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September 30, 2016

Taking shit seriously.

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I forget where it was, I forget when it was, but *many* years ago there was this meme about a guy kicking back and smoking grass and not taking *anything* seriously, except moving, that was taken under great consideration for a loooong period of time. Should I move, or should I just lie here some more….

As others have said elsewhere, one burka wearing skank gets kicked off one beach in southern France and it is global news, young skanks wearing shorts and tank tops getting abused by muslims happens all the time, and nobody says shit.

You were all sat around MGTOW central what *they* were going to do next, after they split the family group and branded the penis evil and all things vaginal holy and pure and superior.

Thinking the pendulum would swing back mebbe…

Quoting Marx influences on Feminazism without actually reading Marx, or anything else.

A bit like Obama strutting around the board crapping everywhere and knocking pieces over thinking he is in control of the checkers board, but it’s really a chess board, and we are only a few moves in.

What killed america wasn’t laid in the seeds of slave labour per se, I got nothing against slaves, everyone should own at least one slave girl, the shit hits the fan when you have useless greedy bastards who own a hundred slaves, or a thousand slaves, or five thousand, and who think they are still in control, cos they live in the big house.

Being brutally honest with you, 99.9% of the population isn’t fit to do more than lick my asshole clean after I take a dump, and here’s why.

They are stupid, much, much, much, much more stupid that anyone with  a functioning brain would credit.

Let’s take islam and sharia law in the UK in the year 2040 when the bastards have taken over, well no problemo, I’ll just grow a beard and call myself Musa Isa and dig that koran babyyyyy, except no, because being a white boy all I will ever amount to in a nation of islam is the equivalent of a wooden kalashnikov in the hands of a boy soldier, sure, you carry that shit and you walk around like us, but you try and act like you equal boy, world of pain for you..

Before %ge of population who are black got too high / after it got too high

Before %ge of population who are immigrants got too high / after it got too high

Before %ge of population who are muslim got too high / after it got too high

People thinking like these are watershed events, I walk from here to the corner shop to buy some smokes, and single out the individual step across the threshold of my front door and talk about that like it is some important individual significant thing, and ignore the other 980 step to the shop, and back again.

Concentrate on individual steps and you’ll see feminazism, and another guy will see islamism, and another guy will see something else.

Look at *a* (not *the* but *a*) wider picture and feminazism was just one step on the marxist journey to the corner shop, immigration and importing islam are in there too, along with a bunch of others.

The “WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE, SO DON’T EXPECT US TO START ACTING LIKE FIREMEN WHEN YOUR HOUSE STARTS BURNING DOWN” feminazi payback pendulum is swinging, but it ain’t all those long suffering impoverished beta white boy MGTOW’s gettin’ it, it’s the fucking rapefugees gettin’ it… and they are just useful idiots too…

Like WTC7, Deutsche Bank will crash when someone calls “pull it” and that will be at a time best suited to them, not to all the useful idiots, just another step in the journey.

I’m old enough to remember all the bad taste jokes you see, “who let that woman drive?” and “NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts” and all that, so when the Challenger comes in from orbital altitude and orbital velocity, and I mean literally, it’s going 30x as fast as any commercial jet, there are over 80,000 pieces recovered, there were many identifiable human body parts recovered, the fucking black box was recovered (intact and working) and they were able to lay all those 80,000+ pieces out on the ground in a big warehouse in the correct places on a big outline of a shuttle.

Unlike 9/11, when 100% of all the in flight mass of all FOUR aircraft, including passengers, simply “vapourised” and that is the official story to this day, two on twin towers, one in pentagon, one in a field, all totally “vapourised” (apart from the odd Iraqui passport, Challenger should have used jihadi passports for re-entry tiles) nothing to see here, move along.

You see that bit above where I say 99.9% of the population is too stupid to be allowed to do anything except lick my asshole clean when I take a shit, that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

But I do mean 99.9% across the board, it’s the same proportion in politics and military and banking and finance and commerce and industry, reams of newspaper articles telling me how fiercely intelligent the likes of merkel and obama and cameron and draghi and greenspan are do not convince me that they are more intelligent than the average dog or rapefugee.

fiercely intelligent people do fiercely intelligent things, and fiercely intelligent things do not include inventing an iron man suit or getting bitten by a mutant spider, and then going out to do battle with evil russians to protect mom’s apple pie and the star spangled banner.

What they do is look at others like them, like Galileo Galilei, who was right, and it was TPTB of the day who were wrong, despite being in charge of the world, they were wrong about just about everything you could be wrong about, but old Galileo was not *quite* smart enough to keep his fucking mouth shut, or was he, was Galileo just the mouthpiece, and the real genius is lost to history forever, just the way he wanted it.

If radical extreme sharia salafist islam took over the world tomorrow, those at the top are going to look at a technological world that they will need to keep running so that they can live like kings, and apart from the labels it will be just another class warfare structure the same as we have today.

The nigger in the woodpile of all of this is the white man.

