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April 9, 2016

A question of consent

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Consent – http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/consent

It is an interesting concept, especially in the light of sexual consent, or the video that is doing the rounds on fuckbook of the “pastor” repeatedly slapping a woman hard around the face to drive out the devil, while she and those around there just sit there and take it.

The argument that is always used is of course that the consent that the wimminz gave to fuck you was not “freely” given, it was “coerced” and therefore it was not consent.

Invoking the word/meme substitution test I discussed earlier, we can soon see that that is a total crock of shit, I “consent” to obeying the 40 mph speed limit on a totally empty, clear, dry sunny road, because I am fucking coerced into compliance with the law by way of the fines, endorsements, suspensions and ultimately imprisonments that will be meted out to me, should I fail to comply.

There are some scenarios where an individual is all gung ho to partake in something, but the reality is they are few and far between, the bulk of life falls somewhere on a sliding scale of expenditure vs rewards, which means we do things that we would not freely choose to do, were such an idealist and imaginary option ever available to us, instead we do these things because we choose to, and we CHOOSE to put up with whatever shit we have to along the way, life is a shit sandwich.

So we come to the fuckbook video of the “pastor” beating seven bells out of shit out of the woman, who does not raise her hands to protect herself, who does not stop him, who does not leave, who does not fight back, and nobody around her intervenes.

That is a CHOICE, sure, it may be a fucked up choice, but it is a choice nonetheless, and as adult reasoning creatures we should see it and accept it as such.

The bitch could leave the “church”, leave the “religion” leave her “peer group” and if those things are “too big an ask” then tough shit.

To do or say or think otherwise is to infantilise *everyone*, little johnny at 5 years old should not be allowed to play with thermonuclear weapons, he clearly cannot be trusted with them, especially after nuking the neighbour’s cats.

Which is OK if little johnny is given all the benefits of childhood, he is fed and clothed and housed for free, he is given no responsibilities and no burdens to carry….

Except… that is not the case, the laws have been suborned to such an extent that not only are adults infantilised and not trusted to make their own decisions and then endure the consequences of them, they are also given a huge load of responsibilities and burdens to carry, quite often for things beyond their own control or spheres of influence, heads I win, tails you lose.

Back during the early days of my successions of secret family court hearings in which the psycho skank ho ex and all the parasites decided to paint me as Fritzl’s mentor, I had an early hearing at which I was asked if I minded two law students sitting in for experience.

“Not at all” was my response, after all I knew which way the wind was going, and it gave me an opportunity to do a little litmus test and sanity check of my own.

So I leaned over to them and said pay heed, English Law is or was the greatest thing we ever created, for it is all that stands between civilisation and anarchy.

The law students mouths opened in wonder and shock, the qualified lawyers faces registered shock and amazement at my naiveté…


My words were not some stupid childlike faith in the existence of santa claus and the tooth fairy, my words were a eulogy spoken over the rotting corpse, a failed legal system means there is no means of redress, and from there on in there is nothing to rein in the oppressors, and from then on it is only a matter of time as an exponentially greater number of people over time say fuck it, may as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb, and all exponential curves look flat when you are stood on the earliest meadows of their slopes…

The slope is starting to build, the entire content of the Daily Mail, a hugely popular “news” website in 2016 would have been absolutely unthinkable in the Daily Mail of 2000, you would of had to go somewhere like the National inquirer…. I shit you not… todays top stories…

The father, the son and the holy DNA test surprise: Archbishop of Canterbury learns he is the illegitimate son of Winston Churchill’s aide (as his mother says it is an ‘ALMOST unbelievable shock’)

Husband and wife BBC duo dubbed ‘Richard and Judy of radio’ are charged with child sex offences against four boys aged between 11 and 15 during 90s

‘Every time I had sex with my wife, I imagined it was my mother I was kissing otherwise I couldn’t perform’: In love British mother, 51, and son plan to have BABY after she broke up his marriage 

You couldn’t fucking make it up, but the last months headlines no longer shock and outrage, so this months must be more extreme, which makes last month’s outrages closer to normal and acceptable, as we spiral the plug hole in the sewer that we have created out of our societies.

It’s getting to the point where even if you don’t find 13 year old girls sexually attractive, if you don’t fuck one up the ass while wearing a tea towel on your head and shouting IMSHALLAH you will be seen as somehow being abnormal and get targeted for it.

Please make sure mine doesn’t have HIV, no pubes so no crabs, and a dose of the clap I could deal with, but I’ll pass on the AIDS for now ta.

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