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July 9, 2016

Hard, deep, prolonged and painful anal pounding

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I read ZH, and I am now going to steal / copy / paste in entirely a post made by cheech_wizard.

They tried that with the bridge tolls leading into Silicon Valley. (liberal thinking that this would somehow get more people to car pool) From $1 to $5 in the space of 4 years, $1 increase per year for 4 years straight. (Unless you car-pooled, then it was free.)

By the end of the 4th year, everyone in the East Bay who commuted into Silicon Valley (Dumbarton/San Mateo-Hayward bridges) had decided that rather than pay $25/wk in tolls, they would drive south on 880, until it hit 101. Then drive north on 101 until you got to your place of employ. The drive across the bridges from west to east was free. That $25 you saved went into your gas tank or elsewhere.

Now’s here’s the real kicker. After realizing that the pattern of traffic had shifted so dramatically (and a subsequent loss of income), rather than lower the bridge toll, they re-classified the car-poolers as “high occupancy vehicles” and started charging them $2.50 for traveling across those bridges from east to west.

Standard Disclaimer: And people wonder why the exodus from California continues unabated. (Except for the terminally stupid who continue to work there and pay the exorbitant taxes heaped upon them by the State of California in addition to the Federal government.)

Everyone + dog can think of a similar example, the thing is people / institutions / corporations / governments have these things called “revenue models” whether they realise it or not, also known as a playbook, MO, etc.

We need to make this change in the world, and here is how we can make some money doing that thing.

Changes that cost money don’t get on the agenda of course, so that’s a wrap.

The idea becomes a “good thing” and anyone who resists it, like the motorists who were effectively “re-routing around the damage” become part of the problem, they are resisting a good thing, therefore they must be a bad thing.

So go on you tube, or out on the streets in a western society, and listen to blacks talk.

Where does that come from?

I mean apart from “not wanting to talk like a whitey” I’m being fucking serious, where the fuck does that come from?

It doesn’t come from any historical or cultural background, it doesn’t come from a regional background, it doesn’t come from a religious background.

No, it comes from an ideological background, the idea that it’s a way to separate yo’sel from whitey, “Black Lives Matter” just like “Women’s Rights” because both these ideas are vastly superior to All Lives Matter and Human Rights, because neither of these ideas give room for the new ideology, such as reducing automobile use, to take root.


The clip says “the ferry is no more” well the ferry is still going strong, thank ewe very much, it costs the same £1.50 for a car as the Tamar road bridge, which has tolls on the way out of Cornwall, but no tolls to cross in to Cornwall, like the Severn bridges, the tolls are one way only, going into Wales… but they are £6.50 for a car.

And like the internet routing around damage so do motorists, the ferry from Devon to Cornwall is relatively empty except for local traffic, as the bridge crossing a mile away is free in that direction…  if I am driving down to Cornwall I’ll do my best to avoid that crossing, even if it means a detour out of my way.

“Routing around damage” is a thing the internet is designed to do, and it does, with varying degrees of success, but it is also a thing that people do, though the algorithms in use are a lot more muddy and hard to model.

If you have been watching the Theranos scandal in the US you will see more of this kind of thinking, the one option that is not on the table is the option of doing whatever it takes to make the thing in question do exactly what it says on the tin.

Which brings us back yet again to the Dallas shootings, and other false flag (eg manufactured) events, human nature is to route around damage or indeed potential damage, all these false flag events have a couple of things in common, one of the notable and knowable in advance ones is that there will just happen to be some sort of “exercise” going on in close proximity at the same time.

Routing around damage and possible damage means nobody would plan to run a scheme on the same day that there was an “exercise” going on… nobody… forget hollywierd shit about using the exercise to mask the protagonists actions, none of these guys turn up in SWAT gear, they all turn up like extras from a B movie, they all die in a hail of bullets, it’s always a secret closed casket service (because of all the bullets y’all) and we never see the coroner / post mortem report, on unredacted enough versions to confirm that yes indeed this was M’waanaa Kllwhity and here look his passport was found next to the body so there is no doubt at all.

Course there is a lot of self delusional bullshit in the world, take these scenarios;

  1. 12 year old girl naked and spread for your use, nobody will ever know.
  2. $1 million in cash just lying there, asking to be taken.
  3. Gun gets pointed at you, your money or your life.
  4. Sitting on a rooftop at night .308 rifle with starlight scope and paraphones, trigger just asking to be caressed.

Course we can all *say* all sorts of shit about what we would or would not do, but the fact is, until and unless you find yourself in that actual situation, you never do know, not for real, not for sure… because we tend to route around damage, and potential damage.

