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April 26, 2016


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Back in the day, when talking about the African continent and the role of white men versus the blacks (I’m avoiding the words natives and aboriginals as only a vanishingly small proportion of the black inhabitants of southern africa are “native”… most of the blacks there today are from north africa, and turned up with the white man…) you could talk about the paramount importance of the black man “respecting” the white man, and by respect yes I am talking about immediate and severe reprisals for failing to do so.

You’d instantly be able to categorise everyone in earshot into three categories;

  1. Those who had lived there and got it
  2. Those who had lived there and had bleeding hearts
  3. Those who had not lived there

Everything that group #1 forewarned has come to pass, groups #2 and #3 are still blaming group #1 and everything else is a consequence of that.

Like black men, white men are not all the same.

Group #1 was notable because THEY FUCKING LIVED AND WORKED THERE, by lived I mean had homes and raised families and children, and by worked I mean not in the fucking military, but in agriculture or industry or business.

Group #1 knew that the respect that the white man demanded, and needed to make anything work, never mind to make everything work, was as substantial as tissue paper in the rain, the slightest mis step could destroy it.

So companies that worked there that looked to employ a white man in England to send out there vetted the bastard, and his fucking wife, to make sure that quite apart from the specific job skills, you toed the fucking line.

A senior manager’s wife, when the whites went a-recreatin, a day out dinghy racing for example, could and did, as part of her role, ensure that the junior wives all wore white linen gloves, hats, and suitable attire at all times, and did nt over indulge in the demon drink while in public… fail to obey and the senior manager’s wife has a work with the senior manager, who has a word with the junior wife’s husband, and informs him that unless his wife starts toeing the line, sharpish,  she will be sent back to the UK, and he can follow her if he likes, be a shame to lose you old boy, another drink?

This was the reality.

This reality accepted certain tenets of human nature, without making any comment about whether those tenets were good or bad, or any value judgements about whether they were desirable or undesirable… it was much more basic, it was very very very basic, it was what did and did not work.

Meanwhile back home in the UK, things were much slacker, but it was really just a matter of degree, not a sea change…. teachers, doctors, telephonists, nurses, priests, policemen, bank managers, they were set apart from the crowd, held to higher standards than the general public, fail to meet them, be a shame to lose you old boy, another drink?

When you *failed* those standards it was not like failing a driving test, just keep going back and trying again and again until you passed, it was like failing the test as a future wife or husband for a specific individual, you were obviously unsuited by nature, so barring some major life changing experience, you remained unsuited by nature for life, sorry to lose you old boy, no hard feelings.

You did not get another shot.

You probably did not even get a first shot.

“Our man in Addis Abbaba”

Because more often than not, that is exactly what it was, you sent a lone white man out there, and he might or might not take his wife along, and have a family and raise kids there.

He did not have the ability to call for a fire mission, or evac, or an ammo drop, or a medic, or rations, or anything else…. he did not have comradeship and companionship and a crowd of barracks mates to watch his back, he didn’t even have any barracks, save for those he found for himself.

For every Cecil Rhodes or Rajah Brooke or El Laurence there were ten thousand men whose names we will never know now, with smaller fields of responsibility, they had one mine, or one port or one plantation or one region to oversee, but they were all cut from the same cloth.

It is one thing to walk the hallways of power in DC or London or Brussels and talk about what should be done in bum-fuck-nowhere, or to cut orders to sent people there to make it happen.

It is another thing entirely to be the one man who goes out there alone and makes it happen, with nothing but what he can conjure himself out of thin air.

RESPECT was the name of the game, you abso-fucking-lutely had to be able to earn it, wherever you went, but respect was as substantial as tissue paper in the rain, you could lose it all, forever, in the blink of an eye.

If you cannot lose it, and everything else, including your home and your family and your life and everything you have been working towards, then you do not have respect, you have power, and the two have little in common.

Brunei was a colonial backwater in Borneo with nothing much to offer the world but jungle and primitive tribes, then oil came along and by the seventies it was known as the Shellfare State because of the vast wealth that Shell oil was pumping into the economy, the Sultan soon became one of the richest men in the world, now we have to two brothers, obscenely wealthy and rapidly turning the place into a Sharia hell hole from which it will never recover when the oil runs out, or gets taken away by China (most of the oil is offhsore… way offshore)

Substitute Saudi or Iraq or anywhere else oil flows, and you have power, not respect, it is almost the other extreme from respect.

Same goes for back here in the UK or EU, we now have power structures, not respect structures, because power can always trump respect, even one time niche power areas like feminism and liberalism and conservatism and democratism.

Power is a cancer, it eats everything it touches, and once it spreads to the black man, the brown man, the muslim man, the white man in the streets, then the black woman, the brown woman, then the black child, the brown child, there is no way back.

