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January 16, 2016


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“Harley Davidson”


it’s a well enough known brand / name that you are already forming pictures in your mind, and depending on your own personal life experiences, those pictures may well vary considerably… you could be..

  1. someone who knows the name but is not a biker and has no real interest.
  2. someone who is a biker but has no real interest.
  3. someone who knows someone who owns one.
  4. someone who has ridden one once, or been on the back of one.
  5. someone who has owned one.
  6. someone who has owned and ridden them for 20 or 30 years.
  7. same as #6 but never factory, always modified.
  8. same as #7, but tuned so they are as different to factory stock as as harley is different to a honda
  9. same as #8 but at the cutting edge so your current harley sports a tuned 124″ motor (2 litre) putting out 140 BHP & 140 ft/lbs
  10. same as #9 but you race (competitively) them more than ride them.

As you progress through the numbers, your perspective shifts and the pictures you see in your head when someone says “Harley Davidson” changes.

For the record I’m a #8, Stage IV tuned 103″ softail night train twinkie motor, in effect a 1700 cc tuned motor that “comes on cam” when you open it up, scares the crap out of most harley owners and riders just seeing it, not that they’d get the chance, but if offered they’d be too scared to ride it.

Macho bullshit posturing aside, all of the above does make an excellent example that anyone can relate to, short of being an asshole with loads of money burning holes in their pockets, the only way to get to any number on that list is to progress sequentially through all the previous numbers, and as you do, your perceptions and perspectives will change with time and experience, and what YOU picture when someone says “Harley Davidson” will NOT be the same as what someone on a different number pictures, it will not even be similar.

There are a local bunch of self styles bad asses who fall around #6 and #7 on that list, they all fancy themselves as #8 or #9, but when I (#8 on the list) have had parts for sale, and mutual acquaintances have said oooooh, freddy would looove that shit for his harley, he is into speed and power, I’ll let him know you have that for sale… I never ever not even once had any contact at all from freddy or his mates.

See, that’s the other thing about these things, if you are number X, then it’s easy to bullshit anyone on number <X that you are really a badass on number >X

At this point we will leave Harleys alone entirely, the above example makes for an excellent way to explain what follows, but having served that purpose, put it out of your mind entirely.

There are many things in life that effectively have no barrier to entry, you don’t need a load of money or spare time or to be a spoilt yank or anything, these things come with being a living breathing human being.

Sex is one of them.

There is no barrier to entry, anyone can do it, but there is still the numbered progression, 1 to 10, and chances are statistically you are a 2 or 3 at most.

Same thing follows, anyone with a number higher than 3 can claim to be any number they like, and also claim that their definition of what counts for number 6 is the only true valid and correct definition, and being a number 2 or 3, you effectively have no way of knowing if they are correct or full of shit.

BTW the professional top of their game sex olympics / porn / prostitute isn’t the 10, any more than the sales droid in the HD dealership is a 10 in that scale.

The 10 is the person who doesn’t get blindsided or surprised by anything sexual, they have seen or done it all, and are more than just hip to the role of the reptilian brain and social conditioning and gender stereotyping and mathematical implications of sperm vs ovum etc etc etc.

Like the guy with a cupboard full of trophies from the drag strip, you probably haven’t even heard of him unless you move in those circles.

To most people, the drag strip is all about a standing 1/8th or 1/4 mile, with a big clock at the end giving you your terminal speed and elapsed time, and to most people 0.01 of a second is enough to make you a winner.

To the #10, they all talk about *exactly* the same thing, the first 60 feet off the line, it’s not that they do not care about the other 1,260 or 600 feet, it is just that they all know that that first 60 feet is an infallible prediction of the remaining distance, barring things like a tyre blowing or mechanical failure or getting a wobble and shutting down.

The launch is everything to #10, but #7 and below haven’t even heard of the concept… despite it being in effect the foundation upon which everything else is built for #10

Again, this is an important point, as you progress through the numbers, it isn’t just your experience that grows and your perspective that shifts, your very foundations shift as well.

You can not ever go back to the person you were at <n

I talked yesterday about Free Markets, well, when it comes to sex, most of it is like people talking in the pub about what their car is capable of performance wise, proportionally speaking effectively none of it is put to proof out on the strip where the rubber means the road, and torque gets separated from talk.

The sexual marketplace is not a free marketplace, it is also full of people doing the whole I’m a 7 on this sexual scale and you’re a 3, when they are actually a 3 or 4 at best on a good day, but the honest 3 just doesn’t have the experience to know different.

