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May 21, 2016

SBL’s and cute Nazi girls getting booted off jewtube

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SBL = Secret Bildeburg Lizards, and the cute nazi girl is the Evalion chick, assuming she was ever genuine, which is a big ask in this day…

Assuming the root of the handle is Eva Lion there is a lot of feline alliteration going on there with her chosen handle, Eve itself has connotations to Eve, but also of course Eva Braun, it’s all rather *obvious* shall we say.

Which brings us to SBL’s and the USS Liberty, I could have picked anything else, but it will do… so if the SBL are behind it, they control the US military and the Israeli military at least, if not the media in both places too, add in 9/11 and we add Saudi to the places the SBL control, work our way through the list, and the SBL control everything everywhere, except maybe North Kore eh.

You can not make such a claim, and simultaneously understand the meaning of the word control, it stems from power, and any group so all powerful would be known to all, when one drove by the masses would clear the streets ahead and bow down so that their eyes never stained the glorious likeness of their owners with their gaze.. and that shit has happened in human history.

Which is to say that control is the wrong word to use, influence is a much, much much better word.

Influence is what is used when you are offered a loan to buy that ’16 Mustang, or that house, or that Caribbean holiday, no fucker is pointing a gun at your head.

Influence is far more pernicious than control, and the proof of this fact is the other fact that influence is strictly regulated, it is not illegal for a business to influence a 14 year old girl to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, think a certain way, act a certain way, buy certain products, consume certain media, and so on.

But it is illegal for me to influence that same 14 year old girl (with better more material and more long lasting I might add) to suck my cock.

Hang on AfOR, you just claimed there is no SBL’s, and then gave an example of SBL’s at work.

Well, no, because Darwin.

Evolution is still going on around us, and evolution is not confined to gross physical changes like growing an extra cock, because before you can make physical changes in gradual evolution you have to make behavioural changes in said organism.

Ohh it gets messy, now we have touched on gradual evolution, which happens all the time everywhere, and implied the existence of sudden evolution, what happens when a dinosaur killing rock falls out of the sky.

But, that rock falls into a world where gradual evolution is taking place anyway, so the rock got to stir the pot and break some stuff, it wasn’t responsible for the mix on the ground on the day it fell, that was gradual evolution’s bag.

The world today in 2016 is a very different place to the world in 1966 a mere 50 years ago, a two way time machine to swap an individual from 1966 with an individual from 2016 will see both of them struggling *mightily* with the changes.

In 1966 when your children were out of sight, they literally could have been on the other side of the moon, the only way you found out was when they returned…. nor way there any way to retroactively trace their steps, no CCTV, no electronic financial transactions, no wifi hotspots caught, no cell phone, no gps, no nothing.

I have worked with literally the richest individuals in the world, and I mean this in the way that Bill Gates and Musk and Bezos are contenders, just about, but junior contenders.

I have worked with the infamous but real guvvmint black boxes plugged into our internet backbones and slurping all they possibly can.

I would have seen the SBL’s, or their spoor, or their fossils, or their wank stains, I saw nothing but human beings evolving gradually away and working away at their own short term individual and group goals.

At times in this blog I have been reticent, redacting, reluctant, omitting, discrete… some times the names have been changed to protect the guilty, but never have I actually set out to deceive, or mislead, or lie, or cheat.

What I have done is limited my honesty, and now for a few moments I will remove those limits.

What concerns me is that there is no SBL’s, or anyone else, at the helm controlling humanity, perhaps I am a despot in the making but if ever humanity needed central control and planning it is now.

What we have instead is pure Darwin at work, and not just on a genetic biological level, but also on the level of environment (and I do not mean “the environment” in a nauture / greenie way, I mean *every* single aspect of modern life), on the level of mind a psyche, which includes world view and belief and religion, in all its forms, on the level of ethicity, on the level of culture, on the level of technology.

Darwin does NOT say that the BEST survives, it says that those most fit to survive do so, so in a prison it is not the renaissance man who survives, it is the one who walks out the gates 20 years later with fewest scars… mental or physical… the prison rat.

I’m still on the honesty gig.

This week I did to someone that thing that I do in real life, I tell them up front in plain language I will give them a chance to remedy this, they did not, they pursued their own ends, in this case it was an HR employee acting like they were Jack Bauer trying to nail the terrorist, so I told them you fucked up.

Whatever bad befalls that person now, I will celebrate and call it richly deserved.

That person is a *perfect* example of why there is no SBL.

That person pursued their own goals, instead of doing the job they were paid to do, because their self image of themselves as some sort of great investigative detective outweighed their actual job.

I’ve quoted Kurt Vonnegut on this before, people will project their own beliefs onto a blank canvas, and then defend what they see on that canvas to their death, or yours.

I’ve quoted Sagan before, we have built a world dependent on science and technology in which the people know nothing about science and technology.

I have talked about my time working in a cattle incinerator, and done that math to show that it is literally physically impossible for the sites that are alleged to have killed and cremated all those human bodies to have done so in the scant 2 and a bit years they had, and yes, I have visited the sites in person, and no, you can’t build a furnce chimney out of ordinary brick and mortar, it will collapse within days.

I have talked about everything you are told is a lie, and it is.

None of it requires Secret Bildeburg Lizards, in fact, a lot of it could not happen if there were Secret Bildeburg Lizards, you’d be culled before you had the chance to shit in the river upstream of their bathing pool.

No, the truth is much much much more frightening, there are no SBL, there is just us.

Islam will indeed, if left unchecked, send us to the fossil records same as the dinosaurs, but to be strictly impartial and honest, so will Christianity, or indeed any other religious belief, because by definition a belief in something that cannot be proven is the exact antithesis of science, a belief in only that which can be demonstrably proven.

But, a belief in science will cull the human herd a lot more than Islam v Christianity, and both Islam and Chistianity will unite in destroying the scientist, as soon as he strays from the strictly proscribed areas that suit the religion du jour.

The film linked in the previous post about Adolf, one true fact taken from it is that the Jewish Holocaust is the only historical event in the world that it is currently illegal to deny.

There have, however, been precendents in human history, and to prevent poisoning the well I will allow you, dear reader, to find them for your selves, and discover what became of said societies.

“Our German rocket engineers are better than your German rocket engineers.”

There is more fact and anecdotal evidence to support the claim that the Nazis were above all a party of science, than there is to claim they were evil racist bastards.

But like all human beings we cannot see change in ourselves, so lets look at others, look at how Russia has changes, white russians, bolsheviks, stalin, lenin, gorbachev, putin, we can see the evolution and change there.

Why can’t we see the evolution and change in the USA, or the UK, or France, or Germany.

Secret Bildeburg Lizards would have programmes in place to filter and find people like me, and GIVE US A FUCKING JOB cleaning the sanitary facilities on the mothership.

The western economy sure looks great from up here in L1 >;*)

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