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November 26, 2015

Winders Ten

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I’ve been this way with every release of Windows since 1.1, and yes, I was using 1.1 when it came out….

“This way” being ooh I’m not so bloody sure about this I think I may wait a little and see what happens, after all, the version I am currently running works OK….

And before long the version I am currently running starts playing up.

Yes, pure coincidence, every single time…lol

What *is* different now is the noise has drowned out the signal, when it comes to finding out if the move from win 7 or win 8.1 to win 10 is worthwhile, or mere insanity.

What got me was the main 8.1 machine decided to hose my user profile, switch users and everything was fine, switch back to mine and you either sat there looking at a blank desktop that never loaded anything or a frozen one, and yes I tried all the usual suspects (sfc / regedits / bits etc) and never did find a smoking gun for this behaviour.

So, I have choices, daily macrium backups and so on so several things I could do- so after a bit of pondering I thought what the fuck, lets try Win10.

It fixed my user account problem, and the upgrade was it must be said pretty damn good.

Are there bugs?

Yes, one of which is if you click on “settings and “windows update and security”  the window opens, sits there for half a second and then closes, this may be a feature, not a bug..lol

The networking stack appears to be slightly random too, couple of times I have seen it unable to see other devices on the network, do nothing, come back the next day and everything is working as expected and as it should.

Being blunt I’d be quite happy to junk the lot and run Suse on the bitch, except for one problem, some of the software that I have to use to earn a crust is windows only, and no, it doesn’t work under wine or anything because an emulated windows environment won’t cut it, this stuff needs hardware and network access, directly, natively.

So here I am stuck on Win10, because in motoring terms Win7 has 300,00 miles on the clock and Win8.1 has 150,000 miles on the clock and Win10 is the brand new lease car, exact same make and model as the last two, which a whole bunch of new problems that the Mk5 and Mk6 Golf diesel did not have, but, with 500 miles on the clock, it’s still less hassle than trying to to a ground up nut and bolt restoration of the MkIV every six months.

Life is too short and I can’t be bothered.

“There is a lot to like about this new version of windows” to me is a lot like saying there is a lot to like about the new Golf, it’s true, especially when compared to the old golf with 150k on the clock, but it doesn’t stand up well to the old W124 merc with 250k on the clock.

I think the analogy between windows operating systems and car leasing plans is a good one, and I’m not talking about the legal and ownership aspects, I am talking about getting rid of the old box with 150k on the clock and getting a new box with 50 on the clock, it’s going to develop most of the same faults over time as the old one, and some new ones, but for now it is an improvement.

If YOUR version of windows is still functioning, I’d hold on for the 10.1 point release, or SP1, or whatever they call it, if not, dive in now, either way, you are probably going to be running it before 2016 is out, no matter how much you claim otherwise now, because, sooner or later, that old Mk IV golf lease car with 350k on the clock is going to piss you off to the point where you will try Win10 as an experiment to see if you can cure the problems you are having.

Mark my words.

The user experience is the same as going from a Mk n golf to a Mk n+1 golf too, all the switches have moved from where they were, so it takes you five minutes to find the dashboard dimmer controls, you still reach for the electric window buttons in the old place, the stereo is a bit better and does bluetooth a bit better, but it’s still a fucking golf, and it’s still fucking winders…

Of course what I actually give a fuck about is my data, which is why I run stablebit drivepool on the NAS box with file duplication x2 and NTFS drives … and yes, after upgrading the desktop I upgraded the NAS box too, so even if the OS gets hosed I have 2x copies of everything on NTFS formatted drives.

The other thing I give a fuck about is doing shit, I don’t run an OS, I run application software, and as long as that does what it says on the tin I am a happy bunny, when it doesn’t do that because the underlying OS is borking and can’t see network shares on the NAS or windows files explorer locks up, I’m not a happy bunny…. but as long as my data is safe I can always recover from that, just do a bare metal reinstall.

What you *should* be hearing here is the following.

1/ Golf’s / Windows versions are not built to last (any more)

2/ It’s a question of *when* things start breaking, not *if*

3/ You cannot really “repair” or “maintain” it, you can do a periodic ground up reinstall/restoration, which is just as much trouble as migrating to the new version.

Everything else is sales talk and hot air, nobody makes a W124 any more, not even Mercedes, so you can’t buy them any more, and VW can only sell you a golf anyway, and no matter what the sales shit tells you, you’ll end up with a fucking golf.

Unless you work for the company I do, currently, who have informed us that the Golf’s are getting to expensive so they will be moving to Vauxhall Insignia’s, well, y’all will be moving without me, last Vauxhalls I drove were Magnums, Victors and PA Crestas, and I ain’t driving no modern shit.

Due to UK tax laws, the three years I have been with this shower of shit I have paid in tax allowance deductions a total of £3,500 for the *privilege* of driving a bunch of Windows H^H^H^ Golf’s on company lease, and so when I quit and the car goes back that is 3 and a half grand I have paid out with sweet fuck all to show for it at the end of it.

