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May 7, 2016

Miss Conception

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Shit you get on the swinging scene.

I’m a sexy woman / My wife is a sexy woman, I / she only wants to be adored and worshipped by a fit ripped clean smelling guy who can get it up three times in a night, why oh why oh why do we get so many time wasters?

Well, cunt isn’t a wad of 500 euro notes, cunt is more like a plate of food… allow me to explain.

If I have a wad of 500 euro notes in my pocket, and you offer me another wad, I just shove it in next to the first.

If I am sat down at a table eating a plate of food…. well, a BK double whopper is an attractive thing, if you are hungry, and not at home, and don’t want to cook, or don’t want to sit down for a proper meal, and don’t want fish and chips.

A double whopper when I already had toast and cornflakes this morning, and was planning on going to my favourite fish and chip shop tonight… well, persuade me…

That’s the thing, PERSUADE ME.

Don’t give me a fucking list of entry requirements and tell me how fucking lucky I am to be even considered for the opportunity to have a delishus dbl wopr… go fuck yourself.

The current squeeze, to put the food angle on it, isn’t a double whopper, or fish and chips, or beef bourginon, or a packet of crisps.

The current squeeze is a personal chef, maybe not michelin starred or anything high falutin, but a good competent all round cook, and I can have any meal I want, on demand, no limits.

Ok on the one hand this is partially why the current squeeze has remained around for so long, but the principle being discussed here is this, with my on demand any meal I want any time I want no limits personal chef, just what lengths do YOU have to go to to get me to pass up a home cooked meal in favour of your double whopper?

And this is a *much* more accurate portrayal of the whole sex game, and suddenly you are trying to convince a whole range of people to eat your double whopper…

Some won’t be interested at all, ever, they are vegan and veggies.

Some might in theory, but they own a restaurant, so in practice….

Some others might in theory but in practice prefer a chinky tonight.

Somewhere in all this there is a subset of those who might fancy your double whopper, but they have just eaten, or are too far away, or would like it tomorrow but not today.

Somewhere in that are people like me, hey, I have a personal chef, but by all means, bring it over, me and my chef can both have some… oh.. you want us to go to you?? when it suits you?? Sorry, no sale.

The truth is you could walk into BK, order two dozen double whoppers, walk outside BK and stand there with a sign saying “FREE BURGERS” and LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL WALK PAST.

And so you get people on swinging sites complaining that it feels like they can’t give it away… same shit with burgers dude.

And we have not even gone any where near the 800 lb chef in the room, YOU may think YOUR double whopper is the most delicious thing you ever tasted, I may look at it and think, hmm, if I was hungry enough, maybe, but I ain’t.

Some times, like last night, despite a fridge and freezer full of food, and beers on the side, what I really really wanted was bananas in a bowl of cornflakes for supper, and that is what I had.

On a similar note, looking at pictures of skanks on swinging sites is like looking at pictures of all the different burgers available at the burger bar.

You can look at the picture and think to yourself, mmmm, that looks quite tasty, I would not mind some of that.

But the decision to purchase depends on how long it will take to get the item in your hand, will it happen before the quite tasty thoughts wear off, and will the price asked seem worth it.

And then if you decide to go ahead, and I have LITERALLY done this on PoF and swinging meets, grap mobile phone, pull profile up, look from profile pics to actual real world item and back again.

Quite often the burger placed in your hand bears little if any resemblance to the enticing photo that lured you in.

Which is another way why sex can be like food, you can be NOT HUNGRY, and walk past a van frying some bacon up, and decide you know what, I really do want a bacon butty, RIGHT NOW.

But, to the infantile and entitlement pwincess minds of the wimminz and niggerz, this is all far too much like hard work.

This here fur-burger is so fucking awesome that at ANY price it is essentially free and only the fucking best and sexiest and nicest smelling hung like a horse and go all night like a jack hammer stud is even worthy of consideration, and even *those* fuckers better watch their manners.

I looked at one such profile today, a cuck couple in their late 40’s, and I will be the first to admit, for a late forties woman or fifties woman (because they all lie) her body was pretty damn good, IN PICTURES.

Just like the fucking burger bar.

But the entitlement, that kills any hope of me suspending disbelief long enough to look at the picture and think the MA graduates behind the counter have the ability to serve me something that even remotely resembles the pictures.

Lose the fucking attitude, offer to deliver it to me at my home next time I am hungry, we may be on to something.

Too rich for you?

Let me ask y’all a fucking question.

How the fuck do you think the current live in chef got the fucking ongoing temporary position??????

Another even better question is how do you think she has managed to RETAIN that position for some 400 days now and counting?

By hanving the same attitude, everything she has learned to date about my dietary tastes is used to improve her performance domani, and as we all know domani is an open ended always moving target.

It’s a journey, not a fucking destination.

Only worthless cunts and fuckbook addicts “check in” to places, real men pass through, like ships in the night, and the smart grazers just follow them wherever they go, like seagulls following a fishing boat.

If you want to know true horror, do what I just did, and type the title of this post into google, and yeah, some cunt made a wimminz film with that title…. vomit

The TRUTH is that swinging is more like not always cooking and eating at home, than it is like fucking teen pornstars that are so hot 100,000 other people on instagram hate you for it.

And the people that get it most wrong are the ones that do the sexual equivalent of opening a cup cake shop and expecting everyone to queue up for the priviledge of being a customer, so there is always always always a wimminz in there somewhere, possibly supported or encouraged by a niggerz, who thinks he is so fortunate to be allowed to fuck his wife that any other man that does not feel the same must be infected with the ghey or something…

…. or whatever dude.

Anyway, this post is in response to a couple of emails from people asking what happned to all the sex advice stuff, and I realised this was a point I had not made.

If you treat sex the same way you treat a plate of food, and getting someone else to want to eat your food, or them getting you to want to eat their food, you will make almost zero mistakes, waste almost zero time, and suffer almost zero anxiety.

You do NOT have to spend your life paying through the nose for subtandard food cooked and sold to you by others.

Only assholes pay 150 bucks for a burger draped in gold leaf, there is always a burger van a couple of miles away that will do you a fried egg sandwich and a mug off coffee for 2.50, and that is all you need to stay alive.

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