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January 9, 2016

Chlamydiachlorians, feel the farce Luke

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Well I still have not bothered to download a *s*n*t copy of the latest st*r w*rs crapola, I just ain’t got the ganas to make the effort, minimal as that effort is.

Hans asked if the “immigrants raping our wimmins” meme is getting any traction here, well, some, vastly underplayed for sure..

So it turns out that chicks like Michelle on the right now don’t like this shit, after all, she and her girlfriends should be allowed to walk from club to club partaaaaying like *they* own the night and the streets.

Course, we are supposed to look at this fuckable young white flesh and flip into Captain Save-a-ho mode, and it appears a few stupid young men tried this and got their asses kicked by da “immigrants”

Bitch, I’ll keep you safe, in the gated compound of my own home, with you chained to the bed and kitchen sink doing what you should have been doing all along, no immigrants gonna bother you there, just good old northern european cock in you.

But that’s the problem, skanky pwincess does not want what I have to offer, she is a strong independent wimminz who *needs* a man like a fish needs a bicycle, so babe, you already passed on my services, it’s way too late now to be calling on me and my kind to provide you with protection.

To be sure, the rash of immigrants WHO DO NOT WANT TO ASSIMILATE THE LOCAL CULTURE are the problem, AS WELL, but they have an awful lot in common with young Michelle.

Me, If I rejected a country and ran away, I’d be rejecting *everything* about the country I ran away from, I would not be doing the having my cake and eating it thing, and trying to make Munich into Aleppo Am Der Aish.

Like the immigrants, Michelle does not want to give up much of her wimminz culture in order to gain the safety she now seeks, so… tough shit.

But of course all of this shit is all shit anyone with a brain has always known, an “I’m leaving to stay alive” migrant stops moving as soon as they are safely out of the war zone, an “economic” migrant doesn’t stop moving until they have gotten to the richest pickings around.

There are therefore precisely ZERO “I’m just trying to stay alive” migrants in Europe, and so they should all be treated as anyone else who wants to go there for economic reasons.

It won’t happen, because the other shoe dropping is the likes of Merkel and Reker standing trial at Nuremberg, and getting life in solitary.

But enough of that shit, it’s just a sideshow, and like all the other sideshows it illustrates nothing quite so clearly as that fact that the “generation ship” earth is out of control, the “colonists” are ever so slowly waking up to the fact that the “crew” have long since lost any technical understanding of or mastery over the controls, and all their squabbling and posturing and proclaiming, well, that and a buck will buy you a coffee.

I’ve *never* liked this cunt, but kudos for actually putting this video out there, it just underlines everything I have always known but could not prove, the guy is a fucking idiot with minimal technical knowledge or understanding, he is a fucking marketer, a bullshit merchant.

However, the reason for the link, is watch the cunts face, that expression, the *way* he is working, the way he keeps fiddling, but most of all that expression on his face, watch closely at least from 4 minutes in to 8 minutes in.

Learn that facial expression. All your politicians share it, they are just *slightly* more proficient at masking it, and don’t let the vlogger camera record it live.

Then google “RAID is not a backup” to see what a newb error this self proclaimed expert has been making, not ***IF*** it bites you on the ass rent boy, just a case of ***WHEN*** and whatever he paid the DR company, just a tax on stupidity, bin the dead hardware and the raid should rebuilt itself as it did, DR guys did nothing except point you in the right direction.

Only cunts dumber than Linus are all the cunts who also lost access to their data, which is every single employee you saw there, not one of the cunts had a local cache/copy on their own PC.

I really do not want to let this cunt walk, it wasn’t *just* a case of RAID is not a backup, the fucking system he built was total shit.

Fucking SSD’s ONLY… I mean, sure, use them for caching, but for mass storage, what the fucking fuck.

And RAID-5, what the fuck, this is supposed to be a mission critical server, RAID 5 just ain’t robust enough, and takes waaay too long to rebuild (remember I am IBM/HP/juniper etc etc etc trained, which means we spend literally days learning about the various ways RAID systems do NOT work as advertised.. and all the little undocumented gotchas….. look at the differences between a disk being added to a pool and initialised, and what you have to do to reinitialise it if you do it wrong and just plug it in and hope the RAID system will do the work, instead of using the hypervisor like you is supposed to…. newb dumbass..) and look at the fucking cable runs and general mess and clutter, and I’m not going anywhere near the really important stuff like labelling and part ID, you can’t just slam any disk into any bay, I could go on and on and on.

