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February 9, 2016

it’s late / early so I really shouldn’t

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But I notice things.

On the business front it’s been as quiet as a grave for two weeks now… meanwhile on the street outside many of the cars parked literally haven’t moved for days or more either.


Who knows.

I shoulda been a messiah, a dictator, a despot, I’d have settled for fucking all your daughters, all the good looking ones anyway, it’s a better deal than anyone else is offering.

I’ve been looking back over this blog too, re-men-is-sing (sic) baby, funny how shit pans out, never did take the facerig / videoblogging thing up, dunno why, no real reason not to, just didn’t maintain the desire to to, as it were.

I’ve changed too, in the five years I’ve been typing this shit, it would be worrying if I had not, but I’ve got a lot more mellow about the whole FRA thing, I’ve just come to accept it now, in the sense that there are monsters in the jungle, and the fucker tried to make me lunch, and for a while there I took that threat as serious as cancer of the bunghole, but what don’t kill ya makes ya stronger, and yeah, I’m all of that.

That’s change too, good change.

“Character building” we used to call it, life seems to have a habit of doing that, throwing a few years of shit at you every couple of decades, just to toughen you up and make you appreciate the good shit in life, or to grind you down into the shit you are.

It also makes you a lot less likely to cut anyone else some slack.

Not all muslim immigrants are rapefugees, some come from genuine shit and will do anything for a fresh start, so the mantra goes.

Anything except be the strongest critics of the fucking rapefugees it seems, shades of the arguments about not all wimminz are etc.

Falls down when it comes to not all men are rapist though, them that ain’t are the hardest thing on them that are, given the chance, and the law turning the other way.

Like the non muslim refugee in germany that tore pages outta da koran and stuffed them down the toilet, instant riot with the other muslim rapefugees out for his blood, literally.

Still, the Daily Fail is reporting that known paedos are targeting the vulnerable kids in the refugee camps, if it’s true, fill yer boots paedos, is what I say, turnabout is fair play.

For those of you who haven’t travelled the world, yeah, you can’t tar everyone with the same brush, and islam/muslim is a religion not a race and all that jazz, but the acid test is what *sort* of muslim, is the guy sunni or shia.

Shia is fucked up like fundy xtians, sunni is fucked up like crackheads on krokodil, you can be neighbours with a fundy xtian, you may not like each other but they rarely want you dead.

Nowadays I don’t cut nobody no slack, I’m with the old Texan school of thought that says if it happened to you it’s your fault, I got no sympathy and I don’t believe your version of events.

If FRA’s are demons in the jungle for individual men, shit going down with banking and capitalism and resources and immigration is no more than demons in the jungle for old school white society and values, not that white society and values have always been something to write home about in a good way.

The white man was better than everyone else at everything, including wars and genocide and rape and pillage and everything else, and it was to counter that that we built most of what we called civilised society, handshakes and (in the uk) riding on the left, showed your armed hand was empty to others, southpaws were literally sinister.

The various colours of muslims and the rest forget that at their peril, white man is capable of wiping 100 million from the planet, and they won’t all be other white men, all you gotta do to make it happen is break down traditional societies and roles… oh… wait…

The Chinese I got time for, even if they had the same agenda, I got time for them, because they are industrious motherfuckers, it’s just business, nothing personal.

The rest of these worthless cunts, it purely personal, never business, because by and large they don’t have a business bone in their bodies, less it’s opening a takeaway, and unlike the kebab shop, the chinky will sell you peking duck or fish and chips or kebab or vindaloo or pretty much anything else that makes a profit.

See, you’d have thought that the fucking mafia would have kept the fucking wogs out of fucking sicily, but oh no, turns out the fucking mafia are bringing them in by the boat load from north africa, it pays well see, same as drugs and whoring…

We fuck each other over, it’s what we do, there is no illuminati master plan, it’s just darwinian forces at work in the absence of other predatory effects, no sabre toothed tigers to predate on man, so man has to predate on man, and on this note the nazis and the ragheads are way ahead of the politicos and bankers, they know it is gonna be a fight for survival.

At that point it gets to be like my FRA, the very first casualty is the question of whether I did or did not in fact rape the skanky psycho bitch for ten years straight or not, establishing that as being a fact or a fiction was abandoned very very early on, all that matters is will you survive the ordeal or not.

If you do, you will be different, if you do, I hope you make it like me, not just different, not just stronger, but happier and looking forwards to the future.



  1. 🙂

    Comment by hans — February 9, 2016 @ 10:40 am

  2. Ahaha 4chan, you´re the best!
    BTW don´t do this unless you feel the need for a 600$ paperweight.. 🙂

    Comment by hans — February 15, 2016 @ 9:26 am

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