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May 26, 2016

The Model

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Nope, not on about the Kraftwerk song…

… I’m talking about the things all human beings (and to a lesser extent all intelligent living creatures) do, and that is model the world around them inside their heads.

The typical human, when it comes to modelling another specific individual human, we will call that individual Joe Bloggs, typically has three different ways of modelling Joe Bloggs.

  1. There is the wide awake concious model where Joe Bloggs is right in front of us.
  2. There is the wide awake concious model where Joe Bloggs is nowhere near us.
  3. There is the not asleep but definitely not wide awake and at the forefront of the active mind model where Joe Bloggs is neither a fixed solid form in front of us, or a fixed solid form where he is nowhere near us, but is instead a more fluid theoretical presence that can be inserted in various scenarios.

Model #1 is quite a good model in some ways, because we have the live empirical evidence of our senses, but it is also flawed in many ways because Joe Bloggs has *us* in *his* senses too, so we are weighting the outcomes with close physical proximity.

Model #2 is more shaky, it relies on hearsay and anecdotal notes to come up with sets of answers, but on the other hand it is not a model weighted by our mutual close physical proximity and awareness, so in those areas it can be more useful than #1

Model #3 is the odd one out, the more theoretical model that can be run against thousands of possible dream like scenarios, and importantly for us it is the model most likely to be making constant small changes to Model #1 and #2 at the subconcious level…. the downside is it is all theory, not even anecdotal evidence, although models #1 and #2 do have the odd bit of input into the detail and design of model #3.

This particular subject at this particular level of detail is one that I rarely get into with people face to face, it’s hard work, but mainly it throws up all sorts of answers and questions that nobody likes, and the messenger always bears the blame.

One of the reasons that this is such a troubling subject is that the speaker must also apply these factors to themselves, and *those* results are often unpleasant…

… yesterday while discussing the ex-employer, who pissed me off totally, I’m sat at the lights, lights that everyone pushed on, at a junction that everyone deliberately uses the wrong lanes in order to queue dodge, so I see *their* lights go to amber and they are still driving through, and then it goes red, and a car and bus are still driving through, so I floor it and lean on the horn and cut the inconsiderate cunts up and teach the fuckers a lesson.

At which point I become aware of the fact that my passenger is telling me that I ran the red light way early to do that, so I was talking about working for the ex-employer, and slipped into the agressive and angry mode that I was in while working for said ex-employer.

In short, my model of the world got substituted, and my actions changed on a fairly gross real world scale as a result.

Hilary Clinton is undoubtedly a political whore of the lowest possible denomination, so she is also clearly working these different models of the world all the time.

So what about our saviour Trump?

Well it’s a guy with a history of letting / making companies go bankrupt so he can write off the debt and buy the remaining assets at cents on the dollar and start all over again, it is undoubtedly *shrewd* from a business sense, but is is a better prospect than say a 2 dollar whore for a chief executive of a country?

There is an interesting little statistic in the Daily Fail, hurriedly buried in the back pages, that as of 2016 almost 20% of all children born since 2013 have at some point had their names handed to the social services, in an apparent bid to stem bad publicity from the likes of Baby P, mission creep sets in and the agency tries to monitor and intervene in more children than ever before, and of course when resources get stretched cherry picking goes on, and the cases that are easiest to intervene in or that seem the most juicy to the staff or that fit the “hate that” category in whatever world models models the staff are running in their heads get all the attention, and everyone else no matter how deserving or underserving of some sort of intervention, irrespective of whether that intervention does good or hard, can go fuck themselves.

And it’s not like the only problem with these models is we are crap at building them accurately, most modern civilisation is based aroudn deliberately fucking with the models we make, and writing in some false things, and erasing other true things, so it all get worse faster.

So you have a creature born a man that now likes to call itself a woman, that many or may not have had surgery, but was still born with a penis and testicles at the end of the day, taking a ferry company to court because the toilets on the ships said “MEN” and “WOMEN” and when this creature range the ferry company to ask which toilets it should use, the ferry company droid obviously ran through the models of a woman born a man going into a woman’s toilets, or a woman born a man going into the men’s toilets, and said het, just use the DISABLED toilet.

At which point the one time man decided to be offended, and took the ferry company to court, and the judge agreed, and now the ferry company has to take down the signs on the bog doors that say “WOMEN” and “MEN” and replace them with symbols…. symbols for women and men of course…

I mean, where does this leave those men who choose to live part time in their spare time as puppies??? Where the fuck are these poor benighted souls supposed to go wee wee


So take heart, one the one hand, no matter how fucked up your three models of any individual or situation are, no matter how influenced one way or another by media and society, you are HAL 9000 compared to these asswipes.

On the other hand, they are taking their fucked up models to court, winning, and getting them imposed on you.

Far from being in a place where an Oz butcher can advertise his bacon as a 100% guaranteed prevention of being a muslim extremist, you’ll have a ram your cock up a 10 year olds ass to prove you aren’t some fascist manspeading neoliberal misogynist gender stereotyping penis wielding bastard.

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