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April 5, 2016

People smuggling

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Interesting article over at ZH


Interesting comment in there

In first-world countries, every woman thinks she’s God’s gift to mankind, even if she’s fat, over 30, and has three children by various fathers.

In third-world countries, you can buy a pretty 12-year-old virgin for $500 or less (sometimes much less) and use her any way you like.

Now that first-world women have voted to turn their own countries into third-world refugee camps, they’re about to discover something that won’t be good for their self-esteem.

and another one

When shit gets real, white knights who stick their noses in other people’s business will be among the first to die. The pimps won’t care who witnesses your death, because they’ll already have the cops on their payroll. Better stay alive and protect your own kids.

Second one was in response to the bleeding heart “I’d go over there and kick their sick asses” comments.

Her indoors has a fuckbook “friend” who is your typical fucked up skanky ho, we talked for a while jokingly about a threesome with her, but I’m done sticking my dick in crazy, anyway, this crazy bitch has just posted a fuck book update about her first year anniversary with her new man, love of her life, tons of kid pics everywhere, and talks about “their children”… well, they been together a year, and one of the kids is five, so it ain’t his kid so by definition not one of “theirs” and in any event as we all know when TSHTF neither of them will be his, he better get in line behind the rapefugees to sexually molest his own child, assuming that he was ever likely to do this, which is the last assumption you would come to, if you care about facts.

But it is an extremely good and accurate portrayal of modern society and its woes, especially if you follow this skanks’ timeline and realise that most of her other posts call the lie on the “first anniversary / madly in love / lived happily ever after” meme that she is trying to sell.

She’s fucking delusional, but no more delusional than those in power who demonstrate a similar ability to believe six mutually exclusive and impossible things before breakfast.

I’ve lived in Muslim countries, in Buddhist countries, and of course here in the west in Christian countries, the problem is not so much that the Muslims want to come here, but bring their own culture and subsume ours, their claim that our culture is toxic is valid, but you could put ANY of these cultures in sealed envelopes and on the outside write the claim that other cultures were toxic and it would still be valid.

The problem with these thought processes is that they are single bullets being fired from a gun, from one person at another, time starts just before the trigger is pulled, and time stops just after the trigger is pulled.

Open up the time line and you get “those who throw stones should live in a cairn” because that other person can fire that bullet back and it is just as valid, and in the gunsmoke and crossfire the REAL question is ignored.

What happened to the good / better culture that we used to have here?

Which leads to another question.

Who destroyed that culture that we had?

We did.

I met a guy years ago, he used to train army recruits, he retired in disgust. If you talked to him at length he would eventually open up, and he did to me, he asked me a very interesting question, what did I think the purpose of soldier training was?

Of course I ran through all the usual things, he just kept shaking his head, no no no no no and no again, you don’t get it.

The purpose, he said, was like metal refining, you hammered out all the individuality and difference and hammered in a sense of unity and one with the whole-ness zen thing, and the purpose of that was that there could be no internal divisions, and the purpose of that was that it made instinctual when the bullets were flying me / mine / ours vs not me / not mine / not ours.

You did not want someone on the front line who thought of himself as a father of a son and daughter, husband of a loving wife, who liked to go fishing in his spare time, looking down his sights at a man who thought of himself as a father of a daughter and a son, husband of a loving wife, who liked to go fishing in his spare time, especially if *his* fishing grounds here 50 miles away, and *yours* were 5000 miles away.

But they started to fuck with his intake, got all “inclusive” and gave him a mix of sufficient diversity that he could no longer do his job, so he quit.

You’ll get to a stage where all the homes for runaway kids are run by paedos, and not because the paedos gravitate to those professions, so much as an iterative filtering process where the first ones to quit the scene were those most suited, and so on and so forth until you get to the point where nobody but the paedos want the job, because they are the only ones for whom the job becomes worth it at that point.

I don’t got a problem with buying a young girl for 500 quid, or a 300 blackout and 500 rounds for 500 quid, or a grain alcohol still for 500 quid, I got a problem with being physically able to buy those things, but the actual purchasing of them making me a criminal.

It’s a world where it is legal for a woman to decide to sell sex, but illegal for a man to buy it from her.

Here in the UK it is illegal for me to have consensual sexual relations with a 16 year old if that 16 year old has any other connection to be that can be construed as a position of power, which is basically any connection at all, so I can’t fuck a wimminz and then fuck her daughter for example, but it is absolutely fine for the UK Armed forces to enlist that same “child” until they are 22, hand them a flak jacket and a gun, and tell them to fuck off to Aleppo and be cannon fodder.

Meanwhile 10 year olds are sexting each other.

