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March 12, 2016

Never forget the independent actors

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It’s a thing I frequently try to get across to her indoors, she is currently embroiled in a legal spat with her employers, bottom line is she suffered an injury at work.

She, like many people, has difficulty with the concept that her employers, Acme Corp, are staffed by Acme Corp employees, in the roles of managers and supervisors and so on.

While it may be true that Acme Corp has a vested interest in covering up what it can and not being found liable for her injury and not paying anything out or making any concessions, they are not so stupid as to *openly* break the law of the land in ways that cannot be defended against.

Enter the independent actors in the form of management of the depot, they may well be employees of Acme Corp, but they also have their own personal agendas, being that if they personally fucked up, they personally will attempt to paper over cracks, cover up, and do things that are openly against the law of the land such as deleting or falsifying evidence, in an attempt to cover their own asses and ongoing salary cheques.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight most of these independent actors will regret their actions, but at the time, they are just independent actors working within the corporate framework, and tons of shit gets lost behind the filing cabinet every day, and nobody notices or cares, so the temptation to do the same for her indoors is strong… what accident book? there isn’t one, we just write notes of pieces of paper and forward them to someone else higher up the food chain.. what tachos? oh I guess yours (and nobody else’s) got lost, etc etc.

It’s why my erstwhile line manager told me that my contract said I am liable for the mobile phone that the company shipped me just before xmas, that I never got, that I never even knew they had shipped until february.

My contract *actually* states that I am liable for loss or damage to any phones or other company equipment in my possession, so I told them if they deduct I will see the cunts in court.

It’s why Npower continue to hassle me for monies that I do not owe.

It’s why three years ago when I started at my erstwhile employer only one job every two weeks was failed to be remedied on the first visit, and at the end it was one job every two weeks being completed on the first visit.

All employees are also independent actors, and they act in their own very short term / immediate *perceived* self interest.

The job of management *used* to be to ensure that that did not happen, from 9 to 5 you were not a fucking independent actor buddy, you toe the fucking company line, and that make the COMPANY toe the fucking company line too, so they company never fucked you over either.

The place I worked was basically (as far as my own employment was concerned) split into two factions, one was Project Management, PMO, which dealt with scheduled works, and one was Service Desk, SD, which dealt with unscheduled stuff like call outs and breakdown and repairs.

Due to SLA’s and shit, SD had top dibs, unless I was actually on site on a PMO job, SD could ring me and tell me to forget the PMO job and go to the SD job.

1 week in 5 I was “on call” which meant 24/7 for that period, and because it was on call, PMO were not supposed to put anything in my diary at all, due to working time directives, if I have just done 8 hours for PMO and SD call me and tell me to go to a site 2.5 hours drive away I’d be over my hours and within my rights to tell them to fuck off, which I did, regularly, because PMO kept booking jobs out for me during my on call week.

I was reminded of this recently, Steve Jobs did the same thing at apple while Woz was away recuperating from his plane crash, he turned apple into Mac vs AppleII, and it really was vs, and when Woz got back he promptly walked out, never to return.

Jobs got kicked out and then came back and did the exact same thing, this time it was Mac vs iPhone, and then the miserable cunt died.

Sadly due to the vagaries of the various financial casinos the capitalisation of AAPL exceeds the GDP of many large countries, so what Jobs did was seen as successful, so schizo companies with internal departments permanently at war with each other became the norm.

Me, I never got it, SD and PMO hating each other, y’all work for the same bunch of cunts and y’all get the same name on the payee in the pay cheque, and the rot goes all the way up to manglement, with each one trying to make his or her own dept reign supreme… if fucking primary school playground childish.

We got it in the UK now at the national level, talking again about brexit, meaning the UK leaving the EU… for definitions of leaving that involve various legalese bullshit scribbles on paper.

And throughout it all we have a bunch of independent actors, and because we do not have a central command government like the chinese, who just say fuck it, we are going to build the three gorges hydro dam and you million peasants can move or drown, and we get to generate enough renewable electricity for greater london in one go, so you can independent act all you want buddy, so long as you always keep your toes behind this line and sing the company tune.

Independent actors have always been the bane of my fucking life, and I hate the cunts more than anything else for one simple reason, when they push you, if you push back hard, as you should, the slimy little cunts always slide back behind the shield of whatever corporate group they inhabit, suddenly you are no longer just telling some worthless asshole to take a fucking hike, the cunt suddenly becomes a police officer again, even though he was not one 30 second ago when he told you something that was not in fact legal… or the cunt suddenly becomes a lawyer again, or a bailiff again, or a council employee again, or a head teacher again, or whatever…

And that is the *real* fucking problem with independent actors, they aren’t actually independent actors full time, the cunts *never* have the balls to stand on their own 2 feet 24/7 and stand by their own words and deeds 24/365…

It’s like the small bike spares business and the small bike MOT business I mentioned a couple of days ago, they have to stand by what they say and do, no way out of it, no corporate skirts to hide behind.

Every fucking time, without exception, that I get a fucking problem in life it is because of an independent actor that wants to have their fucking cake and eat it, and when they choose to be they can be the big independent powerful do as I fucking say honcho, and when you push back the cunts hide behind the corporate skirts and re-write everything as me having a problem with authority.

