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July 8, 2016

Dallas 1 p.m.

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So for years Amerika has been getting to be an ever more dangerous place to be as a citizen, at the hands of the po-lice, and now it seems that it may be getting an ever mor dangerous place to be as a po-po, at the hands of the citizens.

Sure it’s still 99.9999% one way and 0.00001% the other way, but maybe it’s just early days yet.

Please note that I am not advocating or condoning or encouraging in any way (I may well have private feelings, but they are not relevant here) but what I am doing is observing.

For years we outside of the US have seen how citizens react when stopped by the po-po, and even the ones who studied law and know their rights and stand on those rights, still kow tow with exceeding politeness and end every single sentence with a capitalised SIR! like the lawman is an acknowledged superior in every way.

Which he (or she) is, he carries a gun, and he can use it…

I’ve travelled the world enough (though never to the yew-ess-ay) to see similar things enough to know that deference based on self preservation and fear is not respect, it’s somewhere at the opposite end of the spectrum from respect, and the next thing you know you have people saying (about the po-po) that the only good one is a dead one, but never around or in earshot of said po-po.

Guy I was talking to locally is proof of the concept that once the po-po decide that they don’t like you, it takes a very long time of you not doing anything wrong before the stop actively harassing, you… they still don’t like you, and that will stay on file for many many many years, and our cops aren’t armed, so the harassment includes making up criminal accusations.

Now the guy in question is philosophical, yes, he does break the law, he does get caught now and again, he does pay his fines and he doesn’t drive while banned, but he doesn’t like the po-po and he is basically returning the favour.

It’s a moot but interesting question, would he break the law much less if the po-po did not regularly falsely accuse him of breaking the law when he has not?

Notably when I talked about po-po years ago, in the same situation they would stop you, talk to you, give you shit, check your vehicle was roadworthy and safe, then send you on your way, without a speeding ticket, as they had already in effect broken the flow of your speeding, so there was a fair chance you would proceed with more caution… whereas now it is ticket city, ker-ching, another crime “detected” and “solved”… n= n+1 in crimes per officer per year solved…. notably this guy was 100% on board with me, yeah, cops back then were OK, mainly ex services guys who’d seen the world, now they are all school > po-po college > uniform with no clue and plenty of attitude.

What is clear is that he as an individual is seen by the po-po both as individuals and as an organisation as a product / resource / revenue channel.

To be sure “Joe Public” on the street is also seen as a possible resource to be milked by WalMart and so on, but the Walmart employee of the month does not get handed a gun and the right to shoot you because he thinks his safety is threatened, while he rifles through your shit to see what additional “sales” he can make in your name.

Putting Hitlary above the law, which is what the FBI did by stating for a fact that Hitlary used a private server for official secret state business which is an absolute breach of US law, but also stating that she should not be prosecuted for it, is one of those unintended consequence things.

If we say that 25% of the US population would rather see Kim Jong in office as scotus with Mugabe as veep than Hitlary, then we have 25% of the population who will now think nothing at all of soft crimes, like lying to the state on tax forms and suchlike… and I mean lying their fucking asses off.

Why not, it’s good enough for Hitlary.

Which brings us to central american drug lords, to many of the people living in those villages, the local drug lord is not an evil monster, he is a local employer, a local force for good, thieves get short shrift, and all the citizens are asked for in return is to turn a blind eye to thing the state would classify as illegal.

“The Law” and the respect, not deference, respect that it had from the local populace was a very accurate barometer of the health of the society in question, just look at the history books.

The history book are pretty universal in warning us that when respect for the law starts to tail off, it gathers momentum, and in less than a generation it goes from the rule of law to the rule of power, and from there there is no way back except via blood in the gutters and flames from what were once roofs.

The other things the history books teach us is that those in power genuinely do not understand that the great unwashed masses actually hate them, much less understand WHY they are hated.

And we as a people saw the first public signs of this in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, with politicians on both sides from the remain camp complaining that those who voted for brexit were both poor and uneducated, a polite way of saying stupid and lazy, after all, they themselves are wealthy and voted the other way, so who ever voted in a different way was obviously very different as a person, stupid and lazy, to stupid and lazy to have any say in their own future or country.

Come war of course and those same stupid and lazy people are neither too stupid nor too lazy to be drafted and sent off to die to protect the ideals of the wealthy…

In fact the opposite is true, what else are they good for, except to be used as cannon fodder.

I’m lucky, in my mid fifties so I’ll be dodging every draft there is, and if we are on the “losing” side it’s easier for me to change my name to “Viktor” and learn russian or “Jiang” and learn chinese or “Ahmed” and marry a 12 year old that it is to mourn the passing of those who were wealthy and clever in their ivory towers.

Which only leaves me to ask one question.

The Dallas shootings, interesting, in that the alleged trigger events, civilians being killed by cops, did not happen in Dallas, so why did the shooting happen in Dallas, since it was not the trigger point?

False flag anyone?



  1. Aaah, the sweet BRAATAATAATAA of the near (ohmygosh) future: https://streamable.com/ba25

    BTW this one really had me glued to the screen..

