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May 17, 2016


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One the one hand you have to embrace it to get work / sales / promotion / adulation / acceptance / sex / etc, on the other hand, once you accept it, you can’t ever break out of it.

Harley’s are actually a *great* example of this, all the “big twins” pan / knuck / shovel / evo / twinkie, all 45 degree 2 valve per head central siamese inlet manifold, and no, sporty’s aren’t big twins… it’s been so successful commercially, that to bring out anything else in the “main” product line is commercial suicide, to a large chunk of the loyal fan base, it won’t be a harley any more, not a proper one anyway.

Which becomes doubly painful if you are a buggy whip maker and the era of the pony and trap is passing…

But it’s not just HD, or hollywierd actors, or even individuals that get typecast, so do institutions, ideal, movements, groups.

If you doubt me ask the Nazi party, they are just as unelectable today in germany as the Liberals are here in the UK, but not that long ago, like the Liberals here, they were the only game in town.

I have talked before here about 95% of the actual *change* in any given change happening in the last 5% of the time period that the change took place in, it’s like being in the grip of a powerful but calm river, very very very few people will look around and note that despite the placid and calm waters, the current is now going faster than 3 mph, and slowly accelerating, and by the time you realise you are probably in a place you should not be, you are way way way past the time when you had any opportunity to vacate the area and be somewhere else.

Western society is like that now, whether we are talking about the islamic influence on the green party in Sweden or media talking head bitches unsure whether to complain about rapefugees or misogynists like Trump, or the financial markets, or the military buildup as NATO and the US$ as world reserve currency prepare for their swansong, by the time you notice it, it is too late to bail out and stand on the shore and watch everyone else go over the cataract and be smashed to pieces and drowned in the undertow.

Education is another one, one of the entirely unforseen and unintended consequences of taking the UK away from a manufacturing, industrial and trades base, and taking us away from a currency that had 12 pennies to the shilling, and 20 shilling (240 pence) to the pound, a length system that had 12 inches to the foot, 3 feet to the yard, 22 yards to the chain, a weight system that had 16 ounces to the pound, 14 pounds to the stone, 8 stone to the hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight to the ton, was EVERYONE KNEW (mathematical) FRACTIONS, you fucking well HAD to.

And that *imposes* a certain mental discipline and agility on people, it’s the mental equivalent of putting everyone on 20 mile marches every day, one thing you will soon run out of is fat people.

The English were typecast as being clever and educated, until decimalisation came in (ostensibly because computers, which is bollocks, because computers are binary, but they can emulate any number base you like) and lo and behold the entire educational system went down the tubes apace.

Today in 2016 I am asked to help a 10 year old with fractions in her homework, the question is what is 5/6 minus 2/3, I am asked because the 10 year old cannot do it, but I am asked by the 35 year old parent, because they cannot do it either.

The 35 year old parent was born in 1979, a decimalisation came in in 1971, so before 1971 even if you had no intention of ever being a plumber or builder or carpenter or engineer or anything else, you still HAD to learn fractions to use MONEY, and cash money (and cheques) were all there was, no such thing as credit cards or computers or digital electronics to any degree that Joe Public would see, but after 1971 all you needed to know was 100 pennies to 1 pound, no maths of any kind needed, just move the decimal place two places left or right to convert between pennies and pounds.

Now people buy light things like tobacco in grams, heavier things like potatoes in kilos, liquids like milk and petrol in litres, and that is all they know, few of them can convert between any of them, very very very few know that 1 litre of water = 1000 cc of water and weighs 1000 grammes or 1 kilo.

Now people have to read a news story and have an object described as being 50 metres long, or the length of four buses, because nobody knows what 50 metres is, or what fraction it is of a kilometre, or anything else.

So 1971 was the watershed year, and you had to be old enough in 1971 to have learned the old system, so really 1960 was the cut off point for a birth date, which makes anyone “old enough” to be at least 56 years old today.

David Cameron is 49, George Osborne is 44, Sadiq Khan (new muslim mayor of London) is 45, these are the people running the country, and they have literally never known anything else their entire adult lives but the decimal system.