I don’t. Put me in a tree sitting 30 feet above a bunch of hungry lions and I do not have any problem with authority at all, it is what it is, I may as well sit here for 36 hours until they get bored and go somewhere else to eat.

I have a problem with weak spineless little cunts who hide behind corporate skirts and resort to bullying tactics because the corporation is bigger than any individual and so the individual will always lose, and look at me, I’m on the inside so you better do what I say or things will go bad for you.

Go fuck yourself.

It doesn’t matter a damn whether we stay in the EU or get out, whether we let in rapefugees or don’t, whether the bankers do QE99 or don’t, whether we vote for Trump or Fritzl, it’s human nauture and culture at large that is dooming us, because that is what nature is in general and human nature is in particular.

People will take the easy path every time, it doesn’t matter if the whole herd marches off a cliff to its own doom, people will continue to take that easy path until it no longer becomes the easy path.

And *that* is what should fucking worry you, because by definition we are talking about and end to the land of milk and honey, where easy is no longer a viable survival strategy, where 95% of the population have to learn or adapt to something they have literally never known before, and between here and there there will be many many many easy paths to a quick end, but hell, they are the easy paths so they are preferable to all the other paths.

It all boils down to human nature, and I am a prime example, there are any number of things that I take the easy path in, by nature I am a fucking lazy cunt… I can achieve a lot, if motivated, but the motivation is what is often lacking.

I may have some personal discipline in some areas, but in others, not so much, so it is all very well to big myself up as not being one of the so called independent actors who hides behind the corporate skirts as soon as someone pushes back, but there are shades in there of saying that guy who mudered and ate 27 people last year was really good to his mum and a kind and considerate son, both things can be true simultaneously…

Just because I myself have no taste for the life of the independent actor hiding behind the corporate skirts, it does not mean that they and I both take the easy path, and the rest is just down to individuality.

Take away individuality and what you have left is social pressure, not freedom of choice, you have a new easy path that is very different to the easy path of old, very different indeed.

It’s easy to hate the Mac guys because you’re an AppleII guy, it’s easy to hate the AppleII guys because you’re a Mac guy, it’s easy to hate the infidels because you are one of the prophet’s chosen, it’s easy to hate the non aryans because you’re aryan, and now we have come down to the lowest common denominator where independent actors hide behind corporate skirts because I have hurt their pwecious feewings, the little darlings…

There is not a lot left, there is not much further that the absurdiam can be reduced, there are not many more splitters that can leave the Popular People’s Front of Judea before you have more divisions than you do individuals.

You get mass psychosis and mass schizophrenia, and that’s basically what we have now, mummies and daddies are fucking in the same houses and sometime in the same room as chiiillldruuuun, what am I supposed to feel, where do I draw the line, how offended am I supposed to be, and at what, precisely?

It’s a mass gaslighting, a mass walking on egshells, no matter what you do or say or think or feel, you are in the wrong somewhere and you have offended someone and you are in the shit with someone…

For my fucking sins, I trawled fuckbook yesterday, her indoors has an account which it must be said has zero personal photos and an average of 3 posts a year, and is mainly used to keep in touch with old friends in far flung areas of the globe…

… but some of her freinds, my god, it’s fucking awful, and so in whatever state I was in, put it down to quitting smoking again, I did that terrible thing, I did some online stalking, I typed in the name of my own personal psycho skank ho ex…

… I really do not know what I was expecting to see, but I know what I did see, and it quite probably says more about me than about her, in that my reactions to what I did see were very telling.

No pictures of the kids, gladness in my heart that the boys aren’t on fuckbook facial recognition before they are old enough to drink, gladness that there aren’t any photos of them to cause me pain, photos of the latest dogs, same as the old ones, and of course inspirational photos all about the usual shit psycho wimminz post inspirational photos about, photos of her “new” man, I dunno how many there were in between, or if she is still fucking around or not, or anything else, but there are a couple of photos of him, and a couple of her, and she looks as crazy as ever, and then a status post… her new man has an agressive smokers cancer.

I’ll be honest with you, I laughed out loud at that, dying of cancer is one way out of involvement with her, poor cunt, though all things considered I preferred mine… I would like to think that being involved with a guy who is dying of lung cancer will bring her unhappiness, but her being her it will just increase her poor widdwe old me perpetual victim shit, so natch on that one.

Still, it gives me one more reason to stay off the smokes, quite apart from the money saved, so fuck it.

Yes, I am a cruel cold heartless nasty bastard, so sue me.

You want to know the *really* interesting thing about that fuckbook search?

You can work out the dates we split and all from this very blog, it’s six years now going on seven, and when the idea came to me to fuckbook search the old skank, I had to sit here for three or four minutes, and I shit you not, this is 100% gospel truth, I had to sit here doing nothing with no distractions, fuckbook page open, cursor in the find friends box, wireless keyboard on my lap, coffee by my side, and think for three or four minutes, what is her first fucking name again????

That, my friends, is a totally unexpected victory by any standards.

Psycho skank ho ex and mother of my absent sons, separated less than seven years ago and I couldn’t even remember the worthless skank’s name.

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