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February 22, 2016

I cannot control my urges.

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It’s a thing I have long said to wimminz, I am human, I accept that it is possible that circumstances conspire, and one night after imbibing some alcohol, you find yourself fucking someone when you should not have been… what usually happens is post fuck the body’s hormones reset and then you wonder why you did it… regret is perhaps the word, not because the thing itself was all that bad, but because the potential consequences outweigh the benefits, which are all in the rear view mirror.

It’s much the same thing as hooning along the road enjoying yourself, and flash/flash you have just been caught by a speed camera, at no point were you either unaware of the speed limit or the consequences for exceeding it, you were just living in the moment.

So I *accept* that it is possible that while you are in a relationship with me, and spending some time away, things can happen and you end up fucking someone else, and *if* you immediately admit that it happened to me, and *if* you accept that obviously there are going to be some sorts of consequences, then *possibly* there is a way forwards for us.. *possibly*.. it is not at all certain.

If you do *not* immediately confess, *and* accept that there are going to be changes, *and* accept that there are no guarantees that this is going to get fixed even if you do bust your ass for five years to fix it, then what *is* certain is that it is over, sayonara skanky.

I apply this rule because it is how *I* would expect to be treated, but it is a truism of modern society that this rather elastic and forgiving and accepting of human nature (living in the moment) attitude still ain’t good enough, no consequences are acceptable, OK I did something I perhaps should not have, but it ends there, don’t expect a sorry or a promise not to do it again, and don’t even think about giving me a hard time or treating me differently in the future.

I have and hold and apply this rule because the basic principle is;

1/ accept that people are human and therefore flawed and must often make mistakes to learn the error of their ways.

2/ accept that if you do not offer that person *some* hope of redemption, not withstanding the price may be very high, then they have not motive to ever change.

I was watching some vids with the current squeeze, and in them there are some dogs (4 legged variety) that are rolling on their backs and whining gently, this is not play, please scratch my belly, this is submission, showing the soft and unprotected belly to the dominant one… she did not know this.

I explained that you *can* punish a dog in that state, you *can* strike it, ONCE, and not too hard, enough to make a point, not enough to hurt.

If, however, you want to make a vicious dog that will never back down no matter how injured it gets, just keep on beating it when it does the submission thing, eventually it will learn that there is no point in submitting.

The point here is even dogs KNOW WHEN THEY HAVE DONE WRONG, so it is futile to suggest that *any* human, even a small child or a grown female, does NOT know, they do… they just do not want to accept the consequences.

Maybe the first time they instinctively rolled over someone went all gooey eyed and started bubbling about what soft fur they had on their belly and started rewarding and praising them.

I don’t know, I don’t care, I only know I have no use for such an animal, especially since *I* will not be able to discipline it, because all the animal rights activists will report me for animal cruelty.

I’ll get punished, the animal will get rewarded, and the beat will go on.

So far the current squeeze has been the current squeeze for just over a year, she has achieved that by basically never putting a foot wrong, which she has achieved by basically making a sustained effort every day to do everything right and behave appropriately.

While this doesn’t mean that I suddenly accept that NAWALT (not all lottery tickets are losing tickets, and what are the chances of me finding a winning ticket…lol) it does mean that I have to see and accept one year of sustained effort with not one single foot put wrong as having some value.

Sure, she could decide tomorrow that all that effort is too much effort, and stop playing the game overnight, past performance is no guide to future expectations and all that, but on the other hand, past performance *is* a good indicator, and this one I do know her previous history, all of it, and it is all local, it would be really hard to conceal any skeletons in the gaps, and they would have to be rather small skeletons at that.

So as opposed to finding a stray in the street and it following you home, I have rehomed a dog that had one previous home and one birth home when it was a new born puppy, and I know both owners now, so it’s a much better bet, as long as I do not ever forget the nature of the beast that I have given a home.