So yes, western Christian culture is now all fucked up and worthless (not claiming it was ever anything special, just stating that it has gone downhill a long way from whatever peaks it once enjoyed) but you don’t do anything positive by importing equally fucked up and worthless Muslim cultures, knowing full well that the two do not mix, can not mix, will not mix.

There is no positive outcome.

I have long played a mental game with people who were adamant about a thing, and that game was the substitution game.

How it works is easy, if you can substitute certain words for certain equivalent words, and the whole meaning changes from your perspective, then the premise of the original statement is invalid.

Residents of the American city of Washington have been told to keep away from windows and avoid waving at President Erdogan when he visits later this month – incase they are shot by trigger-happy Turkish secret service agents.

And so you read the statement and pull the bones out of it and tally up what it makes you feel about whatever it says.

Then you substitute some words for equivalent words, and see if you feel exactly the same, and if you do not, then the original statement was not valid.

So by some substitution we get;

Residents of the German city of Hanover have been told to keep away from windows and avoid waving at President Obama when he visits later this month – incase they are shot by trigger-happy American secret service agents.

Except the second statement is the truthful one copied and pasted directly from today’s european press.

Women should be legally allowed to cause the death of their unborn child provided that fetus is less than 26 weeks old.

Men should be legally allowd to cause the death of their unborn child provided that fetus is less than 26 weeks old.

Sexually modifying surgery on the genitals of baby boys is called circumcision.

Sexually modifying surgery on the genitals of baby girls is called female genital mutilation.

So anyway we face a situation in Hanover where, potentially, a native aryan citizen literally cannot have friends visit unless he clears it with the Stasi a week before, becaue a schwartze is visiting town, and god forbid you or your white aryan children  go to your own fucking window to see what all the fuss is about down on the streets below or the schwartzes minion will gun you down…. but owning your own gun to protect yourself and your property from the muslim hordes will also be illegal.

But old Adolf and Heinrich and Joseph, they were the evil bad guys, right?

Word substitution, they did the same shit.

Nor can you argue by degree, you can’t say killing 1 is OK, but killing 1,000 is BAAAD, a thing is either good or evil in and of itself, and the degree does not matter except when it comes to sentencing.

If I do an armed mugging in the street and steal 10 bucks from you, then do the same and get 10,000 bucks from the next victim, the sentence should not vary much, because 99% of the sentencing is about the pointing a gun at you and threatening your life and stealing from you, and 1% is about the amount of cash.

If I launder 10,000 bucks or 10 million bucks through a bunch of panamanian nazi lawyers, the sentencing should reflect the deception and corruption, not the actual sums of money involved.

If I attempt to destabilise your government through a covert operation involving a few hundred CIA operatives, or if I send over 250,000 men and materiel and bomb the living shit out of everything, the sentencing should be for treason for meddling in a sovereign foreign state, not for how many bombs I actually dropped on civilian television stations.

Life is chock full of examples of people acting in haste, and repenting at leisure, becuase in the moment of haste well why fucking not, it’s a perfectly good idea and it’s no different to what that cunt did to me, and he got away with it, so sauce for the goose and all that.

Too many people in too many cosy rooms are trifling with that, on the assumption that the sanctity and peace of those cosy rooms is too far removed from the consequences of whatever they do to ever come back and bite them on the ass.

Many years ago I saw a guy take a knife to the stomach, one hit, and he lay there bleeding out on the ground, dying, and his face was a picture of confusion, why, why, why, sure, I was fucking with the other guy, but *he* deserved *that* because *he* was an asshole, but *I* did not deserve this, I’m dying, I can feel it, oh god someone help me.

What he didn’t figure on was the other guy, he was at the end of his rope, and the guy who decided to fuck with him did just enough to push him over the edge.

I see it on the roads every day now, people’s fuses are getting shorter and shorter, how dare you fucking filter on a motorcycle while I have to sit here in traffic, how dare you not let me out of a junction even though you have right of way, how dare you not give way to me when I am overtaking an obstruction on my side of the road and you have right of way, how dare you start braking for an amber light knowing it is going to change to red, how dare you take *my* parking space on the street.



  1. Can confirm on the fuse.
    Mine was never a long one, but these days it´s a gamble to watch even the news. Usually start screaming like a madman at the news-whore in under 30 secs.
    Even worse I cannot go out anymore with the MP3 player jammed in my ears to tune out the niggerz and wimminz.

    Fucken have to be aware of your surroundings with all these Orks abound!

    Fuck interesting times.

    Comment by hans — April 5, 2016 @ 1:18 pm

    • That GIF!

      Great read as always

      Comment by Tim — April 10, 2016 @ 8:33 pm

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