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May 13, 2016

Muddying the waters.

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This one will make you laugh.

Turns out, the current squeeze has been the victim of sexual harassment (repeated requests for a fuck) and sexual assault (grabass and grabtit) at her workplace for some years.

See, years ago, before the feminazis and wimminz and niggerz and lawyers all got on the bandwagon and changed the definition of what “is” is, these things were all bloody simple.

You got on the local bus, sat down next to some random bloke, and asked them what they thought about such and such scenario, the proverbial “Man on a Clapham Omnibus” so back in the day when my dad was a young man if a guy at work had done this to a junior female employee the next thing he would know is said junior female employee’s husband / father walking in decking the cunt.

If the po-po were involved they would have counselled the prostrate and nose bleeding letcher to suck it up because it deserved it, and they had no interest in arresting the husband / father for doing what any normal man would be expected to do.

So fast forwards to today, with every imagined slight being raycis or rapey or some fucking thing, and we have devolved to the point where HR needs to have a meeting, or three, to decide on a course of action, a politically correct one of course.

Me being a modern man, I ain’t going charging in to defend the non existent honour of the current squeeze, the guy is question is a fucking luser, and she is a fucking slut, even if she did not initiate it or enjoy it or consent to it (there is sufficient anecdotal evidence in the forms of SMS trails etc supporting all of this) but welcome to the world you made wimminz.

The protections for decent women have been erased, in toto.

THIS WAS THE FUCKING POINT of social change, equality and the sexual revolution… my local town just had a parade to celebrate diversity and the LGBT community.

We ain’t NEVER in 1,000 years of local history had a parade to celebrate heterosexuality and the nuclear family of man / woman / children, or local values, or any such…. that be hate speach bichez, that be raycis.

As I have said here over an over, this assault on the language continues apace, “family” now means single skank ho mommy and her womb turds, so when social services and everyone else focus on “perserving the family unit and structure” that is what they are working to preserve, by destroying anything and everything that is not that thing…

So last night we are watching various “angry people losing their shit” vids on youtoob and of course they are all I am ssssssssooooooo fucking maaaaad I just can’t controoooollllll myyselffff!

And I say something that blows her mind, all it needs is a single bullet to the head, it puts that worthless piece of human protoplasm out of its misery and pour encourager les autres… she looks at me like I am mad.

I tell her I have seen it all, all these best not fuck with me cos I am crazy and can’t control myself types, and you know what, they all can, and by far the best demonstration of this was something I saw outside a pub 30 years ago.

One of the early variants of these types was kicking off and even then the options were the same, do nothing and don’t get involved which doesn’t fan the flames but does not put them out either, but does allow you to walk away if you can, or get involved and fan the flames because your involvement is largely based on saying don’t or stop or no and sort of holding on to the person in question, which just fans all the flames, or why doesn’t somebody (not the questioner of course) do something.

So my mate did something, he walked off to the side, grabbed a nearly empty pint glass, tippped the beer out, popped the fuel line off his bike and opened the petcock and started draining gasoline into the pint glass.

Meanwhile the resident don’t fuck with me I’m fucking crazy is working up a head of steam and enjoying the attention and audience.

My mate has about 3/4 of a pint of petrol now, turns off the petcock and replaces the hose on the carb… casually walks up to Mr Motivator, who notices him coming and gives him even more don’t fuck with me shit, and calmly pours the petrol all over this freaks shoulders and chest… HANDS the cunt the glass saying “Here, take this”, then takes two steps back, pops out his trusty zippo, and a ready rolled smoke, and ssspop sparks up the zippo.

Between one heartbeat and the next, Mr Motivator don’t fuck with me I’m a crazy cunt and I’m outta control and nobody can control me flips the switch, he ain’t crazy no more, he is as sane as any human being dripping in petrol 6 feet away from  a naked flame and looking at someone who is just waiting for a reason to introduce the flame to the petrol… Mr Motivator is scared, and quiet, and pleading, and backing away, and muttering at my mate “jesus you’re fucking crazy man”

And everyone who had been fanning the flames, and half of those who had been backing off, turned around and started giving my mate shit… human nature eh.

“I got more petrol” was what he said to them, they backed off,  bar owner and staff have a confab and decide to send most junior member of staff out to ask us to kindly finish our drinks asap and fuck off asap as we were no longer welcome.

Of course it was 30 years ago, and we were at the wrong pub, there were other pubs where Mr Motivator would have been simply beaten to a pulp by several of the patrons, literally dumped unconcious in the trash, and left to his own devices, and nobody saw or heard or participated in anything, but if anyone enquired they might have had a theory or two as to what might have happened.

