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June 24, 2016

Brexit bitchez….

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So, we are on the way out, and Cameroon is history…


The problem is, and always was going to be, people vote with their wallets.

Scotland and Ireland are both places that have been vastly subsidsed by the EU, I saw this in Brittany, in the seventies it was pastoral and run down and quiet and you could buy some run down place anywhere you liked for reasonable money, plenty of quiet Tabacs, go back now and it’s all refurbished buildings and done up streets and gastro latte houses, and it was all EU money that was poured in to do it.

It does not matter that some people, eg the salt of the earth locals, always got shafted in these deals, there were enough people who made enough money and enough new people moved in to new houses and made money, that the original locals were marginalised and sidelined.

So if *enough* people make *enough* money they will always carry the vote, as happened in Northern Ireland, Scotland, London and the “M5 corridor” and in the case of the latter two, big enough populations there to sway things for the whole country.

And of course those “in charge” are soooo out of touch, on this morning BBC with Frost there is some stupid conservative bint talking about how she is in touch with the streets, and in the next breath talks about the brexit vote being all white male Labour voting types who have never even seen a refugee.

In case you couldn’t tell from the map above, yellow was remain and blue was brexit, the couple of grey ones hadn’t got the results when the print screen was done, they have now, also blue for brexit.

Wales was a bit of a funny one, on the one hand the welsh are stupid when it comes to matters of welsh identity, on the other hand it is also largely a region that lives off the fat and largesse of other regions, so I’m not surprised to see the west coast firmly in the remain camp, but I am suprised the south coast is so firmly brexit.

Apart from that, pretty much as expected, although anyone who was honest would always have said that the result was going to be too close to call.

So anyway, we voted, now what?

Now we have Article 50, which gives everyone involved basically two year to either manage the transition out, or deliberately fuck everything up for everyone, depending on how things play out.

And that little detail may be the killer, the germans are already talking about how they will not permit this brexit to be the domino that topples the dutch and french and so on exits, even though both those countries just came out and said they want a referendum on exiting the EU, so, interesting times ahead.

We would also be remiss to omit the fact that NATO and the EU have a lot in common, with the EU itself having been built that way from day one, so exiting the EU does have implications for NATO… it’s like the growth rings in a computer simulation of life, where the western founding nations die off and the newer eastern nations pop up so as a whole it looks like the whole creature is moving east.

Really we should dig up and re-animate Mark Twain, people are fucking stupid, we can see that every single day in every single way and how we got where we are now, on the other hand, people are not that fucking stupid that they don’t know they are being shafted, and when you are being shafted, you do the opposite of what you are told to do.

So Cameroon et all coming out and promising the end of the world is nigh if they vote for brexit, all they see is defying whatever Cameroon and the other establishment types tell them to do…

So if you want them to vote against brexit, tell them to vote out or the world will end….

The City of London is of course now poised to once again be *the* western clearing house for all things financial, especially nice when Russia and China are busy making trade deals, and especially nice if you are betting on the end of the US$ as global reserve currency, because after all the one thing the UK did not do in 40 years of EU membership was surrender its currency, so no changes to be made there from UK in the EU to UK out of the EU, we will still be buying and selling in UK Pounds Sterling… for now at least.

Of course the yellow zones on the map above could also be argued as the majority, who like nothing more than to sit down to some tender roast lamb and mint sauce, voting for the sheep farmer to stay as King, meanwhile the monied minority who own the shops that buy the sheep from the farmer and sell them to the majority have decided that the fucking farmer is getting too big for his fucking boots, time to get some new farmers in.

And it’s also good, in some ways, to have such a close to 50/50 split, and such clear demarkation lines, so the Scots now want another referendum and to leave the union, well, bye, and take NI with you, all sorts of potential there for mischief and strife.

Perhaps we can employ Trump Border Walls Inc to rebuild Hadrian’s wall, if they aren’t already fully occupied with the Mexican Wall and the California Wall, but then we could always ask the Chinese, they have a lot (2000 + years) of experience of walls, and fiat currencies too come to that…

We could build another one around Londinium, and flood it, turn it into waterworld, with a small floating megalopolis in the centre called THE CITY, it won’t need any other name, Amex Black needed as ID just to be a drone worker cleaning the toilets.

Ancient chinese curse… may you live in interesting times.


  1. Seriously, it was the best wake up call I had in quite a while when I turned on the TeeVee to find out what the stupid people believe this day.

    The understated consternation and suppressed quasi panic of the MSM whores was a beauty to behold.
    Even fucking Merkel was in parts of her speech talking like she had children in front of her, which is a feat on itself for that child hater.
    And then those traitorous drunkards Schulz and Junkers, wunderbar.

    Comment by hans — June 24, 2016 @ 12:38 pm

    • As for the Scotts

      utterly infested by socialism, the benighted bastards.

      Again, good show chaps..

      But the fight has just begun.
      You still have your sharia law zones and they´re still breeding like rats.
      Getting payed for it of the monies you would´ve otherwise invested to make children of YOUR OWN.

      Comment by hans — June 24, 2016 @ 12:46 pm

      • Found this guy to be mostly spot on..

        As they say, girdle your loins bastiches!

        Comment by hans — June 24, 2016 @ 8:19 pm

  2. Comment by wimminz — June 25, 2016 @ 12:07 am

    • That´s one serious red-pill Polak, great to behold AND he seems to have enough people of like mind around him.
      Though I´m not so sure that the young “german cannon fodder” here will wake up soon enough out of their bolshevik brainwashing.

      Then again I didn´t see Brexit succeeding either.

      Comment by hans — June 25, 2016 @ 1:25 am

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