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February 27, 2016

Culture and Class

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My local news outlets do pretty much nothing but act as mouthpieces for the incumbents of the day, Cameron, Obama, etc all the way through bankers and financiers and health chiefs and so on.

It doesn’t matter what it is, there will be a clip of Obama talking about it, but there is never never ever ever ever ever ever a clip of someone from the opposing camp talking about it….  run a clip of Putin, fuck that komrade, he’s the boogeyman du jour…

I myself learned this personally in the late seventies, then it was all about the motorcycle helmet laws, and I wrote a letter to the a large daily that was basically comprised of a list of facts, for example helmets were then made of glassfibre, and tests showed that it slid for 6 thousandths of a second on tarmac, before gripping, which has the effect of rapidly rotating the helmet and skull, but not the brain within, whereas skin would just smear off on tarmac, damaging the face/head but protecting the brain, wanna be a live and well and functioning ugly scarred bastard, or a pretty zombie or corpse?

By the time they had done editing my letter, it sounded like I was 100% pro helmet law, when in fact I was 100% pro personal choice, would sometimes wear one, and sometimes not wear one.

That was the day I personally learned that everything you read in the MSM is probably a lie.

On a related note, I’ve just had one of *those* conversations with a wimminz, who has been bathing her daughters, who are still single digit ages but only just, so these Charles Asnavour tank eaven for leedle girls have been playing with themselves, and maybe have thrush as a result.

It’s a thing that every mother of daughters apparently discovers afresh and anew to themselves, some start playing with themselves at 9, some at 10, but all by 11, and this is something they (the little girls) have discovered for themselves, it feels good so they keep doing it and do it more and more.

Now according to the dialogue, this is not possible, because they are children and children cannot be sexual beings unless some creepy older male predator has sexualised them and abused them and raped them, because there girls are 100% pre-pubescent, there are no developing sex hormones coursing through their systems as hips and breasts and ovaries develop, so according to the dialogue, it simple is not possible for them to touch themselves in a sexual manner and enjoy it, all by themselves.

Dialogue is programming, and programming is culture, and modern western culture hold these things to be true, in the 1800’s in literally the same town, these little girls could be married at 12, and it is only culture that has changed, not biology.

Raghead muslim rapefugee orcish culture is just another culture, same as 1800’s England was, same as 1900’s England was, and one thing all cultures have in common is the view that MY culture is civilised and THAT culture are all fucking savages who ought to be exterminated.

I have come to realise that the programming of these cultures is not in fact an outside source at work, it’s not the illuminati or leaders, they are no more than pathetic weak windbags who see which way the wind is blowing and them climb on a bandwagon, no, the programming comes from the culture itself, as a form of ongoing internal dialogue, it is literally the herd at work, and we all to easily forget that humans are herd animals… with *everything* that entails.

It does not matter what my own personal beliefs are about anything that constitutes herd groupthink, or culture, so it doesn’t matter what I secretly think about sexualised 9 year old girls, all that matters is the herd culture du jour and du locale, and for me that culture says it doesn’t exist and if it does some predatory male rapist is behind it, so that culture mandates that I am automatically guilty, which in turn mandates that I am always able to prove, 24/365, and I mean PROVE, not claim, that I have never ever ever been alone with any of these self sexualised mini skank ho’s, because I will get the blame.

In the same way that the MSM never airs the views of they boogeyman du jour, you’ll never see the BBC or Daily Fail or Bilt run a piece about the autosexualisation of pre pubescent minors simply because all those “toys” are literally at arms length and they do it because it feels good.

If you *really* want to fuck with these people’s heads, ask one of these mommies, when they discover that their own 9 year old pre pubescent mini skank ho is pleasuring herself, why they think it is that our culture makes this one of the very very very few things that it is abso-fucking-lutely VERBOTEN to teach them to do better….

I defy you to think of anything else that fits this category, literally everything else our children do and discover for themselves, we are classed as being a “good” parent or aunt or uncle or brother or neighbour or teacher, if we teach them all about it and how to do it better.

Teach them how to play with themselves, clitoral vs vaginal pleasures, erectile tissue, circumcision (good) vs female circumcision (bad, relabelled female genital mutilation) and so on, nah, you’re a fucking sick paedo predator.

Said 9 year old, by the way, just for perspective, and this is factual, gets lessons in school about the 27 different “genders” and which one they might identify with, they get lessons on sexual reproduction an diseases and contraception, and are shown how to apply a condom to a banana, and of course many of these lessons are “sponsored” by commercial companies making products like lil-lets and tampax tampons and sanitary towels, and of course the little shits all have ipads and smartphones and are one click away from porntube, which they all know about…

And so we have a different culture within a culture, the muslims in Rotherham grooming and gang raping the little skanks from the age of 11 on up, hey it’s all the rage in the new now but I can remember girls from most of these midlands cities in the early 1980’s, which is 30+ yaers ago now, telling me all about the paki guys grooming and gangbanging the white girls in exchange for presents and money and shit, because to these muslim guys these little white skank ho’s are nothing more than trash to be used and discarded, that is their culture.

Frankly our new western culture is no better, that doesn’t mean I welcome our new rapefugee sharia overlords, I see what is and see it for what it is, our new western culture is no longer about engineering and innovation and progress and development, so it is as fucked and retarded and backward as the current islamic culture, which again has almost nothing on common with the ancient islamic cultures that treasured knowledge and learning and science and exploration, in fact there are direct parallels between the collapse of western culture and the collapse of ancient cultures, including islam.

