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January 1, 2016

2016 – The Chinese year of the fuck

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There have been a few interesting posts over on zerohedge recently asking things like where does ISIS buy it’s satellite internet connectivity from, where do they buy US plumbers used trucks from, where do they sell their oil to, and so on.

*Interesting* but also *obvious to anyone with a brain*, if you doubt me just set up a group that specialises in denying the holocaust while fucking 10 year old girls while using the Quaran as toilet paper, and try and buy internet comms, a vehicle, or selling anything on the open market.

Thankfully here in the UK we now have new laws to protect da wimminz from emotional abuse and controlling men who do things like say “you spend too much money on shoes” or “we can’t afford another holiday in tunisia” or nag the bitch about the housework, up to five years in jail boyo.

And then there is this story.. a 17 year old skank INITIATES AND SENDS a bunch of steamy texts to a sad fuck 49 year old MP, and then complains that she is only a year older than the Rochdale grooming victims, said “victims” being 16 and therefore of the age of legal consent here in the UK.

Frankly any 49 year old in a public position of state is a complete fucking asshole to be texting a young skank, but it ain’t illegal, just stoopid from a PR perspective.

Meanwhile Merkel tells all the krauts to chill at the prospect of a million immigrants… but it ain’t like the Berlin Wall days where the “immigrants” trying to get in were born 100 miles away, spoke the same language, had the same cultural heritage, had the same genes, were a demographic mixture of ages and sex, yadda yadda yadda, no… these *immigrants* are all “syrian” and “children” and male.

Feminazi heaven, increase the proportion of males in the population, then get the local white males in a conniption fit about all the wogs fucking and raping their wimminz, and taking their jobs, and homes.. shades of what the plantation owners did, get the big badass buck nigger and break and humiliate that bitch in front of all his peers and all the wimminz.

Course, this is all mere coinkydink, it’s not like anyone has a plan or anything.

You know, like how ISIS gets all that stolen oil out of Syria and sold on the open markets for $$$, it’s just a black economy of thousands of small entrepreneurs just trying to make a buck, it’s not organised or trackable or anything. There are no *groups* following *plans* and working towards common goals.

I have said this before, it is possible for the farmer watching the cloud of locusts descending on his crops to imagine that it is personal and the locusts are targeting him and have it in for him.

So the tendency to see everything as being the work of the illuminati is there, but pointless.

A culture or an environment or a set of rules will do the same thing, and you cannot even reliably say that because any single rule change can cause a thousand different consequences, and you can’t predict them all, no matter how clear it appears from hindsight.

As an old ex-pat / foreign hand myself who on occasion rubbed shoulders with the foreign office set, I know first hand that old sayings like “Our man in Addis Abbaba” meant just that, he was our man, we owned his ass, and he did exactly what he was fucking told, and when they strayed from that line they were referred to as “going native”

“Sacrifice” and “integrity” and “character” were words used to describe those that did not go native, that peculiar part of identifying yourself with a group or a school or a regiment or a company, where you deliberately fuck yourself over so as to not fuck over your comrades… or worse still where you fuck yourself and your comrades out of some group loyalty to a higher group.

Merkel’s local group may be other Germans, but the higher group is the EU diplomats on the world stage, sorry guys, freddy and the rest of you can stay screaming and bleeding out in the minefield, *I* have to get this intel to HQ.

As an Ox heading into the year of the Monkey, I reckon 2016 is going to be the year of the Fuck.

Fuck you, fuck me, fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything, fuck all, you get the picture…

It’s like my last three years steadfast and diligent service to my last employer, doing a task with very large responsibilities in exchange for a small wage, I’m sure there are a *lot* of fuckers in that boat, and I’m sure *most* of them think that that work and history and diligence is worth something to that employer, or spouse, or friend, or partner, or bank, or whatever.

What they are going to get in 2016 is a fuck you.


Lots of people are going to think they have some credit as a human being or an individual, and find when it comes time to cash some of those cheques, the bank closes the doors and calls the bouncers to tazer their ass.

I raise a new year glass to an un-named man, who knew his marriage was on the rocks, who was informed by his loving wife that she will now be seeking a divorce… what she doesn’t know yet is he had a couple of extra credit cards and maxed them out, bartering and exchanging the goods for cash, and he has himself a static caravan tucked away in south east ireland, together with an old VW beetle, he’s heading for france next week (nice bit of misdirection as the last thing to appear on the joint finances) and disappearing, she can have the mortgaged up to the hilt house, the leased cars, and all the rest of that shit, he is going off grid.

Fuck you from her, and fuck you back from him.

Don’t be depending on no other fucker in 2016, not even those that have more to lose by fucking you over than they do by treating you fairly, and be like the camera guy, sound guy and lion mentioned elsewhere on here.

Have a good one.


  1. Hear, hear! You´re right with the Iluminazis though.
    It´s fuck-all important who did it but what´s gona happen now, with the Orks inside the gates.

    I´ve been watching them roam around in 3-5 man groups all throughout the city and countryside. Already the “small break-ins” are up in the various allotment gardens and even cellars.
    Don´t think though it´ll be enough for the German PC Gutmensch brainwashing to crumble in 2016, 2017 is another matter though.
    Unless they start having a go in earnest at the kids (especially little BOYS) once school starts.

    My personal bet is on the Scandinavians to pop first.
    Those bastards have been the prime social engineering target for quite a while now.
    When that zit pops, it´ll shatter the mirror. 😉 \o/

    I like your list but frankly I´m too old for it.
    Maybe if I were in my 30ies, but now it´s “Come at me Orks! Sting is ready and glowing like a motherfucker anyway.”.
    Also there really is nowhere to run to, IMHO.

    .. a good one to you too! 🙂

    Comment by hans — January 1, 2016 @ 7:20 pm

    • 8)

      Comment by hans — January 1, 2016 @ 7:53 pm

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