Respect cannot survive, by definition it has no defence against power, because by definition respect was transitory and ethereal in nature, it existed only in men’s heads, and after twenty years might make some inroads into men’s hearts, but it dies with them and does not infect the next generation.

Respect would *categorise* human beings, but the categories would all be human beings, the black would be the boy, even if he was a man, and the white would be the father, even if he was the boy.

Power dehumanises all living creatures, it does not describe the creature, just the relationship between them, if I have power over this creature, I can do as I please with it, feed it, fuck it, beat it, starve it, kill it, eat it.. and it can be any human, any sex, any age, any race.

If I have a goal, say to fuck 7 year old girls, respect as a vehicle does not give me any way to achieve that goal, power on the other hand gives me loads of ways to achieve that goal.

Power is a cancer because the only way that that 7 year old girl can defend herself against me is if she has more power than me, and in many ways in modern western society she does, even 40 years later she can see me imprisoned for something that I never actually did.

The best defence against power is more power.

Moar guns, moar munnay, moar resources, moar oil, moar subsidies, moar taxes, moar lawyers, moar bought and paid for officials, moar debts owed to me, moar indentures servitude, moar propaganda, moar lies.

Here in the UK today the junior doctors are all on strike, the news is full of sound bites from Hunt, the health secretary, and the junior doctors, and patients, and everyone knows it is all about money, apparently the poor bastards are on “low pay”

Nobody is actually talking about what their pay is…. so how do we know it is low? Low compared to what?


You can see that even as a junior junior doctor in training, add in a couple of the supplements that everyone gets and it is hard to pull down less than UK£30k per annum, graduate and make the grade and get a few years in service and you can pull down in excess of 100k.

When the fuck did 30k = “low pay”

Sure, the worthless skank that I fucked a while ago who worked with poor abused skank ho single mommies making sure they got adequate housing and support was pulling down 35k+, so compared to her and what she did, junior doctors are underpaid…. COMPARED TO HER.

Compared to nurses, not so much.

And, might I remind you, none of these cunts had a gun at their head when they chose their careers, and none of these cunts have manacles fitted to their ankles and writs to prevent them fucking off to LA and getting paid a squillion bucks a year if they are good enough once the state and taxpayer here has kindly paid for all the training that actually made them fucking doctors in the first fucking place.

Sure, you greedy little cunts, here is an extra 25k a year, and here is the 500,000 bill for your training, 4% APR interest, you can start paying it off now, and you cannot leave the country or the profession until you have paid it back in full.


See, it is easy to manipulate thoughts.

Tom Dick and Harry go to the restaurant for a meal, their waiter is Jose and the bill comes to £30 so Tom Dick and Harry each put a £10 note on the plate.

Jose takes the plate and money to the till and realises that the meal the eat was on a special, it should only be £25, so Jose takes 5 x £1 coins from the till, there is no smaller change in the till, only £1 coins, gives himself 2 as a tip for his honesty, and gives 1 each back to Tom Dick and Harry.

Tom Dick and Harry have now paid £9 each, and 3 x 9 = 27, and £27 plus the £2 Jose kept for himself = £29, so where did the other £1 of the original £30 go?

Of course the truth is that the anomaly only exists because of the language used to phrase the question, there is no missing £1, the question deliberately conflated two separate memes into one.

£30 went into the till and £5 was taken out, so the meal was £25.

The till balances

The diners paid £9 each so 3 x 9 = £27, which is £25 plus the £2 tip Jose gave himself.

The diners monies balance.

The math is good, no problem.

So manipulating thoughts is easy.

So manipulating thoughts for respect or power is equally easy, and it is equally easy to beat anyone who is manipulating thought to gain respect, just accuse them of doing it to gain power, for ulterior motives, you are only doing that so you can fuck 7 year old girls…

And suddenly talking about respect and power is like talking about how the white man used to treat blacks in africa…

  1. People who lived in a world based on respect who get it
  2. People who lived in a world based on respect who preferred power
  3. People who have never lived in a world based on respect, only a world based on power.

And there is no way outta that.

Which leaves us with interesting philosophical questions, is it better for the black man in africa to be ruled by the white man and be a second class citizen but at least to be safe and fed and housed and peaceful, or is it better for the black man in africa to be free of white rule, and be ruled by black men and be a third or fourth class citizen who is unsafe, not housed, not fed, and not peaceful, but at least free from the yoke of white supremacy?

But interesting philosophical questions are the realm of the human being with respect for his fellow humans, those who are interested in power dismiss them, of course it is better for blacks to run africa, end of discussion.


When the power structures themselves get to their end of life and start crumbling the very structures that allowed them to come into being, what happens then?

Well, we all have a ring side seat to that one.

I’m off to lube up some 7 year old flesh. I don’t wanna be sloppy tenth after all…

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