But “trust me, I’m a self proclaimed expert and celebrity” Linus is a truly *excellent* illustration of our glorious leaders and bankers and movers and shakers.

The chances that they know a lot less about EVERYTHING EXCEPT BULLSHITTING that your local car mechanic who has been in business 30 years running his own small successful business with minimal employees and always full books are very, very, large.

This paragraph above actually is a sentiment that will resonate with all true Germans, it’s almost a cultural meme.

So expect more of it in 2016, more people waking up to the fact that those who set themselves up as being better than the rest of us are in fact at best the fucking worst and most incompetent of us, and then the wheels fall off the wagon, and then you get what I have discussed elesewhere on the blog previously, which is..

…. in any given “event”, 95% of the actual changes that happen occur in the last 5% of the duration of said “event”

here and here etc



  1. What I forgot to say when typing this.

    I was watching this with the current squeeze, and I am talking at the screen saying NO NO NO YOU STUPID CUNT.

    The VERY FIRST THING HE SHOULD HAVE DONE is leave the raid box powered down, pull each disk one at a time, and IMAGE the fucker, at least he then has a method to return to where he is now.

    But no, RAID is not a backup and he had no backup, so no surprise that the one thing he does NOT do now is create a snapshot that he can return to in extremis.

    Comment by wimminz — January 9, 2016 @ 2:27 pm

    • Damn right. Imaging the disks is the first thing I do when a RAID goes down.

      I never heard of this linus idiot before and if you hadn’t pointed me towards some time frame I would have immediately turned it off.
      A man-child playing with things he doesn’t understand and worse off all, actually making a living doing that.

      There’s at least good lessons to be had reading the comments.

      Comment by Frozen Yak — January 9, 2016 @ 4:48 pm

  2. Thanks for the quick article and yeah, thought so.
    Only tabloids then are touching this with a ten foot pole, which already is almost too much judging from the exploding comments.

    While personally I also couldn´t care less how many pwincesess got fingerbanged, these Orks do tend to roam in packs and are becoming a very real threat sooner than I expected.
    After all only 40% of the up to now 400 police notifications in Cologne are sex crimes. Which btw included little girls and BOYS getting fondled TSA-style.

    It all clearly shows marks of a concerted action AND with full knowledge of decision takers. Munich made up some cockamamie terror threat to close the railway station down, otherwise the Bavarians would´ve had the same and be in open rebellion by now.
    Rest of the cuntry is still too cucked by outright Bolshevism masking as PC.
    But as EVERY major city got hit with this, there are actual cracks showing in the Gutmensch mental-armor.

    Interesting times in Germany, Karneval will be a hoot. \o/

    Comment by hans — January 9, 2016 @ 8:17 pm

    • BTW, before peeps start rolling their eyes again on my assertion..


      Comment by hans — January 9, 2016 @ 11:37 pm

  3. A Dutch war journalist sees a European revolution coming in May because there are now all the same requirements as during the Arab spring.


    Comment by Frozen Yak — January 10, 2016 @ 2:16 pm

    • I wish.
      If only ALL color revolutions hadn´t been CIA OPs to topple unwanted opposing governments, I would have hope.
      But if you actually watch my caravan link (starting @13min & then for an hour) you´d clearly see that currently the opposite is taking place.
      Again in written form: http://gatesofvienna.net/2015/11/tet-take-two-islams-2016-european-offensive/

      The “domestic color” nationalists are systematically oppressed and even vilified, while the clear and present danger of acting DAESH commando units right from the Syrian battlefield is ignored at best, or even decried as racism by the useful idiot brigade and actual Traitors in key command positions.

      I was hoping there would be enough time for the Gutmensch retardation to melt, but I´m almost sure the Califate´s TET2 offensive is going to preempt that.
      Also thanks to the suspiciously warm winter.

      Comment by hans — January 10, 2016 @ 5:22 pm

      • The Orks call it taharrush gamea..

        now a “German” phenomenon.

        Comment by hans — January 12, 2016 @ 1:41 pm

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