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March 27, 2016


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Bear with me on this…

Things that are fucked up in Fallout 4

  1. A laser weapon should have zero recoil.
  2. A laser weapon the time to target should be range / speed of light.
  3. A ballistic weapon the time to target should be range / speed of the projectile
  4. A ballistic weapon damage should be projectile weight x projectile speed
  5. Difficulty settings should be linear and sensible.

By far the most effective weapon is the 5.56 mm assault rifle, make it full auto, all the mods, add a silencer, tap the trigger and three hits with the puny 22 caliber round do more damage than the same shot at the same range with a 50 cal sniper.

The fully modded railway rifle is the only “proper” weapon, (broadsider excepted) that shows any bullet drop, which is fair enough, it is after all firing a railway spike, but a 50 cal does 128 damage and a railway spike should therefore, based on mass alone, do 1200 damage, it does not, it does barely more than the 50 cal.

Laser weapons should not have any recoil, ever, ever, ever.

A ballistic head shot should be a ballistic head shot, super mutants should not take 5 head shots with a 5.56 to put down on survival mode.

There should be more of the cunts (enemies) and they should be more aware and more skilled with weapons and maybe have a greater percentage of better weapons and maybe better sensor technology, that is what max difficulty SHOULD be, not just decreasing the damage a given bullet does to a given enemy.

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s all about the fucking game play, well I’m sorry, but these are simple simple simple little coding issues that should have been got right on day one.

Automatron *kinda* gets it right, you get swarmed with well armed bots, but it also gets is wrong, what, these bots don’t communicate with each other via wifi and share intelligence?

Everyone in the game, bots included, talk about “I’ll send the map co-ordinates to your pip boy” and indeed there are several radio stations in the game, and yet there is no mention or use a smart connected devices.

Codsworth and all the Mr Handy’s, they break reality the instant you see them, they balance on a jet exhaust, at the BOTTOM of the bot in the most unstable position possible, yet this vast energy expenditure does no damage to anything nearby, stand next to the robotic twat and you don’t get cooked, nor is there any explanation of the fuel source, maybe it is one of the fabled fusion cells that seem to run generators for hundreds of years, put one in a mobile suit of armour however and it only appears to last for a day or two.

Bethdesa went to a *LOT* of work to get all the hard things right, but it’s like Star Wars space craft performing aerobatic maneouvers in a vacuum, at the last minute someone decided that imposing even a teensy tiny bit of physical reality was too much trouble, until such point as they need to invoke something limiting in gameplay, at which point physical reality is magically introduced to that thing and that thing only.

Does not fucking compute.

I built a kick ass sentry robot for Jamaica Plains and sat back and watched it, within 5 minutes it was swarmed by 6 ferals, and they kicked it’s ass and only 2 of them died, when the sentry bot died, the only things I could salvage from it were the items I had traded with it 5 minutes before, kill any other bot and there are bits to salvage.

Does not fucking compute.

This shit isn’t new, back in the day with James T Kirk when the Enterprise was stuck because the dilithium crystals were “drained” Spock suggests pointing the phasers at the crystals and firing at them to recharge them, it might just fucking work, says Scotty, well it worked last week mother fuckker, and the week before, so maybe you should retrofit the fucking starship to run off phaser batteries and not fucking dilithium crystals.

I keep coming back so Sagan saying what do you think will happen in a world utterly dependent upon science and technology where nobody has a fucking clue about science and technology.

Maybe Bethseda game developers are also running the economy, international relations, the war / not war in Syria, ISIS, Cisco, you name it?

It sure fucking would explain a lot.

Sure I blew four guys in the alley behind the nightclub last night, but I didn’t *fuck* any of them, so it ain’t cheating.

We didn’t actually have *sex* y’know….

It seems that absolutely nothing is “what it says on the tin” anyone, in fact, it has gotten to the point that the most informative thing you can pull from whatever a thing is supposed to be is that that is one thing you can at least guarantee it is not.

Patriot Act passim..

Now even the nips and belgians are talking about the possibility of nuclear war, maybe they are all playing Fallout 4 too.

Maybe they are all thinking it ain’t that bad, just tidle down the console and type “tgm” (toggle god mode) and all is well, sucks if you’re playing on a PS4 of course, but then that’s for the proles…

Altruism only works in small communities, for definitions of community that may vary widely from what you expect, with my other small business owner hat on my customer base is a small community to me, and altruism works well there.

Altruism does not work in larger communities, in my previous role as cog in the IT channel partner company altruism = exploitation and you never get shit back except more opportunities to take it up the ass from the man.

Again the definition of community here is malleable.

I can sit here in the multicultural UK and see quite clearly and quite easily how we could have a backlash and make the muslims here feel like the jews did under Adolf, shut the fuck up and get in the showers bitchez.

It’s a thing in the 21st century, the richest pickings no longer centre around manufacturing or resources of innovations, the mother lode is now the masses of humanity themselves, harvest at will, exploit at will, just define them as “other” first and you’ll have no trouble at all.

It’s easy to know the states, banana republics, united fruit, guatemala, overturning a democratically elected guatemalan government because it went againt the business interests of a foreign national company, but we have all done it, look at the suez canal, something which incidentally has been around in one form or another for 3,000 years, but the modern deLesseps one, the UK had the world’s largest fleet and stood to gain the most from it, but it was a French idea so we were agin it, but we were happy to lend the money to the turkish boss man in Egypt, and then bankroll / bankrupt his son, and by the time the Egyptians have their own arab spring and elected Nasser back in the day the one country that did not even own one share in the suez canal running through Egypt was Egypt herself, so Nasser decides they need the Aswan high dam to feed the people, and again we refuse to lend him the money, next thing you know Nasser closes the suez, isralis french and british troops drop in, 6 days later a whole bunch of jordan and egypt ends up being israel, and 6 years later the original 99 year lease on the canal expires, so egypt owns it, and the aswan high dam, that was built with russian money.