Which is why the white power aryan brotherhood shit holds no attractions for me, it is just as primitive and corrupt and festering in its own filth, there is nothing in there about technological development and engineering development and progress, they all want to GO BACK TO insert message du jour here…

By definition, all these festering cancerous cultures are holding us back, anyone who tried would be pulled down as an elitist white bastard… how dare you try to improve yourself.

Some years ago Bruce Perens started a little online community, of which I was a very early invited member, all membership was invite only, and it was based around the concept of a technocracy, but again terms and meanings are changed to suit, it was not a meritocracy, or social engineering, or a way to cure all the world’s ills and manage the great unwashed masses, it was exactly what it said, a technocracy, to paraphrase Sagan as I have done many times in the past, we have built a society based upon engineering and technology, in which the people understand nothing about science and technology, what could possibly go wrong.

I do not know why Bruce pulled the plug on that little experiment, due to geographical differences I did not know the guy personally in the flesh, but I suspect that he realised that it could do not good in our current culture, all it would do is furnish a ready supply of scientific types to be burned at the stake, our culture would not permit anything different.

The company I just quit working for, the company who sends guys like me out to implement and maintain and support our network infrastructure, and all our clients were the high street businesses and ISP’s and so on, was itself the very opposite of a technocracy, the competent who took pride in their work were sidelined by those dweebs building little fiefdoms, I can’t get a hot slut for a girlfriend but I sure as hell can hold on to the reins of the local linux user group, or split it into the hurd user group, or run my own little department at work…. and those chasing the mighty dollar and keynsian economics where we can outsource everything technical to mumbai and get apprentices on UK£14k a year with company car, mobile phone and laptop to tether with and send them on to site so the mumbai guys can remote in to broken cisco gear and fix it…

Everything has become a race to the bottom, and there is no good end in sight, and this sadly is what passes for modern western culture.

In many ways the rapefugees are right to dismiss western culture with disdain and disgust and gang bang our 11 year old girls, they get less shit for fucking our 11 year old girls than we get for fucking them ourselves, and you can substitute anything you like for fucking 11 year old girls, because culture in this case means the same as culture meant in the middle ages, when the holy roman church would kill anyone who suggested that the earth went around the sun and that there were no celestial spheres, and that dinosaurs came before men, and so on and so forth.

WE / I learned in school to treat the middle ages culture with contempt, because it dismissed science and fact, and yet I now live in a world that dismisses science and fact, and which dresses up that which is not science as being science.

I now live in a world where quite frankly I am taking a real risk, in the psuedo-anonymity of a blog, to ask questions such as the one I asked above, why is it that the only thing we cannot teach a 9 year old girl to do better is to play with herself.

I now live in a world where Harriet Harman is shadow secretary of state for media, CULTURE and sport, and the Daily Fail runs articles about a guy who was in PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) in the 70’s, and neglects to mention that Harman (amongst others) had strong ties to PIE in the 70’s

Remember that bit above about pathetic weak windbags who see which way the wind is blowing and climb on the bandwagon, that is what our so called leaders are, there is no illuminati, just the closed loop positive feedback group/herd think we call culture, and those who see an opportunity to climb on the bandwagon for personal gain.

And the bandwagon du jour?

Well, it’s the 1930’s all over again innit, the wheels are falling off everything and its time for mass death and killing and war, and the same pathetic and weak windbags are climbing on the bandwagon for personal gain, and in 20 years time when all the (possibly radioactive) dust has blown over, we will still have 9 year old pre-pubescent girls pleasuring themselves simply because it feels good, and a new set of cultures, and a new set of pathetic and weak windbags climbing on new bandwagons for personal gain.

Meanwhile, every now and again Harley brings out a new engine, which is a lot like the old engine, Knuckle ran for 11 years.  The Pan 17 years.  The Shovel 18 years. The Evo 14 years, now the Twin Cam has been going for 16 years, welcome to the new Boss, same as the old Boss, but different.


  1. Smart article. I´ll try to reign in my passions.
    Watching your word is always a wise thing to do. 😉

    Comment by hans — March 3, 2016 @ 3:31 pm

    • Though say whatever you will about “our” culture, it´s not even CLOSE to the fucked-up´ness of the Ork-Cult..

      You actually cannot get rid of them WITHOUT bloodshed, as they are too afraid of their own kind to return! O_o

      Comment by hans — March 7, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

      • I think it has more to do with economic prosperity and political stability than any “ork-ness”. The Scandinavians were killing, looting and pillaging each other for most of the last millenium, until industry happened and they began to settle down.

        It could be that the ragheads are being let in is because if they’re not people might ask why they’re coming at all. Perhaps Merkel’s liege(s) doesn’t want that question to be asked, let alone answered. Or, who knows, perhaps Merkel really is that stupid.

        Comment by RB — March 8, 2016 @ 4:35 am

        • Well industry kinda does NOT “happen” just like that.
          Our forefathers were smart enough so that we can now take a shit on a porcelain throne, while the Orks still only know how to squat over a hole in the ground.
          No exaggeration here, the “rapefugee” centers have a hard time teaching them how to take a shit in Germany.
          Arguably squatting is actually the healthier way, but that´s not the point here. 😉

          Comment by hans — March 8, 2016 @ 7:19 pm

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