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January 4, 2016

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Well, I wasn’t *sure* what the new business model of 2016 would be, but now I am, and as the subject says, it is the subscription model, everything as a service.

In my new day job full time business with the laser, we are generating a lot of data, it works out on average somewhere between 0.5 and 1.0 gigabytes per working day.

I have a local NAS that I use, Silverstone small form factor 8 bay NAS box, Asus 81 with Celeron, 8 gig of ram and so far 4 x WD Red 6Tb drives, so more or less £1,000 for a shade over 20 TB of storage, that and a copy of StableBit drivepool which ensures that there are at least two copies of every file and folder and those copies are always on separate hard disks, running Win10 so the HD’s themselves are running NTFS and amenable to just being popped in a docking station to be read, and I have a NAS box that can sustain saturate my local gigabit LAN on both reads and writes.

Google is pushing cloud storage, at 2 cents a gigabyte a month, which using the 1000 and not the 1024 equates to 20 bucks a terabyte a month, or 240 bucks a terabyte a year, or 720 bucks a terabyte every three years, which is a *reasonable* life expectancy from a WD Red HDD.

So getting my 20 TB for the three year life expectancy of the NAS box is going to cost me US$14,400… to do the same job as my US$1,500 NAS box, but oh noes, it is NOT doing the same job… connectivity is limited by the speed of my net connection (10 mbit up 150 mbit down which /8 = 1.3 mbytes/sec up and a round 18 mbytes/sec down, and they can pull the plug or up the price any time they like, and I can’t just put the disks in a docking station, and, and , and.

So it is TEN TIMES AS EXPENSIVE as DIY, and not as good, and that pretty much sums up all the new for 2016 subscription model business as a service deals out there, except most of them are not as efficient or relatively cheap as google.

Having recently gotten two *free* Samsung Note 4’s, I can go to Hutchinson/3 here in the UK and get a Samsung S6 on an all you can eat data and calls plan for £56 a month for 24 months which = £1,344, or I can go and buy and all you can eat data and call sim only for £33 a month, over 24 months that is £792, so 1344 – 792 = 552, but Amazon UK will sell me the same phone sim free for £370

Or hell I can go 1 gig of data per month and 600 minutes a month for £11 a month, or 4 gig of data and 600 minutes for £16 a month, which is what my bitch is running in my old Note 3.

Going by the latter two, 1 gig to 4 gigs PCM is an increase of £5, so 5/3= £1.60 per gig for mobile data, the jump from £11 a month to £33 a month isn’t bad if you are going to be using a *lot* of mobile data and calls, nowadays I’m probably not, most of my shit is going to be based around the laser business, and that means I’m in my own wi-fi LAN area.

The all you can eat data and calls plan works out at a touch over £1 per day, which doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s the dripping tap syndrome…

Next thing you know you’re also paying your ISP, you’re also paying Office 365 subs, you’re also paying Adobe subs, you’re also paying One drive subs, you’re also paying a bunch of other shit, and when you put it all together it’s like being bitten to death by a teeming horde of midgies all sucking your blood a picolitre at a time.

Hell, even APPLE has given up selling phones, now you’re gonna lease the fuckers from them in a never ending rolling contract… if crapple can’t sell over priced baubles to the sheeple, then it’s time to get very scared…. not – fucking – kidding – here

These companies aren’t moving to the monthly subscription plan for any reason except it is the last trick in the salesman’s box, when then one pans out it’s game over and time for an entirely new paradigm.

Subscription services are a godsend to companies for one other very important reason, they can pull the plug on your ass and fold that operation with a maximum of 28 days notice, and of course someone else can swoop in and pick up the pieces for cents on the dollar and then tell all the poor customers that they are now customers of umbrella corp, sadly, prices have gone up 15%…

I know of two people who have just been bitten by this, one has a flat roof, that was installed at huge expense as part of a new extension a few years ago, it’s now leaking, and by chance they met one of the builders in the local supermarket a couple of days ago…. guess what, the company that did the work went bust, just before christmas, and laid the workers off.

The other one found out two days ago that the company he is leasing his car from has gone bust over the holidays, his car is now scheduled for collection and he has been warned that any excess wear and tear or any damage, and he will be billed…. he also may be liable for any difference between what the car gets at auction and what its alleged book value is at this time.

Typing this I have thought of a third person, he is on long term sick, he is basically looking to leave the company he is with, but doesn’t want to quit or be fired, so he is angling for being made redundant on the ground of health… here in the UK that means £88.45 per week statutory sick pay, he should get 1.5 weeks pay per year in service if discharged, but in the interim the writing is on the wall as they have pulled the plug on his work phone, despite him never having used it for anything apart from work calls, while also demanding he ring them weekly to advise them of his state of health…. meanwhile they are hiring new *apprentices* and paying them £12.5k per annum plus company car (that costs the employee £25 a week in tax deductions) so it’s just another race to the bottom in capex and opex for the company, and they are a service company too.

Look to your finances and billing, you probably are already getting nickel and dimed to death, and it’s going to get worse, a *lot* worse, so start culling from the herd now and wean your self off on your own terms and to your own schedule.

Don’t exclude *anything* from it, from bank accounts through mobile phones and ISP through to insurances and software and IT and gym memberships and mastercard payment gateways and fleabay and amazon and netflix and everything else.




  1. fail.

    you forgot to add billing details to your own subscribe box.

    Comment by bob k. mando — January 5, 2016 @ 9:54 pm

  2. Sorry for the complete derail, but are the New Years Mass Molestings/Rapings in good ole Germany even remotely a topic over there?

    The MSM whores here couldn´t keep a lid on it anymore after 5 days and it´s snowballing beautifully, with the predictable Zionist-Gutmensch counter propaganda backfiring hilariously now.
    Seemingly ze Germans are actually starting to shake themselves out of their Bolshevik-PC stupor, how about you other guys out there?

    Comment by hans — January 8, 2016 @ 3:26 pm

  3. Just guiltily remembered I haven’t read your site in a long time… Guiltily as every other site that covers your spectrum of topics is American and of limited application.

    Interested in if you think this is ‘it’ for the recession that never went away in the first place?

    Comment by A.F.O.R. — January 12, 2016 @ 9:39 pm

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