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September 16, 2016

Attractive for the wrong reasons.

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Make no mistake, one of the big reasons that ISIS et al find recruitment from the west so easy, is the attraction of a world where da wimminz get no say at all, of course, like everything else in the 21st century, ISIS and iPhone both have the shit marketed out of them, and the grim realities are more than somewhat different to the marketed image…

One of the big reasons ISIS fail (apart from leveraging an ancient religion to make power plays in a 21st century world) is that basically nobody is an actual man, even if they are all males.

Nu-man joins the terrorists to get away from nu-woman, and when he gets there he finds he isn’t a real man, and the wimminz he gets to lord it over aren’t worth the effort, because the nu-women killed all them off too.

You need time travel and history books to see what a world of men would look like, and it isn’t all bread and roses, you could not get jailed because an old wimminz decided to accuse you of raping her 30 years ago, but you could get your house burnt down, you could get your neck stretched, and you could starve to death or die of disease or injury, even though you did nothing to deserve any of them either.

It’s kinda like the “Bring on the reset / crash” thing, that is, bring it on provided my life is better after than before, plenty of hot chicks needing an engineer to provide potable water and so on… but reality ain’t like that.

It’s not so much that a true patriarchy would be a terrible world, it’s just that with a UK population of around 60 million, 40 million are irredeemable and need to die, and 19 million need some harsh on the job retraining, unless you are actually making or growing some *thing*, or maintaining some *thing*, or improving some *thing*, or caring for some *thing*, you got nothing to offer.

So for 5 million people who want to carry on doing 5 hours “work” a week in an office on the state tit, yes, it would be a terrible thing for them, just as it is when ISIS takes over a region and closes everything.

The danger is the youth who see THAT, or whatever else it is that is their trigger, and go off to sign up, thinking that is what it is about.


Yeah, I’ll be a jihadi bride to some rugged freedom fighter, then you get there and there is no soap, no toilet roll, no pubs, no shoe shops, no apple store, no credit, no buses, and the allure wears off PDQ… of course by then it’s too late, it is easier to travel TO the apocalypse than it is to travel AWAY from it.

Hotel California syndrome, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave your new future.

The more you know about a certain subject, the more leery you are of it, or the more contempt you show for it.

For example you could segregate IT guys along many lines, those who would / would not ever, various things, and there is very little in between.

Unless all the remote logins etc have changed (most unlikely) I could still take down 10% of the high street chains nationwide, or I could pass or sell that data to someone else, but I would never do either, I’m one of those who “just ain’t made that way”.

Just as I would never dare to type “under age girls getting fucked” into Google, not even on someone else’s PC without their knowledge, to me all these things are analagous to videotaping yourself killing someone random in cold blood, and then hiding the recording away somewhere like under the bed, and going through life thinking “No fucker will ever know…”

I’ve seen a lot longer odds come true time and time again, to the point where I treat odds as an interesting statistical sideshow that has precisely zero connection to how likely a given event actually is, something you can only quantify when it happens, and you open the box and find whether the cat is dead or alive.

Statistics and probabilities are talked about like flipping a coin, or rolling a dice, or playing russian roulette, but they never ever every talk about the fact that there is an army of twlve million monkeys doing nothing else all day every day but flip coins, roll dice, and pull triggers.

Over time, even cosmologically improbable events come to pass, like a planet forming with liquid water on the surface, amino acids building, life crawling out of the oceans, and my own pet theory is fuck the Higgs Boson, just as mass generates gravity and accretes more mass, so do improbable things happening, and the more improbable things happen, the more likely it is that even more improbable things will happen in that neighbourhood.

Because, after all, probability is based upon a belief in chaos, a belief that a coin has no preference which way up it lands, AND NEITHER DOES ANYTHING ELSE… I don’t buy it.

The probability that the iron curtain would fall, or ISIS would rise, or the twin towers would collapse, is utterly irellevant, because those things happened, just like the Titanic sank.

The probability of someone who GENUINELY 100% believed that there was precisely zero chance of them ever winning anything in the lottery would then go out and buy a lottery ticket is vanishingly small, and the probability that someone who believed they MIGHT win, because luck / destiny / chance / flying spaghetti monster, would then go out and buy a lottery ticket is quite high, and the probability that anyone who ever bought a WINNING lottery ticket fell into the second camp is very high indeed.

The “probability” that the things you think about will come to pass may actualy be low or high or anything else, but the facts are that many many many people give the idea credence, if the citizens believe the economy is about to crash, it will, if the customers believe the bank is about to crash, it will, if the individual thinks the other guy in a deal is about to screw them, they will.