Every week is fuck your neighbour over week, ain’t nothing new about it now, don’t matter what Trump really is or really stands for, because the grassy knoll and Dallas 1 p.m. and ballistic lead meets prezzident’s brain, don’t matter who da prezzident is.

Between the Mechanist and the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute and the Gunners and so on, Fallout 4 is a fucked up world 200 years after the atomic war, and there are only five children in the whole game, one is a zombie boy in a fridge and one is a smart ass girl pimping pamphlets in a former baseball stadium, I’ll leave you to work out the others, so the population as a whole is fucked, ain’t nobody gonna be building nothing.

I was raised with tales of corrupt foreign climes where people were dragged up before the courts of charges they had no possible hope of defending against, pour encourager les autres.

Just last week some 80 year old guy locally was convicted of putting his hand down a girl’s pants during a game of hide and seek back in 1982.

I’ve played through Fallout 4 a few times now, every fucking time, without fail, I have killed my kidnapped son, fucking little turncoat shit.. the babe at Tenpines Bluff has a nice pair of tits… Fuck Yeah…


  1. Every book’s going to have plot holes, every work of science fiction is going to have a couple of errors; but in the original Fallouts the Science! was very limited in scope, restricted to the effects of FEV and radiation, and they even included some intelligent dialogue on how drugs work; these modern Bethesda games have thrown out all logic and reason, using Science! as an excuse to build a single player MMORPG; the old Dungeons and Dragons tried to create a balanced set of rules inspired by mythology and ripe for character development, WoW just creates an interactive set of rules with a veneer of fantasy overlaid.

    The old school games were chock-full of catharsis, of reflecting upon what reality is, what people are, and how we can improve our own lives. These new games are little more than glorified skinner boxes.

    Have you noticed how they’re dropping dialogue in blockbuster films? The plot is cookie cutter – get the MacGuffin! Save the girl! Oh wait, she’s a kick ass girl! – so they don’t even bother explaining it since you’ve seen it 1000 times before. Games are the same way.

    Also, pet peeve: there were new, clean structures in the very first Fallout game, 100 years later and everything is a rusted shack. Gay.

    Comment by Aurini — March 27, 2016 @ 3:59 pm

  2. fnv was a much more convincing world, with actual towns.

    but the ballistics were worse than in 4.

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — March 29, 2016 @ 6:02 am

  3. You’ve got the 1956 and 1967 wars mixed up. Israel didn’t take the Sinai/Judah and Samaria/the Golan until 1967.

    Re: Fallout, what do you expect? The last good one was Fallout 2. Be grateful they didn’t make you gay marry a Super Mutant tranny to get the Pip Boy.

    Comment by B — March 29, 2016 @ 6:57 pm

    • Yes, shades of mad max and mass effect… and thanks for catching the error… 99.9% of the time I type this shit from memory so names and dates and places can often get mixed up somewhat, I always want to call the Korean war (before the yanks went in to nam) the Boer war for some reason too…

      Comment by wimminz — March 29, 2016 @ 7:06 pm

      • Lenin said “of all the arts, cinematography is the most important to us,” presumably because it’s the best medium for propagandizing shitfingered peasants.

        Well, move over, cinematography. Video games are a lot better for propaganda.

        And that’s before VR. Ever try Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear? Pretty soon PS3D will be everywhere. How about that?

        Comment by B — March 30, 2016 @ 4:33 am

        • Yeah, this worries me the most about the “new” VR craze.
          I´m pretty sure the monkey brains of most people are too mushy to be an adequate defense for the imprinting in these future VR games.

          Most already have an almost impossible time breaking the retard TeeVee programming.
          And that thing “only” puts the brain in a receptive alpha-wave state, while some news-whore keeps telling you ridiculous lies.
          The fucking VR basically takes over.

          Oldie but goodie,
          but actually observe instead of just laughing about the crazy Russian..

          (fun starts at 1:25)

          Comment by hans — March 30, 2016 @ 11:29 am

          • or was it beta-wave?
            Meh, 2 lazy4googling .. some boy-ass-fucking-greek-alphabet state..

            Comment by hans — March 30, 2016 @ 11:36 am

        • Television and cinema are dreams; they can dig deep down into the subconscious.

          Comment by Aurini — April 1, 2016 @ 5:21 pm

  4. on the subject of laser weapons having recoil, this is due to all weapons having fairly generic stats by default, as part of the engine. every base weapon starts off as “weapon” and from there projectiles and mods are added on.

    personally, I don’t demand that video game creators know how a real laser weapon would actually work, especially in a world where everything looks art deco. the game just has to be fun and flashy, and that’s what the fallout series has always been. I will take a dozen mediocre fallout clones over any call of duty entry.

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — March 30, 2016 @ 5:49 am

    • Actually aren´t there weapons in the game that react differently than normal guns?
      I don´t have the game, but dimly remember someone complaining about it in a uTub vid.

      So that defeats the generic gun mechanic argument. The devs were able to code something else and simply didn´t with the laser.
      My money is on the idiots actually not understanding physics.
      But I´m just a bastard like that. 😉

      Comment by hans — March 30, 2016 @ 6:54 pm

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