Wars were “good” in this way and in this way only, you get to find out how you would behave in many situations, and if you get people who have been in those situations drunk, in vino veritas, most of them will admit they did not have any autonomous moral agency or choices of their own, they just went along with what everyone else in the peer group is doing.

If wogs are talking some strange made up dialect in preference to sounding like whitey, then they are doing it because other wogs are doing it, not because there was any conscious choice or thought or intellect, it’s yet another one of those “good things” and everyone agin it is obviously agin good things and for bad things, bad whitey.

Malcolm X himself managed to talk for 25 minutes in this clip (about a muslin nigga called Elijah Muhammed) without once sounding like a nigga, and whether you or I agree with what Malcolm X said and stood for, the idea that because he talked like whitey he was somehow betraying his black roots, an idea espoused by people who struggle to say much more intelligible than “dat’s raycis” and “black lives matter… motherfucker”  “uncle tom”ers is beyond parody.

What, of course, is not beyond parody is the suggestion that because of all the affirmative action and racial equality and racial hatred and other legislation, lets not forget the LGBT BLT TGIF FTW WTF pressure groups, we now have a society INCAPABLE of producing a black man of the capacity or potential of Malcolm X.

So a bit like the Silicon Valley bridges, people who relentlessly pushed a “good idea” no matter what, created a far worse situation than if they had stayed at home and eaten a bullet.

We *used* to have a segregated school system, and I don’t mean anything as simple as whites and blacks, I mean one school for people destined to be manual labourers, another school for those destined to be blue collar workers, and so on.

Some people, mistakenly, think we still have it in the UK, all the Eton toffs who just happen to end up in politics or law or media, but (as someone from the fringes of that process) the reality is Eton is the home of the well heeled idiot, putting Eton on your CV closes a lot more doors than it opens, or did you think the likes of Cameroon were educated or intelligent? Privileged / Delusional / Incompetent yes, educated and intelligent, a resounding no.

But in the social engineering that was the breakup of the educayshun system, because it was a “good idea” that talent was met with opportunity (neatly ignoring the fact that it *always* was, that’s what scholarships were all about, fully 10% of places would be scholarship places granted to students whose parents couldn’t hope to afford the uniform, much less the fees, scholarship places paid for by the surcharge on the 90% whose parents could pay, like mine) the system as it was had to be broken up, and the result was that it no longer mattered if you were black or white or yellow of a little green man, you had fuck all chance of actually getting any kind of worthwhile education.

While it is true to say that the black community is now incapable of producing another Malcolm X (or many others) it is equally true of the white community, no white schools are producing future William Jennings Bryans (41st US secretary of state) (I wonder how many american school kids have even heard of him, much less learn about him?)

Not saying Bryan was right on everything, (Darwinism for example) any more than Malcolm X was right on everything, but they both had *character* strength of, for the use of, etc.

And this is essentially what promoters of “good ideas” are, hard deep prolonged and painful anal pounding for anyone and anything that might actually attempt to address and fix the problems we face.

So lone Dallas kill whitey nigga with all this military experience gets himself a long gun (I have talked before here about how *I* would set about something, were “x” indeed my true goal) and a set of body armour and takes down a few cops… when a truck bomb outside Dallas PD HQ would have been at least 100x as effective at the stated goal…. and well within his experience and ability.

People route around damage or potential damage, including those running false flag operations.

It’s in the playbook, under “good ideas 1.01”



  1. a truck bomb would be well within his experience and ability? what?

    since when does the military give training in improvising bombs of any kind ( apart from bomb disposal units ) beyond, perhaps, molotovs?

    further, the average IQ of an American Negro is ~85, and that’s with some 30% admixture of Caucasian heritage. there is a significant chance that the boy wasn’t smart enough to put a bomb together.

    what we saw on video was a guy providing his own cover fire and seizing initiative … exactly the sorts of ‘urban warfare’ tactics which the military ACTUALLY WOULD HAVE given him.

    couple his likely low IQ with the greater incidence of MAOA in the Black population, and this is exactly the sort of half assed assault plan i would expect.

    Comment by Robert Mando — July 10, 2016 @ 12:10 am

  2. IEDs are probably the highest threat on the radar of the current generation of military, including the boots on the ground. I’d be very surprised if they weren’t given an education on their construction, mechanisms, and triggers, at the very least.

    Not that he’d understand any of it. But he doesn’t have to put a bomb together, only has to use what his handlers gave him.

