understand what it is like to be in a proxy war, which is *your* house buring down but the people who started the fires still have houses with working light and heat and water and internet and still more matches to burn other people’s houses.

Being in a *real* war where there are no rich neighbours with working infrastructure close enough to help you survive and rebuild is a whole different scenario.

Ain’t nobody alive anywhere who remembers what that is like. Not trump, not hitlary, not obummer, nor anyone in the offices of civil servants and government both state and local, nor anyone in the utilities or anything else.

Irrespective of anything else, I know the TIUTA from mandingo girl and her family, she is a happy little girl, who feels safe and secure and loved in her own home with her own family, you may well be able to point fingers here and there and find “faults”, but the reality is her life is as good as it is going to get, and given a choice she would not change it.

An outsider deciding that her anus should have a maximum diameter of 3mm and then deciding that since it is not, what is needed is some regime change and a new daddy and mummy and maybe different or no brothers and sisters because someone must be fisting her ass because no little girls ass should be bigger than 3 mm, is exactly what we are doing in the world.

We are doing it to *other* families.

Nobody is taking calipers and measuring their own children’s assholes and invoking regime change at home in our own family.

Nobody is even asking if 3mm is the correct diamater for a little girl’s anus, or will it lead to a rapid and painful death by constipation.

Fucking with your shit is me externalising myself on the world, and if it doesn’t work out the way I planned, well obviously that is your fault.

My intentions were good.

Brexit didn’t scare you ungrateful little cunts, maybe the threat of nuclear armageddon will, hell, it worked 40 years ago.

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