The decimal system does not teach you many things, one of them was the “close enough” fraction for Pi which is 7/22 which I remembered instantly despite not having to have even thought about it since the late seventies, another one of then is that all percentages when compounded (repeated iteratively) are exponential functions.

Percentages are after all at heart fractions, 6% is 6/100….

Hell when I was a boy there was not even one single ounce as a measure of weight, there was Troy, Avoirdupois and Apothecary ounces, and why not, there were Whitworth, British Standard Fine, Cycle etc screw threads.

Of course to us born back in the day it was trivial to find yourself abroad and using a foreign currency and knowing the exchange rate work out the price of every single purchase in your head in the equivalent Pounds Shilling and Pence Sterling, to see if it was cheap or not…  no mere coinkydink we now have the Euro…. from Bonn to Barcelona to Bologna to Brest, petrol is sold in litres and priced in euros per litre, sure the prices vary but that is all explained away as taxes, the very thing the EU was supposed to homogenize…

It is also no coinkydink that whether presenting good or bad news, news articles will say something about “since records began in..” and give a date, and the date is always fairly recent, and always always always after 1971/3 (Britain joined the EU in 1973)

Everything pre early 1970’s was typecast as “ancient history” or “the bad old days” or “the dark ages”, even though they were pretty goo times to be living in, even if we were not aware that the current already had us and we had no way to avoid going over the cataract ahead.

As a survivor who lived through those days, I gotta tell ya, y’all have NO FUCKING IDEA how awful and horrific they were, young boys in short trousers (now there is another thing consigned to history) could and did routinely save up their pocket money and openly go into shops and buy things like catapults and folding knives and even air pistols, and they would take them to school, or they would go to the chemist and buy iron filings and sulphur and then go to the tobacconist and buy matches and set the whole lot off as stink bombs, I could go on and on, but I know you won’t believe me, it’s just too fucking manspreading and rapey to even contemplate.

So lacking all these old style fractional mathematical rapey skillz, nobody today can look at the local university, see that courses run around 4-6k per annum, see that student lodgings run to 150-250 per week, and work out that the stalinesque ghetto blocks of non-repurposable student accomodation blocks  are a bigger money earner than the courses themselves, so the uni reinvents itself as a youth lodgings landlord, pick a course, any course you like, we have thousands to choose from, everything from equine aromatherapy to wimminz studiez, no need to pass, bums on seats is sufficient to guarantee the revenue stream.

Not a single one of the stupid cunts works out that after their three years of being a student tenant they are likely to end up with a totally worthless degree in vaginal knitting and 50k of student debt, nor of course will they work out that said 3 year course just consumed 1/15th of their working life span… which is a LOT, for something with no appreciable long term benefits… and many many many long term drawbacks.

The extreme muslim sharia types are even fucking worse, and I don’t mean the you cannot cut your beard, you cannot smoke, you cannot drink alcohol shit, I mean the “what do you do when a woman asks her husband to save her from a burning building?” and the correct answer is you leave the bitch, if Allah wishes her to live he will save her, if he does not she will be krispy kardashian… they probably have a fatwa against fractions.. they certainly have enough about education, all anyone needs to know is in the holy koran, except shit about how to generate electricity, pump water, set broken bones, raise crops, maintain a nuclear power plant.

Back in the 60’s we’d have rightly called them dumb motherfucking assholes, and got on with developing silicon chips and large scale integration and fast breeded reactors, and left then fucking camels.

Now we have dumbed ourselves down to such an extent that we can no longer see how dumb they are, hell, we can’t even see how dumb WE fucking are.

Time for some more typecasting, and the end of more buggy whip makers.




  1. Get you buggy whips ready for this SUMMER.

    Which is according to my calender next fucking month.

    Comment by hans — May 17, 2016 @ 12:49 pm

    • See you and raise you…>;*)

      Actually, it really is worth six hours out of your life to watch…. everyone lies, all the time, about everything, they always have, and they still are….

      Comment by wimminz — May 17, 2016 @ 3:01 pm

      • Righto, 6 hours. There´s the reason I haven´t tried this one yet after finally digesting Goodrich´s Hellstorm.
        Heh and of course the vid is not allowed in my country, but that´s no problem. Just another commendation.

