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April 29, 2016

Water is wet, Elvis is dead…

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…. and other shocking news…

I’m not sure how else to describe those moments in your life when someone else asks you if you have heard the news, water is wet, elvis is dead, or as in this case, the Fed crashes the economy in the last month of an outgoing Prezzident’s final term…

Well yes, It’s been happening since Ronnie Ray Gun to my own personal knowledge and observation at least…

To be fair the vid they showed me laid it out quite nicely, presented it as a series of sucessive bubbles, and quoted some good numbers.

A US$ 550,000,000,000,000.00 bubble in this case, larger than the entire planet’s GDP for a year, much larger.

But there are two things about the vid that I disagree with.

1/ it calls these regular events “bubbles””

2/ it says this (bubble bursting event) one will be by far the biggest one the world has ever seen.

And in dealing with those two things in reverse order my responses are;

2/ “so far” / “until the next one”

1/ “bubble” makes it sound like some kids game, where a bunch of people get greedy, and take turns at the game pressing a pump that slightly inflates a toy balloon, and the loser is the one who gives it the pump stroke that bursts the balloon, kerplunk in reverse.

What it is in reality is a wealth transfer from the many to the very very few.

I suspect the *next* one, or maybe the one after that, is the one that ends the game for all the players, and turns the monster perpetual world series always on the winners table until that date into the biggest losers in human history, except few will notice, so much other shit will be going down.

I suspect *this* one is just to trigger the end of the so called petrodollar and the beginning of the end of the US$ as the world’s reserve currency.

You can turn McDonnel Douglas’s market cap from whatever the fuck it is into barely enough to buy a latte at starfucks, and it won’t affect one iota the amount of employees and machines and patents it holds, or it’s ability to turn out weapons of war.

It *will* make them much cheaper to buy on the open market though.

See, that is the other thing I observe in world history, things come in two forms, one is “where the fuck did that come from?” and the other one is the result of a plan by a group of people sitting around a table somewhere.

I have *never* see one of the latter that did not have a dry run, somewhere, somehow, sometime, first, so Greece is the dry run for Europe, Argentina is the dry run for the Americas, Iraq was the dry run for the Middle East, and so on.

And you know what comes after the dry run… version 1.1 with new and improved levels of bullshit and manipulation.

At heart I always have been and always will be an engineer, and an engineer sees things with spanners in his hands, and never before in my life have I seen so many things that are essential to modern life denied any kind of maintenance sufficient to prevent degrading, much less upgrades to prevent future obsolescence.

The single solitary thing that I can see that is getting constant upgrades and tweaking is the use of IT by the state to track and monitor people, to give them state handouts, to control their liberty, to manage the hordes and what they see and what they think.

Fuck the roads, fuck the power grid, fuck the water grid, fuck the phone system, fuck the mobile phone system, fuck the postal system, fuck the education system, fuck everything….

In the Daily Fail today is the news that Assad has bombed the shit out of a medicines without borders hospital in Syria, killing the last proctologist or something, oh, and some childruuun and wimminz.

Funny, because when it comes to bombing hospitals nobody has form like the USAF, TV stations too… and last I heard Assad was on the back foot and could barely get bullets to his troops, much less actually get a permit from those controlling syrian airspace to put up one of the ageing syrian jets.

But they did mention that the Jet shot down over Ukraine with all those passengers so long ago that everyone has forgotten anything about it except that that bastard putin did it, might have been shot down by a jet after all and not a missile..

… waits for countdown to it being a syrian jet, or a jihadi jet, or a north korean jet

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