    The 2nd part: https://archive.is/5o3Bo
    Recommend reading the original link because of the link hover over feature.

    Comment by hans — July 8, 2016 @ 3:58 pm

  2. Aaah, the sweet BRAATAATAATAA of the near (ohmygosh) future: https://streamable.com/ba25

    Comment by hans — July 8, 2016 @ 3:59 pm

    • BTW this one really had me glued to the screen..

      The 2nd part: https://archive.is/5o3Bo
      Recommend reading the original link because of the link hover over feature.

      Comment by hans — July 8, 2016 @ 3:59 pm

    • BTW this one really had me glued to the screen..

      Comment by hans — July 8, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

    • Lets see if the link to 2nd part works: https://archive.is/5o3Bo
      Recommend reading the original link because of the link hover over feature.

      Comment by hans — July 8, 2016 @ 4:01 pm

      • Whoops, so sorry for the double posts!
        It seemed like the earlier posts didn´t work at first.

        Comment by hans — July 8, 2016 @ 4:04 pm

  3. Whatever the news DECIDES to spotlight, I automatically assume there’s an agenda behind it. They don’t report, they push narratives for the sake of a desired goal.

    Despite being a much smaller proportion of the US population, black people commit an extremely disproportionate amount of violent crimes (rapes, murders, and so on) to the point where it’s impossible to cover up. The chances of a white person being murdered or raped by a black person is over 50x higher than vice versa.

    Black on white murders and rapes occur all the time but they’re NEVER reported on in the national media. However, a few years ago a white (hispanic actually) guy shoots a black teenager in self defense, and the obviously doctored up recordings of said event are played nonstop in the national media for weeks. The one in a million counterexample the media has been hoping to latch onto for years turns out to be bogus, so it’s hushed up until they can find something else to seize on.

    Drugged up white teenager shoots up blacks in a church, the media decides to implicate all white people and “white culture”. The flag representing rebellion against centralized authority is banned in the name of tolerance without a hint of irony. Muslim shoots up a club for the nth time, but of course we can’t implicate Muslims as a whole, without a hint of irony.

    The fact that they’re NOW deciding to give some coverage to a “black on white” incident makes me EXTREMELY suspicious what their motives are. Of course they’re only doing it since they were cops, which makes me think this will come down to some verbal fellatio of cops “sacrifices”, or it will be about gun control. Don’t expect me to shed a tear for any of these guys. Where were these cops when they were supposed to be policing their own for corruption in family law, or with civil asset forfeiture, or with the multitude of other abuses they’ve not only failed to stamp out, but willfully embraced. Not going to fall for this “us vs them” crap. You’re on your own, sort your own shit out.

    For the record, I don’t have anything against black people in general, I just think they’ve mostly been used as useful idiots against the middle class when the government needs warm bodies to vote left, or to drive up real estate prices in the suburbs for the FIRE economy from white flight.

    Comment by undefined — July 8, 2016 @ 8:14 pm

  4. Do you have any information that would show the Dallas sniper attack isn’t a complete hoax and fake? All the rest of these dramas being played on the TeeVee for the unwashed masses are sure hoaxes, including the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook and on and on, including the church shooting the above commenter mentions. None of them actually happened as they were reported, and nobody died. Funny how a “drill” was happening at the very same time or slightly before each one of these events. Same goes for 9/11 and you Brits’ 7/7. All completely fabricated events.

    Comment by THX1138 — July 8, 2016 @ 10:25 pm

  5. while i wouldn’t rule out false flag i don’t see why this couldn’t also be a BLM ultra. these are not the first cops to be shot by a black guy in the last year and they’re already not the last. we’ve already got another one in Georgia.

    the Marxists have been trying to drive this race war thing since, at least, the 1960s when it was so blatant that Charles Manson ( pretty much a retard, but a sociopath ) was picking up on it.

    the answer to the question, “why Dallas” is, why not? this is a story being driven by national media, with their constant pushing of blacks getting shot by cops while simultaneously ignoring the much more commonplace instances of whites being killed by cops.

    of the thousand or so people killed yearly by cops, typically slightly more than half are White, Non-Hispanic.

    we have ( as with you ) a police attitude problem, where every interaction with civilians is a contest between cops to see who can “seize control” and “eliminate risk” of the interaction the fastest.

    IF White Privilege is real
    AND Whites are being killed regularly by cops
    THEN the fastest way to rein in the cops is by popularizing police killing of white people.

    funny how white people getting shot down almost never makes it beyond the local news, unless they’ve already got a stand off situation ( Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oregon ).

    if anybody in the US was concerned about excessive force being used by law enforcement, Lon Horiuchi + his direct superiors would have sat in an electric chair a long time ago.

    Comment by Robert Mando — July 8, 2016 @ 11:05 pm

  6. for instance, here’s a white 19 year old getting murdered by police in cold blood, this happened A MONTH AGO.

    why has no one heard of it?


    Comment by Robert Mando — July 8, 2016 @ 11:44 pm

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