So they sit there feeling inadequate because their penis is “too small” or their vehicle is “too slow” compared to that person over there, or at least what that person over there is claiming.

I can distinctly remember a clique of japanese twin cam and rotary engine freaks, who all enjoyed at lot of friendly rivalry, turn into a bunch of nasty spiteful little jerks when a guy walked in having parked up a 441 big block with hot cams and twin 4 bbl holleys and the rest of the engine and drivetrain to match, and a pair of 14″ wide grabbers on the back.

It’s like the current squeeze, she is head and shoulders above 99.9% of the wimminz out there, but at the end of the day we met and hooked up via a swingers website, and I am not letting either one of us ever forget that, lifelong monogamy is not on the cards, see that progressing through the numbers thing at work again? Just because you personally are no longer at number 4, you can never revert to being number 4, and the current squeeze is head and shoulders above 99.9% of the wimminz because she has a realistic appreciation of her SMV and my SMV, it is not a mutually exclusive statement for me to say she is head and shoulders above 99.9% of the wimminz out there, and for her to say she is punching *wildly* above her weight to get me.

Sure, early days and anything can change and never take anything for granted, but you get the idea.

But the problems start when you have ( I am at risk here of confusing my 1 to 10 scale discussed above based on experience, and the Bo derek 1 to 10 good looks / SMV scale often used by guys, she is a 3 etc) people who are either delusional or lying about their number in the sexual marketplace.

It’s why these sites always have a cabal of vociferous wimminz who think the world owes them a living because they were born with a cunt, they are a 1 or 2 (on my scale, not the bo derek one) claiming to be a 7 or 8 and sadly there are many guys that find themselves on these sites by default, who honestly and accurately categorise themselves as a 2 or 3.

Enter a 5 or 6 male and it’s like the ricers vs the big block olds guy mentioned above, the 6 or above males simply do not play in the forums and chat rooms, ditto the 6 or above females, but only the 6 or above know that.

It comes back again to the free market thing, only a delusional modern western wimminz or niggerz who takes 99% of life (potable water, sewerage, shops with toilet paper and ready meals, internet) as something that is as freely available as air, nobody has to produce it or make it work or make it available, it’s just there, like magic, like it always has been, all their lives… can sit there and claim to be strong and independent and empowered and able to take names and kick ass.

In a true free market, nobody could get away with being that delusional, they would be getting ripped a new one ten times a day and taking it up the ass 20.

But the world of sex and dating and relationshits is about as free and open as the markets, eg not at all, totally artificial and manipulated, and like I said yesterday about the free markets, it’s not that they are not free that buttfucks you the most, though that always will buttfuck you, no, what buttfucks you the most is being in ignorance or denial of the fact that it (the sexual marketplace) is anything but free and heavily manipulated.

Cue the story about the guy in Germany, he has NO ARMS and NO LEGS, but he just got convicted of sexually assaulting a skank ho wimminz.

His mistake, thinking his very obvious disability was worth anything when compared to a poor wimminz living in a patriarchal rayyype culture western ghetto… the literal impossibility of a torso and head sexually assaulting *any* living creature is not even relevant.

DESPISE these people, by all means, but do so silently… despise them for being what they choose to be, but at the same time give thanks that they do choose to be that thing, and do it in a proud and happy way, at least you can spot them as being cunts a mile off and avoid them before they have even noticed your existence.

Trying to change or educate them is like trying to convert me to join ISIS, I’m just not interested in what you’re selling, and you don’t have anything good enough to even bribe me to sit down at a table and let you give me your best shot, much less sign up to your view of the world.

Now we can come full circle to Harleys and continue the analogy.

To me, a self declared #8 on that list, there are far far far more harleys that I would not ride if you paid me, than harleys I would ride in preference to walking or getting a bus.

At a certain level further down that list, all harleys are wonderful, better your sister in a whore house than your brother on a honda, and me making jokes about sportsters all being wimminz bikes, and dressers all being married guys bikes, and stock factory being for wannabes and stock factory plus chrome accessories being for wannabes with small penises…. we’re TAKING THE FUCKING PISS, we do not actually believe that shit, it’s only those lower down the scale that start talking like it is god’s own words handed down from on high.

Same goes for financial free markets and the sexual market place, when you get above a certain level you’re all what the fuck another fucking re-run re-make re-tread seen it all before so you take the piss.

