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May 3, 2016

It is important to remember

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That not everyone is out to fuck you over.

I’m speaking as a businessman now as well as a private individual, and it is important to remember this point.

In over a year of trading the latest business venture, I have not had a single actual customer or potential customer who was out to fuck me over.

All any of them wanted was a decent amount of bang for their buck, and most of the enquiries were about that very thing.

I can’t even claim to have been deluged with dreamers and time wasters, because several times now someone has come along for a quote and asked a bunch of questions and then gone silent, and then three months later they turn up again and pull the trigger on the job.

Obviously they needed some more links in the chain at the time of the first enquiry.

I’m sure this would be different if I was running a scam operation to maximise profit and minimise expenditure, I’m sure that if that was the case I’d have been loads of people, equally as mercenary and scheming as I would have been.

But, I said “people”, businesses may be legal persons, but they are not people, and I am currently battling a business.

In short they are a utility supplier, a utility supplier that has already been fined 23 million for fucking up customer billing, but they show no signs of learning from this, and they are chasing me, via lawyers, for 2+k that I do not owe.

Their methods are simple, keep going to courts, keep lying to the courts (“I swear for a fact this guy owes us 2k”) until the courts give them a warrant to enter my home and remove my old utility meters and replace them with new pre-pay ones that charge several times the actual cost of utilities used, in order to repay the debt they claim is owed.

I have to go to the court every time and say they are lying, say they are themselves being taken to court by me for harassment, and the beat goes on, but it is never resolved, and nobody involved in this systematic perjury, harassment, blackmail and ineptitude is ever called onto the carpet and given a severe bollocking.

It works this way because “Tom” at the power company hires “Fred” at the legal company, and “Fred” sends “Dick” to the actual court room to make these statements about what a complete shit I am for owing 2+k and never having paid a single bill in 3 years, and “Dick” says that to the best of his knowledge this is indeed the truth, because “Fred” told him so.

Dick “believes” he is telling the truth, so nobody touches him, especially not the court.

And that, very neatly, is how you circumvent the rules in a system.

Private individuals are not like that, businesses and corporations and the state often are, which is why when a private individual comes up against a business or corporation or state that wants to fuck them over, the private individual will lose 99.9% of the time.

There is a very important and fundamental principle of democracy and society at the heart of this;

The ability to stand up in a court and say “I believe this to be true” while having no actual evidence to back it up, just a claim made by someone else that X is the truth.

It is why we have a fucked up family court system and sexual offences court system, a complaint is all it takes, and everyone else just says they believe the complaint is the truth.

And we have devolved to the point where the single man is the least likely to be believed, and the wimminz and lawyers and corporations and large organisations like the po-po are the most likely to be believed.

One lion is not to be trusted, turn your back and he will eat you for lunch, but a pride of lions all made up from individual hungry lions is somehow to be trusted, because they have a lawyer to speak for them and he states that he believes it to be true that his clients have just had lunch, a nice zebra, and couldn’t possibly eat another mouthful…. he believes this to be true because the lions told him so.

Jesus loves me, this I know, because the bible, told me so….

I *do*, I really *do* understand the arguments for why things are thus, and they all boil down to a variation on the theme that it is very very very difficult to put everything to proof, it is very very very difficult to mark everything to market, it is very very very difficult to do X, and my response is so what.

Just because something is difficult does not mean you can just discard it, if you cannot handle the difficulty then you need to find another game, or another methodology, or another framework, you don’t just throw out processes that do not fit within your streamlined just in time five nines prince procedures.

If you have me a batallion of soldiers and told me to train them up, first thing I am going to do is take away all their weapons and give them a good single shot bolt action rifle, everyone in the batallion is going to be a sniper but not individuals, you move and work as a team, at 300 yard urban warfare you can decide that since it is a Tuesday and dry today all enemies will be shot in their left eye, not the right, the right eye was yesterday.

They will fucking slaughter the ten batallions of guys with fully automatic weapons and crew fed weapons calling for more ammo 60 seconds into the engagement, because that is always what happens when you pit a smaller cadre of highly trained and skilled people against a much larger group of poorly trained and skilled people, and it doesn’t matter much what equipment they have…. not on a level playing field.

Which brings us back to individuals vs conglomerates, single lions against a large pride of lions.

The individual is going to be more skilled and trained, or he is going to get dead or hungry or bust or fucker over, very very quickly.

As long as one of the lions in the pride makes a kill, everyone is going to get *something* to chew on, and the hunting is a lot easier because you have the numbers on your side, it pays to be in a gang.

Gang members are far more likely to fuck you over, after all, what are you gonna do about it, safety in numbers, you can’t fight one of the fucks, you have to take the whole gang on at once, and the gang can’t tolerate that sort of disrespect, so they have to pound on your ass, whether they enjoy it or not, in a big enough gang, the ones that do the pounding *will* be the ones that enjoy it.

Individuals are far less likely to fuck you over, they don’t need to invite the trouble.

The flip side is transgressions against a gang can be a survival strategy, if you can keep the annoyance factor below a trigger level you can make a living out of it and become a gang groupie.

Transgression against an individual, well he probably isn’t going to eat today because of it, so he won’t forget, won’t forgive, and will bide his time.

The individiual isn’t going to be schizo either, he is who he is, night and day, the gang member has two personalities though, so they are always shizo, they can attack you personally, and when you respond in kind they say you are attaching the whole gang, suddenly their individual actions get legitimised as being actions by and on behalf of the gang, and, after all, the actions must be legit or the gang would have dealt with them….

There is a nice example of this at the moment on the UK high streets, with the store chain BHS, the former staff are all well pissed off, how dare they, we gave our time and our loyalty to this company, meantime the chairman is sat on his yacht and the other guy that bought the company for £1 and then asset stripped it is sat in his villa drinking margaritas, how dare they…

… meanwhile us individuals just sit there and shrug, what the fuck did you expect, loyalty from the gang towards you as an individual, when the whole fucking point of the gang is to fuck over individuals and individuality.

You never shed a tear for me, so fuck you in your time of need.



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  1. “In a court of law we have a very familiar structure: two opposing players, and an impartial referee. This is a structure which almost everyone can recognize: it is a contest. If we look a little closer we will realize that the structure is a sham.

    Suppose that you were to go to play a football game only to discover:

    The other team gets to make up the rules.

    The referee plays for the other team.

    One of the rules is that you are not allowed to score – the other team is at no risk – only you can be scored upon.

    Guess who’s going to win most of those games? The best you could hope for is a 0 – 0 tie.

    That is what is actually going on in a court of law. The ‘fair and impartial judge’ is employed by the state, as is the prosecutor; they are both on the same team. The state sets all the rules. The state is at zero risk – the best you can hope for is a scoreless tie.

    Bottom line? You are going to lose. In fact you have lost before you ever get to court. Trials are not about whether the State of Texas gets to beat on Joe Blow, trials are about whether the State of Texas gets to CONTINUE beating on Joe Blow.”


    The website above has some good content in general. The writer may start articles with ideas I disagree with, but often this is done in order to disarm dissenting opinion until he gets to the heart of the issue. The article series contains a lot of information on topics which are normally considered verboten. Check it out if you’re so inclined. Thank you for continuing to write excellent content.


    Comment by freeman — May 5, 2016 @ 2:52 pm

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