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August 2, 2016

The day she/he/they stopped pretending.

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  1. It starts off they pretend to everyone, including themselves.
  2. They stop pretending to themselves.
  3. They stop pretending to you.
  4. They stop pretending to a small select group of others.
  5. They stop pretending to a larger group of others.
  6. They stop pretending to all but a selected group(s) of others.
  7. They stop pretending, period.

And in between each stage there is a ratcheting down of the real or precieved consequences to the pretender, for dropping the act and letting the mask slip that bit more…. anyone who has lived with a Cluster B type wimminz knows this all too well.

So you get a situation for example where let’s face it, elections are rigged, and as time passes, they become less and less concerned with making it seem legitimate.

In the UK the secret family courts long since stopped pretending, but they are secret by law which makes it illegal to discuss cases in public, which effectively makes it illegal to discuss anything of substance.

The po-po and the criminal justice system is going the same way, the pretence extends only as far as a character on stage kicking the shit out of someone while also continuing a phone conversation with someone off stage, with whom they pretend to be all nice and civilised, the audience sees it all, but they are the audience, not the players.

So far in the states about the only creature who hasn’t yet come out and dissed Trump is Mickey Mouse, even the fucking simpsons are in on the act, and “act” is a very appropriate word when talking about pretence…

Meanwhile all the facts, or at least enough of them, are out there for those with eyes and the will to see re Shitlary (amongst others) and they aren’t even attempting to cover it up any more.

If Shitlary runs down and kills a pedestrian it will because Putin’s black hat hackers took over control over her vehicle’s can bus and made the wheel swerve right, fuck all to do with Jim Beam.

If you don’t buy it, you’re just one of the ones it no longer matters to pretend to…

When new PM May does not block *any* (never mind all) of ex PM Cameron’s outgoing honours list, you know she is not a new broom, when she puts her oar in the spokes of the Chinese nuke reactor contracts, you know she is not an new broom, just a different one newly arrived at the top table angling for her slice of the cake.

When (as is the case with a friend) the new manager is just as big of an incompetent asshole as the old manager, you know it’s company policy to hire that kind of guy, the kind of guy who will go along with a 15% reduction in workforce and a 20% increase in workload, and so what if the drivers start forging their tachometers, some of them are now making great overtime***, and the company’s goals are being met… no problems to see here, move along.

*** should be *impossible* to hide, and *automatically* start ringing *major* alarm bells, tacho rules say max 10 hours driving and max 11 hours duty per 24 hour day from midnight to midnight, so suddenly the tacho says the guy worked 10 hours and the wage slip says he worked 14……

This company is at step 6 in the aforementioned list, and this company is internationally known and works with governments and banks and high street businesses, so NO FUCKING WAY this is hidden off the books, by definition the tracks of this illegal behaviour are there for all to see… but nobody is going to prosecute the company, just the odd individual driver who gets thrown to the wolves as a sacrificial lamb now and again.

Everywhere I look I see both companies, and institutions of the state, at stage 5 or stage 6, look at the BHS and Sir Philip Green furore, I won’t call it a scandal, because nobody who counts is scandalised.

The transition from stage 6 to stage 7 is a doozy, because you get more and more evidnece of this sort of thing, where people are still willing to chant the newspeak slogans, but they don’t know what this week’s slogan is, and nobody is telling them, and they feel lost…

… which is what happens, as we progress through the 7 step scale more and more people get Niemollered.

You get Niemollered when you and your opinion no longer matters to those no longer doing the pretending to you.

And at the end of the 7 step plan, the gloves come off, we move into phase two, where the majority have to pretend to the minority, and it is YOU, dear citizen, who have to start pretending, and yes, your life and liberty does depend on it.

SOME OF US are way ahead of you, and have been pretending to be model little citizens for some years now, not very hard mind ewe, because phase 2 goes in reverse order to phase 1, and you end up like a character in 1984, at phase 2 step 1 where you pretend to everyone, including yourself… be careful Winston Smith.

Because the reality is we now have a technological society, phase 2 as it might of happened in the past, as it did happen in many places, can’t happen in our future, at least, not in remotely the same way.

Rightly or wrongly, that is what I percieve around me in the world today, we are moving through the latter stages of phase 1 pretence, and the masks are falling off, not so much because “they” know that they no longer need to pretend, as phase 2 is near and inevitable, but because in shades of delicious irony, they know phase 1 is nearing its end, but they have no idea what’s coming next, and despite all their efforts, it does not look like it is going to be recognisable as phase 2.

Shitlary for POTUS is the only path they can see to phase 2, but phase 2 is *not* Shitlary for POTUS, Trump for POTUS is chaos, and Shitlary for POTUS at lest gives some semblance of a possibility for control, a liferaft to a drowning man.

Phase 2 for the US is a quasi military coup and purge, all the faggots and sluts and non christians and non democrats get purged, Erdogan and Turkey is the model, and millisecond comms means you can’t have the latency of a 2 dollar skank ho like Shitlary as the mouthpiece, you need a real psycopath like J Edgar Hoover to do that, and all the US has now are cream cake psychopaths who will puke and run at the first sight of blood and brains on their shoes.

Instead, life may imitate art, again…


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