Which brings me to reader Hans, who is a bloody German, you know, those people that my ancestors fought two world wars with, and those people who also form a part of my own ancestry and genetic heritage, those people who I actually have an awful lot in common with, culturally, historically, and so on… we may not be brothers but we are certainly cousins and most definitely family.

Hans talks about the Orks, meaning the rapefugees of course, that Merkel et al is so determined to import en masse and dilute and divide the family.

I can remember literally decades ago, reading a piece by an editorial author who went by the name of Spider in the long since FUBAR Easyriders magazine, discussing the then new Falkland/Malvinas was, asking what the fuck the latino Argies were thinking, after all, as spider put it, the English had been clanking swords with other races all across the globe for a thousand years, that is how they got their Empire.

Thanks to the English Channel, it was Hans’s ancestry (and mine akshully) who tore apart the remnants of the fading Roman Empire, and it wasn’t individual military Einsteins in charge of hordes of mindless cannon fodder, it was hordes of groups of individuals working to a common cause and united under yet more hordes of chieftains.

The sheepdogs of the Roman Empire reverted to being Foxes, as soon as the Empire declined and lost its hold.

European history, and this is a point worth hammering home with a two by four into the heads of Americans and Canadians and Australians and so on, yeah, like me you may share common stock with these guys of old, unlike me you did not grow up and live in these lands of old, and that is CRUCIAL, because European history is replete with cases of ethnic cleansing, and I mean REAL ethnic cleansing, not the fairly mild shit that Adolf did back in the 40’s, I mean you fucked an ork once, you worked for an orc once, you fed an ork once, that was enough to taint you with orcishness, and see your life ended… hell, it was enough for your immediate family to be put to the sword too.

And it isn’t difficult, like telling Democrats from Republicans, shoppers in a mall from drug dealers in a mall, the guy who got a speeding ticket last year from the guy who didn’t.

I can claim to be anything I like on here, Hans can claim to be anything he likes on here, I can send him a picture of me, face on, but cropped so all you see is the outside edge of my eye, ear, cheekbones, jaw line and maybe the edge of my mouth, and he can know for a fact whether I am what I claim to be, family, or ork.


That’s a “white” name, but one look at the face and I can see jewish heritage..


This guy is even easier to classify as “not family”

And that is what it comes down to when things like this hit the wire in history, “like me” and “not like me” a simple visual categorisation that can be done at 30 paces in poor light by someone with a room temperature IQ, and I don’t put that comment in to say that racists are people with room temperature IQ’s, I’m making the point that it is a *trivially* easy categorisation to make.

I was speaking to someone recently, and they (note the lack of any identifiers, even sex) told me, under the promise of anonymity, that they work in the burgeoning area of computer software that deals with facial recognition.

Now, while the stated goals and funding is all about spotting Freddy Kruger at the Superbowl, like all engineering challenges, they are finding a lot of unexpected results along the path to the stated goal.

One way to sort in software through 10,000 images an hour, looking for one Freddy Kruger, FBI most wanted, is to simplify the early stages of the search using simple and fast tests, and reserving the complex analysis for the later stages, eg whittle out the 9,500 who cannot possibly be Freddy, and only use the complex computational analysis on the remaining 500, this allowing you to have the computational power to do it in real time, not 72 hours later, 7 hours after the sarin bomb went off.

So you’ll look for early simple and fast whittling, and it turns out that separating all the females from all the male faces, is not quite as easy as you might thing, you get quite a few false positives and false negatives, so it’s not very good, you could easily end up discarding the image of Freddy in a woman’s wig..

Turns out however, that whittling the number down by race is trivial, with almost no false positives or negatives, and by definition (Freddy being white) any algorithm that can discard all the non whites in a search for Freddy, can just as easily discard all the whites when looking for Ahmed the raghead.

But wait, apparently it gets even better, the software is also very good at telling Jews from Aryans, Ukrainians from French, and even Irish from English.

Apparently it even gets better than that, some things it can identify with almost 100% accuracy, we are talking five nines here, for example, I wear spectacles, a frame supplied by specsavers, made in Italy, but a frame that is only available through Specsavers, so any facial recognition picture of me is one database search (specsavers customer database) away from making a positive ID match.