Yup, I can sit here and talk about all the inventions and patents down to the white man, and use any and every metric in the book to demonstrate why the white man is best at everything.

But it ignores a crucial fundamental principle, there ain’t no such thing as a great potential for good, there is just greater or lesser potential, whether that gets channeled into good or evil, is another story.

The white man has the potential, a potential he demonstrated repeatedly through the entire human history from cro-magnon on to today, to be the most depraved evil degenerate violent ugly creature in existence.

It’s the real reason the Nazis were tigers amongst chihuahas and the reason they are still feared and reviled to this day, they drew upon that genetic and racial history, and instead of shouting allahu akhbar and making a target of yourself, they got cold blooded, why kill one when you can kill ten, why kill ten when you can kill a hundred.

Why fight on a level playing field.

Why fight on the enemy’s terms.

Why fight with sticks when you can use technology?

Wehrmacht, ask a German to translate it literally, then ask the same german (preferably an old school kraut and not one of the new PC wunderkind) to translate the meaning and ethos for you.

“war machine” is for my money (not a native german speaker) as good as any, and was the one used by some german who actually served under old adolf, back when I knew them back in the day in their retirement to the med.

Just one big efficient modern machine dedicated to making the enemy suck your cock, and tellingly it was not defeated as a war machine on the field, it was defeated from within.

THAT is why people to this day are scared of it and the Nazi legacy, it was like summoning an evil spirit to scare away your creepy neighbour, and finding out you had actually summoned the sorcerer’s apprentice, and next thing you know instead of producing 10 luxury motorcycles a day your factory is producing 500 beautiful and superbly engineered assault rifles, and the yodel delivery service next door that struggled to deliver 10 parcels to your neighbours doorstep within three days is now getting all 500 rifles plus ammo to every house in the street within 3 hours, and the beat goes on.

Put that bitch back in the bottle, if you can.

Hell, if *I* was a rapefugee I’d be partying like it was 1999 and raping everything that moved, might as well get it while it’s hot, because there is a storm coming…

But the white man is smiling, and looking forwards to it.

If there are only 1,000 people left alive and everything else is a nuclear wasteland, the irradiated 1,000 will be white, mostly, with some green glowing bits, then one of them will open a bar…


  1. The Nazis are reviled so much because they’re gone for good. Communism (more or less), the British Empire, US etc. are all still alive and kicking.

    Comment by RB — September 30, 2016 @ 3:21 pm

    • Boy do I have a surprise for you..

      When the muzzies actually pull this retarded “Isis-Blitzkrieg” off, that the traitorous “elites” have been so painstakingly preparing for them, they will have no problem killing of a good portion of the populace.
      It will be literally a new raping of Germany, no doubt.
      Drowning in blood AND semen.

      But what will ACTUALLY get murdered is Herr Nice German.

      For good. For centuries.

      And what´s going to be left will not be the
      retard Neo-Natzies

      that shame the name nowadays, either.

      Comment by hans — October 1, 2016 @ 12:30 am

      • Precisely the point I was trying to make Hans, what’s left will be the same people that ended the roman empire, Tacitus wrote of them,

        “The Semnones give themselves out to be the most ancient and renowned branch of the Suevi. Their antiquity is strongly attested by their religion. At a stated period, all the tribes of the same race assemble by their representatives in a grove consecrated by the auguries of their forefathers, and by immemorial associations of terror. Here, having publicly slaughtered a human victim, they celebrate the horrible beginning of their barbarous rite. Reverence also in other ways is paid to the grove. No one enters it except bound with a chain, as an inferior acknowledging the might of the local divinity. If he chance to fall, it is not lawful for him to be lifted up, or to rise to his feet; he must crawl out along the ground. All this superstition implies the belief that from this spot the nation took its origin, that here dwells the supreme and all-ruling deity, to whom all else is subject and obedient. The fortunate lot of the Semnones strengthens this belief; a hundred cantons are in their occupation, and the vastness of their community makes them regard themselves as the head of the Suevic race.”[1]

        Comment by wimminz — October 1, 2016 @ 12:44 am

        • HA!
          Wouldn´t surprise me much if it gets back to exactly that.

          Both Christian Churches are currently racing each other in who sucks Muslim cock the bestest.
          For decades now the so called “intelligentsia” has been hard at work subverting pretty much every single honorable feeling the children(under 25) have in their own national identity.

          But honestly, I´m kinda tired of all these Gedankenspiele.
          Playtime is over.
          Watch Douche Bank and hope it pops this weekend, like the festering zit that it is.
          The longer (((they))) prolonge this wretched charade that calls itself global financial system, the harder we ALL will fall.

          Comment by hans — October 1, 2016 @ 1:31 am

      • Not that I’m trying to tell a German what his country is like, but expecting a few million muzzies (out of ~70 mil natives) to kill off a good portion of the population is idiotic. Especially considering that 95% of them do not have the ability or – dare I say it – *will* to do so. The biggest problem faced by Germany today is its birth rate. Teh wimminz apparently don’t wanna have children no more.