Below that level you start repeating that shit and treating it like gospel.

Below that level you’re busy telling yourself you’re too dumb and inexperienced to know any better, so these guys saying it is all gospel must really know their shit, and even if they don’t or they get it wrong, hell, no way I could even consider attempting that…

Like the famous porn star or the guy on a 2015 CVO ultra classic or a state minister, just cos they look the part of a 6 pushing a 7, the reality is they are a 1 posing as a 3 in their spare time.

This is the essential difference on the swingers sites between those who get lots of meets and those who get few, the ones who get lots are accepting any piece of meat, the ones who are more selective get a lot less meets…

You can be fish or fowl, not both.

And this becomes especially true when you consider how others perceive you, if you have lots of meets you are never going to be attractive to the person who prefers a few regular quality meets to a series of meaningless fucks.

If you run a 99 cent store you are never going to attract custom from someone looking to buy a few quality items, and if that type of customer walks into your store, it is only because they want some cheap shit 99 cent item… fucking ridiculous to expect them to treat you the same way they treat the Bang & Olufsen store.

If you’re a 99 cent skank ho it is because you act like a 99 cent skank ho, nothing will change that, least of which is you claiming to be a high class hooker (there is an oxymoron for you) .. a bank robber may have high principles compared to a home robber, but that doesn’t mean the bank robber has high principles, they are still a thief.

If you’re a corrupt monopolistic cabal member it’s because you act like one, not because you proclaim your belief in free markets and capitalism… you may have high standards compared to the ghetto pimps and people smugglers, but you’re still a worthless parasitic cunt.

If you’re “that tosser on the 20k Harley” it’s because you’re a tosser, doesn’t matter what you spout about ride to live man, or what you ride, you may have high motorcycle financial standards compared to the tosser on the jap four, but you’re still a worthless dangerous fucking tosser and I don’t want to share a stretch of road with you or hang out with you.TR

MY penis is worth more to me than YOUR penis is worth to me, but only a complete fucking tool would suggest that his penis is worth more than yours, flat out, no qualification, it’s just better m’kay..

The moral of this little tale of scales of 1 to 10 is that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with genuinely rating yourself as a 1 or a 2 or a 3, quite the opposite, you should be commended on your honesty and integrity.

What I want to piss on you from a great height about is that fact that people who tend to rate themselves thus are so incredibly fucking stupid as to think that they are in anything but the minority, most every other cunt is lying and bullshitting their asses off, and the reasons they give that they are right about themselves usually at some point include the claim that ain’t nobody *proving* they are better…. thoroughly missing the point that those further up the scale have fuck all to prove, to them or you or anyone else.

Don’t stop being nice and genuine and real, DO stop being such a gullible idiot and thinking that most of the other people out there are playing the same game as you to the same rules and fairly, and not lying and cheating and stacking the deck at every opportunity.

Drag racers know, that first 60 feet decide everything, so just concentrate on that first 60 feet, no matter what ya brung, and race yourself to improve over time.



  1. having parked up a 441 big block

    vs the big block olds guy mentioned above

    you mean a “442”? the ‘2’ usually stands for dual exhaust.

    440ci would be a Dodge, i don’t think ‘441’ stands for anything.

    Comment by bob k. mando — January 17, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

    • Yeah I was mixing my metaphors of whatever the word is.

      car was originally a 65/66 cutlass 441, this is all from memory from what he told me by the way, was never an american car buff, apparently they did an weedy early EPA version of the 442 called a 441, 2bbl carb and all that, and the rockets and stuff had the 350 motor again from memory (had a rocket 88 delta myself once with a big OMC block in it) but this thing had been tricked out extensively and again from memory it was a bored 427, I believe the 427 and 454 were the same bar the crank / stroke?

      Guy used to run very high 10’s very low 11’s in it way back then.

      Maybe part of the problem is here in the UK we always go by what it says on the original registration document, put a sportster engine in a norton frame and it’s still a norton, put a fomoco lump in a vette and it’s still a vette.

      it was done in that special olds factory rust and vomit 2 tone paint job that probably looked lovely in florida sunshine but looked 20 years older than it was on a wet english day.. >;*)

      it looked at lot like https://youtu.be/w5r8fgmdtWw

      sounded just like this though https://youtu.be/M7wTXzLeyN4


      Comment by wimminz — January 17, 2016 @ 5:22 pm

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