See, even then the rot was setting in, back in my dad’s day it would have been any / every pub where Mr Motivator got a smackdown, and it was no mere coinkydink that 30 years ago Mr Motivator did not pull his shit in a pub where he would have been given a good beating, I’m crazy but I can work out where to pull my shit and where not to.

If I walk out here now and see that shit I’ll stand well back, nothing but downsides to getting involved, you’ll be the one arrested and charged.

Which brings us back to the sexual harassment in the workpace dude, the current squeeze, well, pennies are dropping apace, and she doesn’t like what they reveal.

She *knows* that dickwad won’t do or say that shit to her face if I am there, not that I would beat on the asshole, I’d just visit his wife at home and tell him about his philandering ways and his imminent loss of employment so now would be a good time to divorce his ass and keep the house and all that shit… before he loses it all in compo in a lawsuit, which he would, we got the evidence in his own SMS records.

Like Mr Motivator back in the 80’s, dickwad knows where to pull this shit, and where not to… crazy like a fox, not crazy and out of control, not even one iota.

But her indoors sees the other pennies dropping everywhere, unless she is under the protection of and in the presence of her man / gang / abuser / whatever, she is meat on the hoof, far from equality and women’s rights and and safety and security, she is in far more danger now than at any time in the past, and this is all part of the plan.

Divide and conquer.

So now here in the Uk we have the big debate on BREXIT, or the UK leaving the EU, and guess what, BOTH side are *only* pressing the buttons marked FEAR, with the side that scares you the most being the side that wins, and whichever side that is, you’ll be a gibbering wreck with the lights off and curtains pulled cowering under your fucking bed, while all the Mr Motivators have a diversity parade outside your house screaming that they cannot fucking control themselves, so don’t fuck with me you assholes.

Too many in the blogosphere think that WE who point and shake our heads in dismay are the crystals in the super saturated solution, and live in hope that one day some trigger event will make us all come out of the woodwork en masse, unite and take our fucking societies back.


The current decay IS the crystals growing in the super saturated solution, and the growth will continue exponentially until the solution is merely saturated, and there it will stay, add more crystals and they go straight to add to the crystal main mass.

You have to break the beaker and throw away the crystallised mass, down the drain, or use it for another reaction, and then you still have a saturated solution left behind all over the workbench, and the only *natural* forces at play are evaporation, which will just turn that spilled saturated solution into crystals.

You can catch the evaporation and distil it.

Bottom line, when the baby is dissolved in solution, you do have to throw the baby out with the bath water, no matter whether your goal is to dispose of the baby or the bath water.

*WE* won’t be coming out of the woodwork en masse and uniting to rebuild society.

There is no we.

Every fucker for himself.


  1. Watched Deadpool the other day (SPOILERZ now, for you faggots watching that flic for the surprising story twists)
    and while the noble Russian rambled on about only a rare couple of times in life to make the right choices, Deadpool gives the evil villain bastard a bullet to think about.
    Quickly joined by his gal, the whore with a golden heart.

    Not really sure myself where I´m going with this, but somehow it seemed to fit in here. 🙂

    Comment by hans — May 13, 2016 @ 4:22 pm

  2. I believe that personal ethics based on empathy and emotional intelligence should be enough to make decent human beings. If they are available in sufficient numbers, they can create a good society, where women don’t have to either submit to a husband in the home as a rule in society or be “free” and prey to any takers. Just like in your articles about black Africans you describe mostly states not processes. I personally believe human societies are too complex to break down into simple cause and effect, because it is hard to find and weigh all factors that contribute to the current state of society, let alone figure out how they interact.

    Surely, I can point out a few features that make people behave this or that way, but under different circumstances they might behave differently, or in other words, dynamics might change altogether to bring the society into a new, better, or worse equilibrium. All this is just a gut feeling I have, and I may be biased by the state of my own country, Germany, where I see that a lot of people are still pretty “old-fashioned” with their family values, superficial chastity and loyalty to their partners. A lot of decent folks out and about. What I can’t see is whether it’s going south or north at this point, how the ratio of contributors vs. leeches, engineers vs. hoodlums, family women/men vs. narcissist short-term-gain serial monogamists are changing.

    You tend to compare how things were done in your youth with how they are done now, but I don’t always agree with the correlations/causations you infer, because of the reasons stated above. OTOH you never fail to bring an interesting perspective into my life, for which I am grateful.

    Comment by zi4you2 — May 16, 2016 @ 12:02 pm

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