This sounding familiar to those who you who purchase a succession of winders operating systems yet?


The flip side of this Golf / WindowsOS analogy is this.

a/ If I had paid 3.5k for my own car and driven the miles I have done in the golf’s, it would be worn out and fucked up too.

b/ If I was planning on doing those miles, I’d want a vehicle *designed* to do those miles.

c/ Good luck buying such a vehicle, nobody makes cars like that any more.

d/ if you *could* buy such a car, say a brand new in 2016 W124, it would cost way more than you could afford.

Seeing the analogy to winders yet.

Which is where I get totally fucked and claim that Damn Small Linux is the venerable Honda c90, it has ownership and maintenance and reliability for pennies, but it’s still a fucking C90, and there is some shit (software) that it just won’t do.

Upgrade to a Harley (OpenSuse) and it does a whole hell of a lot moar than a C90, but it’s still a fucking motorcycle.

You get Linux users saying the same shit I said on bikes, as in everything you cannot do suddenly becomes a virtue of being on a motorcycle.

You get Windows users saying the same shit my mates who did not ride said, as in everything you cannot do on a motorcycle is the reason to not own one.

You get truckers going “200k miles, what the fuck is that?”

Truckers = IBM mainframe in case the analogy flew by you.

Windows is shit, but it’s barely good enough shit, and this version is just as shit as the old version on paper, but in reality this version is better simply because it is newer and fresher, even if they have moved all the buttons around again, but it’s still basically shit and you are still going to have the exact same fucking problems you had with everything from Win95a chicago once your fresh install is 3 months old…




  1. I’m running an Ubuntu/Windows 8.1 dual boot system right now. I hardly ever run Windows unless I have to, and I’m hoping I can stick with 8.1 for a while yet. My main worry is that if I upgrade it will try and fuck with my bootloader and make it so I can’t get into Linux anymore.

    I keep seeing games here and there being released on Steam for the Linux OS, and I hope this is part of a trend where companies start releasing multi-OS software so Windows will finally start losing market share. Microsoft is a dinosaur and just needs to die already.

    Comment by Michael — November 27, 2015 @ 12:19 am

  2. Meh, I´m not feeling your Golf analogy (IMHO WinX is more like the Renault that can be switched of when you don´t pay your car-rent) but I guess it makes it easier understandable for the non-nerds.
    I´d be more partial to the gun analogy, as in “Ya have to pry Win7 from my cold dead hands!” 😉

    Thanks to my SSD I suddenly got suspicious of my HDD waking up at VERY inopportune times(have that sucker set to sleep after 40 mins, thus blissful quiet for most of the day) and after a comb over of the scheduler I found all these weird “user experience” entries, I then disabled.
    Eventually the internet caught on and identified all the stealth “updates” that fuck Win7 over so it stealth downloads WinX and probably fucks Win7 so hard that the user gives up and installs the conveniently available newer, better, faster & improved “NSA-X” operating system.

    So my Win7 is saved and I´m a happy camper, though my Winupdate did suddenly stop nagging me with update notifications.
    Which is quite a boon, I´m happy to report! 🙂

    Quite frankly Microsoft can be swallowed by a sinkhole for all I care, IF the asshole “my code is prettier than thou” Linux nerds would finally get their heads out of their asses and simply COPY one(ANY) Windows version, instead of constantly reinventing the UNIX-hamster-wheel.

    Comment by hans — November 27, 2015 @ 12:25 am

    • Yeah, and if the Linux world could sideline Lenhart Poettering (of pulseaudio and, more recently, systemd fame), Linux would be a much better world, as it used to be.

      Comment by Tim — November 27, 2015 @ 3:33 am

      • it’s called “bsd”. (buh dum tish)

        seriously, at some point systemd will have a hard dependency on a (till then) secret fork of the kernel that redhat controls. then linux is truely fuckered. it’s only a matter of time…

        Comment by let it burn — November 28, 2015 @ 5:28 pm

        • There ***IS*** opposition to the spread of the systemd menace. Devuan (https://devuan.org/) is a systemd-less fork of Debian. Arch, Gentoo, and Slackware offer the option of not using systemd. I think Manjaro and Puppy are systemd-less by default. Mint also offers the option to get rid of systemd, but it is uncertain for how long.

          There are also web sites promoting opposition to systemd, such as http://systemd-free.org/, http://without-systemd.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page, and several others. But yes, unfortunately, all major distros (Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu…) are soon going to be systemd-only.

          Comment by Tim — December 2, 2015 @ 3:41 am

  3. Ah, looks like the Empire Strikes Back!
    Bring it on muthafockers! 😦

    Comment by hans — December 7, 2015 @ 9:28 pm

  4. “Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE! Limited time only!”

    “Upgrade to Windows 10, highly recommended for your system.”

    “Upgrade to Windows 10, your system may be at risk!”

    “Windows 10 is being installed on your system, whether you like it or not, bitches.”

    Comment by freeman — December 7, 2015 @ 10:38 pm

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