        Comment by hans — May 17, 2016 @ 10:48 pm

      • Oh and check this cute little (literal) cunt out: https://twitter.com/evalion88
        She´s getting, as she hilariously calls it, “shoahed” for pretty spot on clips on the “tribsemen”.
        Who knows how long even the twit will last.

        Try googling (or rather with duckduckgo-ing) her vids by using her name (without 88) and “DAS most @ntis€mitic V!deo EVAR”(you know how to write it right).
        “Das InterNetz” is is getting purged (shoahed indeed) of her stuff pretty quickly and efficiently.

        Comment by hans — May 17, 2016 @ 11:08 pm

      • Seen it twice. Well worth a look. You’ll never hear this story in a 20 mile radius of any “educational” institution.

        This blog is excellent. I know you spoke somewhat sarcastically about “secret bildeberg lizards” here before, but I would have thought the discussion of elite politics would have garnered more of your attention over the years. Without getting into fringe circles, it’s reasonable to assume that the real players would stay behind the curtain. You can’t kill/dismantle/challenge what you can’t see or what you don’t know even exists. It’s a reasonable assumption.

        Explains a lot of the extremely shady circumstances surrounding the Marc Dutroux case and the mysterious deaths of the key witnesses and prosecutors involved. Perhaps a good place to look would be the study essential psychopathy, which curiously has been sanitized and redacted over the years:

        “Łobaczewski’s class was the last to receive an education uninfluenced by Soviet ideology and censorship, after which psychiatry was restricted to Pavlovian concepts. The study of genetics and psychopathy was forbidden.”

        Surely the study of psychopathy is more openly examined in the US, right? Well interestingly, Cleckley’s “Mask of Sanity” 2nd edition is extremely hard to come by, and the third edition is drastically changed. Funny that.

        The study of psycopathy infiltrating political institutions,
        Political Ponerology: http://crashrecovery.org/mindcontrol/Andrew%20M.%20Lobaczewski%20-%20Political%20Ponerology.pdf

        Comment by freeman — May 21, 2016 @ 2:43 am

        • secret bildeburg lizards are not a requirement to fulfil what we see before us.

          when someone shows me something that cannot be explained away by us acting collectively as individuals and groups and classes and ethnicities and interest groups and so on, I’ll listen.

          The elite banking cabal is like the elite lion cabal on the savannah, there is no inherent evil, they are just doing what they do.. if you dislike lions or bankers you must eradicate them… a difficult task when so many crave what they offer.

          I have zero debt, that almost certainly makes me a smaller minority than paedophiles in current society, so statistically speaking society will cater to the paedos before it caters to me.. and that’s probably coming too.

          Comment by wimminz — May 21, 2016 @ 11:07 am

          • I agree, if I’m understanding you correctly. I’d even go as far to say that concepts like “lizard people” or “reptilians” are likely a misinformation campaign designed to destroy the credibility of people looking into the identity of the elite banking cabal and to discourage further analysis.

            The point I was trying to make is that the real alpha players (banking, political, etc) will try to draw attention away from themselves in order to direct the attention on low level patsies. Something like the media directing people’s attention to trivial political controversies over something Trump said instead of discussing the motives related to energy in the Syria conflict. Or discussion of how the Hegelian dialectic is used to engineer crises (A study of Anthony Sutton’s works showing the western financing of the Soviets and National Socialism would be of interest). Or to go to great lengths to not discuss how the Fed controls the money supply yet operates largely above the law.

            Or how the Bank of International Settlements operates internationally and isn’t subject to laws that almost everyone else is. Or how Kissinger and Brzezinski seem to put the interests of an international cabal above national interests, etc etc.

            From what I’ve read and seen, it suggests to me that there is a cabal of largely psychopathic people at the highest echelons of geopolitics and finance who use their political influence to draw attention away from, and protect themselves (and each other) from their criminal activity.

            What are your thoughts on the authenticity of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

            Comment by freeman — May 21, 2016 @ 3:41 pm

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