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July 23, 2016

Beast of Burden

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A good stones song… for much of human history it’s the reason girls got married off at 12, not because everyone back then was a paedo, but because it costs money and work to support kids, and without credit of any kind, you cut your suit according to your cloth, end of story.

Nowadays we have the FSA or Free Shit Army, they don’t want to pay for it, so they don’t care who does, even if it is those people themselves, as long as the truth is masked from them.

I’ve often lamented that these crazed killers never seem to apply any engineering prowess, a counter example is the Nice incident, fuck guns, they are hard to get and practice with when illegal, just grab yourself a 19 ton GVW truck and start driving through a crowd of people, yer average malcontent is going to kill and injure far more people than they would with a gun, and up until the point of mis use, your weapon isn’t a weapon and isn’t illegal.

Take your typical 30,000 litre fuel tanker, top one up with 10,000 litres of regular gasoline and 20,000 litres of diesel and set the whole lot off in a city centre and you have a recipe that few fire brigades can deal with effectively, put two more guys out there at elevation with long guns to deter the fire crew from actually approaching the tanker until the surrounding buildings are well alight….  better still, fuck the city centre high street, run that shit into the nearest electricity distribution sub-station, then the city is dark, and everyone else will do the looting and fire starting for you.

This is how you know none of these people are “serious” in the military sense, and if you are talking about terrorism then the military sense is the only one you should be using.

1 man with a penis rapes 1 woman with a vagina, suddenly all men are evil rapists, give it time and no men will give a fuck what happens to wimminz.

I man with a koran shoots 1 man with a bible (but which came first, the chicken or the egg) and suddenly all men with a koran or all men from arabia are evil terrorists, give it time and no men will give a fuck what happens to arabs or muslims.

As MGTOW’s stated “we didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us to act as firemen when shit starts burning down” you could say the same about the “silent majority” of law abiding western muslims who did not turn in their fellow muslim activists…. they didn’t start civil war in Syria so they could build a pipeline… so why should they help you putting the fires out…


It’s the wonderful thing about human beings, you can grab all the data you want, and it’s great for post mortem examinations of who the dead fanatic talked to and so on, but try to apply those factors to the rest of the population and you get so many false positives AND MISSED POSITIVES that the results are useless.

The only trick in the book is mass ethnic profiling, round up EVERYONE who isn’t white and put them on the Isle of wight, you’ll still miss *some* white muslims, and many of them may be the fanatical type (ex smokers are ten times worse than those who have never smoked) but by and large it will address the problem, and create several new ones, especially if you ever let any of those non whites or their children out of captivity and back on the mainland.

Green lives matter, oh what a surprise that in a world where demonstrably NOTHING is what it claims to be, some new movement comes along, and that movement is guess what, not what it claims to be… ho hum… the only WTF is the lack of a universal default “whatever it says on the tin, that’s the one thing it ain’t” attitude to all this.. the big WTF is the never ending universal gullibility.

Meanwhile we get all snarky laughing at the gullible muslim suicide bomber for believing he will get 60 virgins in the afterlife…. we wouldn’t fall for anything so patently absurd…

Of course the big problem is technology in general and the internet specifically, if you don’t know about crystals growing in saturated solutions read up now, but you basically have two methods, one is to laboriously select a single seed crystal and do it as a two stage process, the other is to let crystals form at random and then supersaturate the solution… one will give you one big beautiful gemstone like result, one will give you a more natural big random lump of rock salt crystals all fused together.

The more chaotic you want it, the more individual random seeds you want, the other way is the single enigmatic messianic leader method, so you can contrast and compare the campaign to elect Hitlary and the campaign to raise awareness that black lives matter.

It’s 2016 and people are walking around with portable computing devices (even if the telephony infrastructure collapsed tomorrow, the smartphone is a portable computing device still…) that everyone from 1970 backwards would die or kill for, not least the greats like Newton or Pythagoras, and what do we use it for, Pokemon Go.

If I could write an app that caused a phone to explode, blowing the head off the user, (not a technically or physically possible feat, but we can dream) I would, it would make me a terrorist, but it would be worth it, the problem would be mission creep.

To start with all the app would have to do is detect that facebook had been installed, OK, job done, explode next time owner makes a call.

