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June 9, 2016

Resting on my laurels.

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“Wimminz” isn’t the only or first place I published, there have been others, and over time many people have commented that shit they read on my sites turned up days or weeks or months later in the MSM or some other major site, so either I was clearly leading them, or influencing them because they were reading me, or so on and so forth.

There is a teensy tiny element of truth in that, in that for some years now I have been read by researchers, who are in turn used by journalists / writers, sadly the accolades stop there, because as one researcher told me a few years ago, you’re the fringe, the guy who goes out and buys a device and does an honest review, mostly what we are after is the regular sponsored review, Apple never made a product that didn’t get at least 8 out of 10 stars.

More accurately, as I have often stated very clearly here, the first rose of summer isn’t leading some movement for all roses everywhere to bloom, in fact apart from being of the same genus it has sweet fuck all to do with any and every other rose everywhere ever amen…

Many years ago there was a young chap named William Tunstall-Pedoe, a name which we can be assured caused him some grief at school, however his name first popped up into my awareness because he had written some anagram generating software, and it was fun to play with.

Over the years, the software itself “Anagram Genius” got better and better, but the point here is to draw a comparison.

1/ you type in the seed word / phrase / sentence

2/ the software searches through the seed for words in the dictionary

3/ the software attempts to put the words from stage 2 into some sort of human sensible order

But, between stage 2 and 3 there is a little bit called “weeding” where it comes up with the word list.

You don’t need to edit software code or tweak algorithms or anything else, you just select a word, and give it a “weight” on a scale from must never be used at all, to must be used in every single anagram.

It’s a beautiful example of how computers and software actually work, because at that stage I can give control of the seed words to someone else, and give control of maintaining the software and systems to someone else, and I alone can sit back in a private dark room and “weed” the results that the system is generating.

One one side input the entire internet, and weed so that “jihadi” is permitted only so long as it is accompanied by “atrocity”, weed so that “nominee” and “Hitlery” come up together, but neither one is ever present with “corruption” or “electoral fraud”

Such is the power of the likes of Google.

Google themselves has been explicitly marketing this exact ability since the day they got funded, webcrawler and altavista were better search engines / indexers, google had a cleaner interface but the big draw was always always always that you could pay to influence the results.

And at some point then there is a great disconnect in what passes for human intellect, because all anyone can think of is Obelenscovitzschky Dried Flowers of Podunk, can now pay Google to get a higher / more prominent listing than they might otherwise get.

When I was a boy there was a dude who changed his name to Aaaron Aaardvark, just to get to the top of page one of the New York phone book, hence all the A1 taxi / plumbing / roofing businesses.

Really? Here is a service where you can pay to have your name, or word of choice,  put as high on the listings as you like, so it is plainly bloody obvious that that which can be given a +1024 weighting can also be given a -1024 weighting, so you can pay to have your name, or word of choice, put as low on the listings as you like.

Or not just single words, but combinations of any words you choose.

And you REALLY fucking think that the people this is aimed at, and who will be paying money for it, are Dried Flowers by post sellers and the like????

A commenter recently asked me if I had read John C Wright, no I have not, I have read Andrew McCoy, and lived in an Africa that closely resembles the one he writes about (The SA guvvmint tried to have him assassinated because of Atrocity week, a novel based on a true story that nobody in the press would touch, about events in the Caprivi strip, which was only a couple of hours by landie from where I was)

In McCoy’s days as a journalist you had to get to individual editors and publishing houses to shut a story down, and as happened, sooner or later you could find a publisher somewhere willing to run with it.

Today you do not care where in the world, or how big or how small the operation is, if you control the weighting of the words used in search you control whether the story exists or not.

It is too powerful NOT to be directly controlled by the shadow state, so while anyone can publish anything, more or less, a task that gets slightly easier if you own your own hardware and domain etc, it becomes no more than a personal secret diary at the click of a mouse.

So, how do you find content?

I will be *brutally* honest here, I do not have the guts to type a search phrase into google to find kiddie porn, in any event, were I so stupid as to do so (and lave that search enquiry available for use against me in any circumstances whatsoever for eternity) I do not actually believe I would be given pages and pages or “valid” results

Type in “dogs fuck sluts” (it’s still an extremely dodgy one, bestiality is now illegal in most of europe, it wasn’t a few years ago… my old Scorpions – Animal Magnetism and Virgin Killer original LP album covers are now illegal pornography) and you will indeed get pages of “valid” results.

In one of those complex situation where you do not know for a fact until and unless you try, and I do not actually want to try, my feeling is that I would have a hard time finding actual child porn anywhere on the internet, and I mean http / ftp / nntp the works.

I would strongly suspect that were I also to do such research legally, and compile my results after three months, two things would become apparent.

1/ >95% of all the stuff out there is honeytraps owned and operated by various states

2/ >99.9% of all the stuff out there is old, very very old, material.

In reverse order.

You can tell at a glance if something is converted from 8 or 16 mm cine fil, or from VHS, or if it was shot a CGA, or VGA, and so on.

Before bestiality became illegal in europe >90% of what was available was not in 720p or higher, ergo it was old material constantly recycled…. I have previously elsewhere related the true story of a young and eager law enforcement computer forensic type who enlisted my aid to track down a particularly vulnerable young english girl being abused on film by fucking a pig, to protect my sensibilities and his job he showed me some doctored screen shots that no longer showed anything illegal or objectionable, and I started laughing, having instantly recognised one Bodil Joensen, who had died some years previously in her 40’s… and so a budding career doing outsourced computer forensics died an early death, a blessing in disguise to be sure.

Which brings us back to point 1, which is that I suspect that >95% of the remaining “kiddie porn industry” is in fact various states running honeytraps… I’m not claiming that adults and children are not engaged in sexual activities anywhere on the globe, I am suggesting that those who do so, apart from a vanishingly small and stupid proportion, are abstaining from filing their activities.

Which means an obvious separation between a relatively common problem which is sex between adults and children, and an incredibly rare phenomenon, which is sex between adults and children being filmed.

The purge against the latter has meant that 95% of the “kiddie porn industry” is in fact the state, and this has done nothing but drive the actual sex between adults and children underground, deep underground, where there is very carefully and very deliberately no digital evidence of any kind ever.


This then is what happens when you seek to, and achieve, to control the narrative or dialogue, once you have a method that works then those who will be most keen to use it are the last people who should ever be allowed to use it, because they will do what they have done, wrest control and functionality away from the small people, the individuals.

And so on the 24th May 2016 the 2nd circuit of appeals in New York one jewish judge upheld another jewish judge who had three times in the past ruled in favour of Dow / Union Carbide, that the 10,000 dead and 600,000 injured and land and aquifers 3.5 Km from the plant that are still contaminated with toxins to this day, some 32 years after the event was actually fuck all to do with Dow / Union Carbide, because the plant was run by Union Carbide INDIA, a subsidiary of Union Carbide that UC only owned a 51% controlling interest in… and that’s enough distance to get away scot free for a tragedy that had fatality and injury figures that do justice to a small war.

You can file it away with Hitlery winning the presidential nomination on a day that nobody voted because the Associated Press said so.

It’ll be on that mysterious dark web, beloved of hackers and jihadis and child pornographers everywhere.


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