    It’s been known Soros is funding the racial unrest in the black community:

    Fits into the leaked FBI agent’s testimony that hans shared a few posts ago concerning the Clinton Foundation and global politics. Nothing in that testimony is out of place when compared against the world’s ongoing events. It would be considered “anti-semetic” by most news outlets, which means it must have merit.

    Comment by undefined — July 10, 2016 @ 12:36 am

  3. i’m not disputing that Soros is funding BLM, that’s unquestioned.

    regular infantry are going to get training in what an IED *looks like*, sure.

    that’s a damn sight different than getting training in building and using them, which is what was originally claimed. bomb disposal is left to the … bomb disposal units. that’s why they have them. normal units don’t even typically get involved in clearing mine fields.

    frankly, this dumbshit wasn’t even half as effective as the DC snipers, except that he actually got a bunch of cops. could he have DRIVEN a truck bomb? well, certainly. anyone with a drivers license ( and most without ) can handle that much if you give them an auto transmission.

    bomb making is a bit of a rarefied art ( partly due to the temperament necessary ), even for the Arabs, who are quite a bit closer in average intelligence to regular white people than your run of the mill negro. people prone to sloppy work and emotional incontinence tend to blow themselves up before too far into their bomb making careers.

    Comment by Robert Mando — July 10, 2016 @ 6:37 am

  4. typical nigger planning and effectiveness.

    Comment by Robert Mando — July 10, 2016 @ 11:38 pm

  5. Is it me, or has every facet of modern western society turned into a one way trap or minefield?
    – Want to start a family? You now give the woman leverage over your assets, children, and your very freedom.
    – Want to buy a home? The mortgage company can illegally seize it through their robosigning campaign while continuing to charge you, and get away with it.
    – Want to invest? No problem putting your money in, but you want to get it out, the gates are closed.
    – Want to educate yourself and discuss with others online? It is all archived in perpetuity to potentially gaslight or blackmail you.
    – Want to start a business? Make sure you navigate the politically correct minefield when hiring, and abide by the prohibitive labor compliance regulations.
    – Want to drive to work? Make sure to pay the exorbitant tolls on the only bridge in town. Haven’t squeezed enough blood from stones.

    The game is so rigged against the individual, that no matter what they do, they’re screwed by the system. The amazing thing isn’t that some people are starting to exit the game, it’s that everyone hasn’t already said “fuck it” a long time ago. What’s the point in trying to invest in the future if it can all be unjustly seized or crushed without any recourse for the individual? The only move left is not to play.

    More and more people will stop starting families, stop buying homes, stop investing, stop starting businesses for employ, and stop working hard for their futures. Society will go further into the shitter and the politicians will still be scratching their heads wondering why their models aren’t working.

    Comment by undefined — July 11, 2016 @ 5:04 pm

    • Correct.
      But always keep in mind, a problem is never solved on the level it was created on.
      Right now you can STILL
      – start a family, if you´re a gambling man or simply willfully unaware of the wimminz´ mercenary ID.
      – buy a home and delude yourself you´re not total slave to the bank.
      – invest and make some money or hear “credible” rumors of people who actually did.
      – start a business and make it (see gambling man) or go into lazors 😉 .
      – take the bus&train to work.

      When THAT shit ALL finally stops working is when people will actually WANT to wake up.
      Start taking all those conspiracy torrorists seriously, give the Lügenpresse the sound trashing they deserve and go looking for sturdy lampposts to hang the rich&mighty and their minions from.

      You think “they” don´t see this coming?
      Why the fuck do you think we´re ALL getting fresh from the battlefield orks imported here?
      Cheap labor? HAH!
      ALL these orks EVER learned was to fuck their 1st cousins, rape the kāfirah, put their asses up for praying and otherwise do as the imam tells them to.

      Comment by hans — July 11, 2016 @ 9:06 pm

      • A picture..

        Comment by hans — July 12, 2016 @ 4:29 pm

  6. can you imagine if those idiots in Nice had filled the back of their truck with ANFO?

    Comment by Robert Mando — July 15, 2016 @ 7:49 am

    • As much as I hate the Lügenpresse and their “lone wolf” narrative, this one actually looks like some stupid Ork got high on crappy shit and went berserk.
      Of course the cops fucked up majorly during the whole thing and everybody is again trying to cover their asses.

      Still trying to figure out though, why there´s not more Orks doing stupid shit like that.
      Is it that deep down they DO know it´s good night when whitey STOPS being nice?
      Don´t know.

      Though the socialist traitors DO know to not let a good crisis go to waste.
      Hollande almost immediately reinstated the state of emergency.
      A couple of more months of useless raids on Muslims and whatever else they feel like.

      Comment by hans — July 15, 2016 @ 6:39 pm

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