I commented to this person, that presumably all the hoo haa about racial profiling means that these sorts of categorisations are being ignored as not politically correct.

They were silent for a moment, then explained, software is software is software, and in the software world what usually denominates product X at 99 bucks from product X super pro advanced at 399 bucks ( and product x stasi mainframe version at eeeek bucks) is what is enabled and disabled in the software, it’s all the same shit, just some of it is cut down, so calls are made to a subroutine that is either disabled or simply not present / linked in the lite version.

The stasi version is dll complete, as it were.

So, they were running some tests against known file photo sets, you know the sort of thing, here is a pro immigration rally, here is a pegida rally, here is a greenies rally, here is the current EU members of parliament list, and so on…. then some known file sets with some of the people in the former sets, but included in random sets of people, say at a train station or airport or bus terminal.

The idea being to determine who are the far right whites and troublemakers amongst the mainly peaceful and docile white voting masses, you know the police state wants this sort of quick sort / classification ability.

And the law of unintended and unexpected consequences reared its ugly head, the ability of the software to classify racial and ethnic heritage intruded into the attempt to classify political and indeed religious traits, to such an extent that (to use the terms I started with above regarding Hans and myself and our common ancestry) the pegida rally was full of people I would call family and cousins, and the pro-immigration rally was full of people I would not call family and cousins, and then there were the orks.

They (the software team) had apparently spent the last six months trying to fix this “bug” and no matter what they did, they ended up with garbage results, that in some cases produces worse results than randomisation, before coming to the conclusion that the “bug” was not a bug at all, the various algorithms were working correctly and as intended, it was just that the net result of all these different algorithms working together gave an answer that nobody wanted, it wasn’t a question of whether or not the answer was correct, nobody wanted it.

excluding everyone who was not my family or cousins from the ranks of potential extremist pegida (insert chosen group here, I chose pegida simply for narrative purposes) members isn’t a desired answer to the question, how can we identify likely / possible extremist pegida members…

As this guy said, it would be interesting to grab an OCP ED-209, and load it with this software… and see what happens.

“I’m sure it’s only a glitch, a temporary setback” lol



  1. Well said.
    Speaking for myself, just one year ago I didn´t give a rat´s ass about “mudslime” or not.
    Actually almost was borderline muli-culti myself.

    It´s easy when everybody stays on their side of the border.
    Yeah the Turks have their shit little Ankaras in the dreck part of the towns.
    They mostly stayed there and the ones managing to flee actually seemed quite normal. So meh, fuck em.

    But ALL changed dramatically this summer and it´s even dawning on the Authoritha that ze Germans might still have some old-time juice left in them.
    Had high hopes for Karneval delivering yet another much needed rape red pill.
    But although their was some weird type of storm coming in, the cops knew Friday already that all parades but the most prestigious Cologne one, were going to be called of. So that pretty much all of them could converge there on Monday.

    It will be a HOT summer.

    Comment by hans — February 22, 2016 @ 10:31 pm

  2. War journalists and (retired) military officers are all warning of a hot European summer. Right now the weather keeps things in check but starting from May we’re likely to see some shit.

    Comment by Frozen Yak — February 24, 2016 @ 11:09 am

    • Actually the winter is still incredibly warm, barely freezing but only some nights and days well above. One weird storm after the other shoveling in warm air and cutting of arctic winds.

      It´s almost like the NYE rape-kristall-nacht worked a bit TOO good.
      Daesh have had their fun and think they established what an easy mark Germany is, but they may have actually done us a favor.
      Ze Germans are waking up and not only to the Invasion but also the bullshit the Turks have been doing all this time in between their mids, always helped and a abetted by the socialist “Gutmenschen”.

      Comment by hans — February 24, 2016 @ 12:34 pm

      • Which by the way is pronounced “good_man_sh_an” and has pretty much that meaning.

        Comment by hans — February 24, 2016 @ 12:44 pm

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