        And frankly I don’t get how you guys can be (rightly) sceptical of rape stats/reporting while accepting the same when the perpetrator happens to be muslim. And what I don’t get even more is why the reaction to muslim immigration is either bowing and scraping to them or kill em all. How about telling them to fuck off nicely? Because for reasons stated above, 90-95% of them will comply. As for the remaining – brainwash them and then use them to spread propaganda about why Allah is dead and why returning to whatever shithole they hail from is a fantastic idea.

        But no, it’s either cultural suicide or Mad Max (Fury Road, because the Vandals and Gepids like the Nazis are gone for good). Makes you wonder what exactly it is the “elites” have been so painstakingly preparing! Certainly, they aren’t directly suborning this immigration. The immigrants have a valid motive for immigrating. Perhaps the reason they are being accepted on such a large scale is to prevent certain inconvenient questions about what actually caused this immigration wave from being asked. It’s common knowledge that people don’t ask too many questions about a mistake/misdeed if the miscreant himself rectifies said mistake promptly enough. And of course, it doesn’t matter if the mistake/crime is *actually* rectified, but rather is perceived as such by the majority of people.

        Comment by RB — October 1, 2016 @ 5:56 am

        • I kind of agree, and have a thought… the robots.

          If you can build a self driving vehicle, you can (at least in theory) build a small auto-navigating machine. If you can do that you can build a small auto-driving device that resembles a remote controlled toy car… a device that you can throw through a letterbox and, if programmed to do so, will bug the entire target building for you. AND leave small relays behind to transmit information carrying signals from any location that you would generally consider “shielded”.

          Hell, look at kids toys right now, and imagine what you could do to somebody with them if you were feeling particularly malicious; add to the innards of a child’s noisy book (one of those cute farm animal noise ones) a modified mobile phone set to charge whenever the book needs “charging via usb” – give that “book” to the parents for the child as a birthday/christmas present, sit back, and wait for all the information you could want about that family to come through the net, right to your email account. Even better if the parents find the book annoying, and hide it in their bedroom… can we say, plenty of blackmail material? And if they break the book and find the bug – how many people would recognise it? Nobody. Practically fucking nobody. Not even most engineers.

          Which begs the question; given that intelligence agencies often equip criminal groups with their own toys to get jobs done, and given that the intelligence services are almost guaranteed to have stuff like makes what i’ve just described look like a rusty nail… just how long before this kind of shit is the norm, and Gossipy Granny Fran from across the street, has the ability to fuck you over for less than £300 and a trip to Amazon?

          The only way to prevent stuff like this from fucking you is to electromagnetically shield everything as best you can. A Faraday cage paradise.

          The only problem then, is that none of the police radios will work… how do you explain to people that the entire policing infrastructure that has been built up over the past 70 years, is about to become a huge liability? And how do you explain to the local busy-bod policeman who’s busy enjoying his powertrip, that his ability to call in backup is about to disappear overnight, and all of the people he’s been shitting on over the years can now fuck him up with impunity?

          I reckon they just figured it’s best for everyone to just pretend it’s all business as normal, and quietly prepare for the delightfully amusing shitshow…

          Comment by BugsyAlone — October 1, 2016 @ 5:11 pm

        • Hmm, have you met us Humans?
          We don´t deal in lukewarm responses when our own and/or our loved one´s asses are on the line.
          Hello, nice meeting you.
          I could spend half an hour to grab all the relevant facts to disprove every single one of your assertions but quite frankly, I´ve got better things to do.

          So I´ll leave this one here to explain it in simple Google terms..

          Notice how he´s barely able to read plain english, one of the easiest human languages?
          Doesn´t need to, he´s just cannon fodder and a walking dick.

          Also here´s a link to the “Einzelfall-Map”.
          Might take a while to load or even looks like the browser´s crashed

          Comment by hans — October 2, 2016 @ 1:04 pm

          • “We don´t deal in lukewarm responses when our own and/or our loved one´s asses are on the line.”

            Now that you’ve awed me with your glorious pudenda, how about telling me how the other end (yours or a loved one’s) has been jeopardized by terrists? There is a difference between rational and lukewarm responses. Unless you can come up with a more *viable* method of dealing with immigrants, do take the attitude elsewhere. And no, waiting for things to go all J G Ballard and then – somehow – changing your lifestyle to that of a Vandalic berserker isn’t a viable method in my view. My method is this – whenever one of them commits a felony offense, give them an ultimatum of either fucking off anywhere that isn’t your country or being forced to do so. Oh and no welfare for any of them, of course.

            You can imagine the refugees as subhuman filth all you like but that will achieve little other than temporarily relieving an aneurysm.

            Comment by RB — October 2, 2016 @ 7:32 pm

          • https://archive.is/xzupq/image
            Again, I´m not in the business of explaining how the world works to random smart asses on the internet.
            Learn or not, your problem.

            Comment by hans — October 4, 2016 @ 8:42 pm

          • Just for you, another “Einzelfall”.

            Very likely deleted soon by the Jew-tub.

            Comment by hans — October 5, 2016 @ 1:14 pm

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