To be sure Pokemon Go would be added, along with Twitter and Instagram and Angry Birds, anything with pop up advertising, any non rooted phone, any iDevice, and while we are at it any device detecting the word “Allah” being spoken or typed…. you see the problem…

the problem is it would get routed around, just as the internet tries to route around damage, what I would be doing would be seen as damage, and avoided.

On a macro scale there crazed shooters or truck drivers simply are not a problem, they don’t even feature on the radar, they self delete, and the collateral damage they do on a macro scale is so small as to be far far far less than insignificant… the UK alone has just about 2,000 births per day, Ok only half of those are white, so even 500 people per day dying to terrorist acts in the UK alone isn’t a problem.

In WW2 the total death count was some 56 million, approaching today’s UK population, yet you can’t go anywhere in europe and see ghost towns and vast unpopulated areas where there are insufficient people to go around and populate the place… and this was only a human lifetime ago…

All wars are banker wars

Yup, in the sense that bankers are drug dealers, nobody *made* you go on the game as a crack ho to support your habit.

the free shit army queued and clamoured to be next in line for that hit…

Religion is a cancer, it just so happens that Islam is a more agressive and deadly form of cancer than Christianity, but while the world is fighting for the rights to be hosts for testicular cancer on the left and bowel cancer on the right, the diseased population will spread and get culled, and all they will unite against is the elitist bastards who want to die of a heart attack at 90 while fucking 16 year old bisexual triplet sluts, after having lived an interesting and productive life.

Don’t matter what you do or who lives or dies or on what scale, DNA wins, everything else is just DNA’s way of making more and better DNA.

And what is DNA, well, it is a data system.

It is a system of information, it gave rise to many other information systems, avoirdupois with which we could measure things, language with which we could describe things, then computers and internet technology where we can make and alter things, the internet where we can share ever more data, which increases the churn rate for every single bit of DNA life on the planet.

In my local paper there are regular articles about people, almost universally men, who have been arrested and charged with historic sex crimes, crimes dating back to the 1980’s or 1970’s or even the 1960’s.

They have no possible hope of mounting a defence, all the evidence (I don’t just mean possible exculpatory evidence, but ALL the evidence)  is long gone, fucking house price records started in 1991 for fucks sake, so we have a he said / she said about events that allegedly took place 30 or 40 or 50 or more years ago, plenty of lawyers and judges and other state apparatchiks on the tit, taxpayers are the beast of burden, and the beat goes on.

Not a week in power as leader of the Tories and Theresa May is backing a revitalised Trident submarine programme.

WHO THE FUCK is a trident program useful against???

NOT the yanks, who hold the master keys, who else wants to nuke us, who can also be deterred by the threat of getting nuked in return.

The important phrase is “who can also be deterred”, if the stone age means nothing or their own demise means nothing, it ain’t a deterrent.

It’s just a fucking burden.

No, the *truth* is Nice and Munich and Paris and so on and so forth, these are just fucked up lost individuals seeking personal significance of some sort, and if at the cost of their own lives in the process, so be it.

They are not alone, the difference is in matters of degree, not in matters of substance.

The vast minority are those that have found personal significance of some sort, be it an Anders Breivik or a Julian Assange, still wanted by his own country for two alleged rapes that have long since been thoroughly debunked long before they ever went to court, meanwhile that same country studiously ignores the rapefugee crisis, because, well, crickets.

Still, apparently the bloody germans have the answer to rapefugees molesting our wimminz and mini skanks in the swimming pools, edjumakatin the rapefugees was out, so now they are going to train selected rapefugees as pool lifeguards.




  1. Brilliant.

    well, if the true goal is to destroy Caucasians as a definable race, it pretty much is brilliant.

    In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), he predicts Jewish supremacy after the fall of European leadership and the subsequent disolution of all other national ethnicities:[42]

    The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. ...”

    Comment by Robert Mando — July 23, 2016 @ 8:31 pm

    • Whites with interracial children are a small minority. The bigger trend is Whites not having kids at all, or when they do, only one or two.

      I don’t know why that book is seen as controversial, Jews are pretty open about their desires. The Talmud, Chabad Lubavitch, and Halakah are all part of mainstream doctrine in Jewish society, and they all call for a future where goyim will form the slave caste.

      Comment by undefined — July 26, 2016 @ 12:16 pm

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