I spend all day thinking about tight 16 year old virgins bouncing up and down on my cock.

Well, I get younger than I should and lower cock count than I should wimminz bouncing up and down on my cock.

It’s not the 200 million jackpot ticket that I think about, but it is a 10 or 25 or 50 win now and again… to go back to the lottery analogy.

Wimminz can be attractive for the wrong reasons, angels would have feared to tread there, and rightly so, but lucky old me, well, it was one willing dirty slut, and instead of pocketing the 10 bucks winnings and walking away to play another slot machine, I got stuck into that one and started putting all my money into it, till one day I lost my job and couldn’t pay my rent (all figuratively speaking) and jesus this fucking machine bankrupted me…

… and that was lucky too, because other wise I might still have been tied to it 8 / 9 / 10 …. 20 / 21 / etc years on, and then it’s game over man.

As it is I was free to play another day on other machines.

See, I used to say *I* was lucky, and in many ways I could still say that, but as I get older I think that I am a mere conduit for some of those probable improbability bosons, because other people get lucky in small ways around me.

I got a small business, and there too I can classify my customers into two groups, the ones that are lucky they have me, and the ones that just use me to get shit done that they want done.

The ones that are lucky, using me improves their products and sets them apart, which helps their business and sales, which makes THEM conduits for those probable improbability bosons… and the beat goes on.

Good / Evil.

Light side / Dark side

Would I like Hitlery’s money? yes. Would I like everything else that goes with it, including what is clearly terminal health issues, no fucking way.

Do I think Hitlery is a negative pole of the conduit for probable improbability bosons…. ayup…

Does it attract people who have a game plan that says everyone watches the presidential candidates, nobody gives a fuck about the veep, so get some “dead skank walking” in who won’t last in office 3 months without popping her clogs, or having them popped for her, and in comes the hand picked veep, all according to plan, 42 months left to do as you please.

Mutti Merkel is the same, bitch is a conduit for bad shit, ain’t fuck all she can do about it now, she chose the role as a youth and has been growing into it ever since… and 99.9% of the rest of them are just the same.

Religiosity that promises lottery wins in the afterlife is just the same, there has to be balance, so unless there is a hell in the afterlife at least as big as heaven, then hell will be in *this* life to balance the “heaven only” after death option, and one issue with Islam is that entry to heaven is easy to guarantee, and hell is for everyone who doesn’t believe in Allah.

It’s like having the death sentence for everything, one day your place in heaven is assured, and then you drive 33 in a 30, you may as well go home and rape the neighbours and then go on a killing spree, there is no redemption, no forgiviness, no way out, it’s a one operation non replaceable binary fuse.

Like female equality or joining ISIS or a liar loan or a skanky slut, it’s attractive for the wrong reasons, but once you step through the door, there is no way back, ever.

The greatest religious crime, by definition, that anyone can do in the Islamic faith is to leave and reject that faith, there are MILLIONS of muslims in the UK who have rejected that faith, they have smoked, drank beer, eaten a bacon double cheezeburger, fucked around, but none of them are targeted for death by ISIS.

Gaslighting, by any other name.

Attractive for the wrong reasons.


  1. Those millions have not apostasized. They did some dirt, but they never said “Islam is a lie, Muhammad was a schizo camel fucker,” etc. Big difference. The kind of Muslim who did some dirt is a better recruitment target for IS than one who didn’t-he has guilt you can work with. “Do this operation and none of your sins matter.” The same exact way that if you want to turn someone working for the CIA, find a guy who has troubles with debt/girls/boys.

    Look at the 9/11 hijackers or the Boston Marathon bombers or the guys from France. Not a choir boy in the bunch. It’s that combination of honestly believing the religion an having succumbed to temptation that is so potent.

    Comment by B — September 16, 2016 @ 9:30 am

    • Also they ALL have ye goode olde “Taqiyya” fall back.

      BTW, what would be the odds of Germany becoming a Monarchy again?
      This time last year I would´ve pointed at you laughing my butt of.

      After watching the political, banking and corporate “classes” indulging in every known sin under the sun.
      Unabashedly betraying all that they´re supposed to stand for .. and still 2/3 of the idiots are voting for these same assholes..

      I´m feeling another type of laugh coming up..

      And maybe after shit has finally gone down here and there´s a lot less sheeple around .. who knows.
      What are the odds, indeed.

      Comment by hans — September 17, 2016 @ 8:51 pm

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