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October 29, 2015

It’s the end of an era

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It’s now three years since I started my gig for a company that labels itself as a “channel partner”, which means I’m the meat that turns up to site in real life to liaise with all the outsourced to Mumbai techs to resolve all the internet and server hardware issues for high street and industrial estate businesses who purchase IT and comms from the big players here in the UK.

Hi, my name is Fred and I’m here on behalf of BT / Talk talk / Virgin / Kelway / Capita / etc etc etc

When I started three years ago, about one job every two weeks was a fuck up that was not completed on the first site visit.

Now about one job every two or three weeks isn’t a fuck up and gets completed on the first site visit.

I’m sick and fucking tired of all the bullshit, incompetence, don’t give a fuck mate it’s your problem now, and all the rest of it.

Got a bunch of holiday to use up and a couple of weeks in between, then giving my notice in for end of January, given January is traditionally a quiet time in IT… so the theory is I get another three month’s derisory wages for little actual work before leaving.

Did a store last week, took two visits, brand new retail store with 7 tills on the checkout and a total of 70 part time staff, 3 part timers being cheaper for a company to employ than 1 full timer, and this fucking place is relying on a fucking ADSL connection for the primary connection and a fucking 3G connection for a backup, except the ADSL connection isn’t live yet, so 24 hours before opening I’m trying to get the fucking 3G to work so head office can push all the prices and updates and shit to 7 tills and the main server…..

Cunts are too fucking tight to pay 220 a month for EFM or 300 a month for a fibre primary and xDSL backup, one 750 quid cisco 887vag, no backup router, one cheap ass netgear switch, no UPS, no nothing.

Cunts have over 450 stores nationwide.

Fucking ISP should have told them to go and fuck themselves and come back when they were prepared to buy a proper business class internet connection suitable for 2015/6, and not a bunch of shit that wouldn’t cut it for the average home gamer… but no, no client is too mean or stupid to turn away, so some cunt in sales signs the contract and suddenly 19 nested resellers of resellers all have 27 cents each to make it happen.

It’s barely working at all by any definition and all they are doing is pushing updates down the lines to a closed store, when it opens and 7 tills are trying to update central stock and resupply, 7 chip and pin machines are trying to talk to the banks, 7 loyalty card readers are trying to talk to a back office somewhere, 20 or more staff are trying to swipe in and out at shift start and finish, head office are shoving down rich text emails with huge attachments for marketing and management, and this weeks promos and sales targets, and so on and so forth, it’s going to be a fucking nightmare, and it isn’t going to get *much* better when the xDSL circuit goes live, because it’s a cheap ass asymmetric one, with minimal upload speed, not a closer to symmetric annexe M one, which costs marginally more money than the standard xDSL.


Or I go to sites and the fucking hardware is dead, so eventually 14 monkeys manage to get a replacement cisco box to site, and eventually 7 other monkeys manage to realise that I ain’t pulling no config off a dead router / firewall / switch, so they better send me a copy of the config, and then 19 monkeys have a circle jerk when they realise (code for me ringing the twats up and telling them) that they have shipped a box with a cisco base licence, and the config has features that require a different and more expensive licence, and fuck knows, that could take days to organise…..

The psychic toll of dealing, day after day, with cunts who refuse to listen to a single word you say, and keep repeating the same shit at you until you give them the fucking answer they are looking for, irrespective of fact or truth or reality or logic or intellect of any kind…

I’ll be honest, the money never was great, it was keep the wolf away from the door stuff, not i’ll book a holiday in some pacific idyll, which it should have been, but even if the money was great, it’s no longer enough… fucking company with a glasshole google style HQ full of incompetent whining wimminz who sound like they are overdosing on qualludes and prozac and and handful of ball less wonder manginas, all trying to carve out their own shitty little empires on the deck of a clearly sinking ship/t.

18 months ago I thought the bastards were just cutting back to make the profit and expense accounts look good, ready for an IPO.

Now I realise it’s just cancer, the company is dying, and it’s time for this rat to leave that particular sinking ship.

it’s like getting divorced, a huge fucking relief and weight off, to know that my sentence there is now nearing an end.

I raise a glass of beer to them, kiss my fucking ass.


  1. Cheers mate. Life is too short for assholes. Now you can dive in full time on your laser biz

    Comment by freeman — October 29, 2015 @ 5:25 pm

  2. Congrats!

    .. enough “bück dich” for you! 🙂

    Also I always try NOT to get the rage when I hear the shit these retard cunts are trying to “save money” on.
    I´m almost there, I think. 😉

    Comment by hans — October 30, 2015 @ 3:56 am

  3. I see the exact same thing here in the public safety communications world. My last job working as a radio tech in the private sector, we used to sell cheap lapel microphones to police departments that weren’t public safety grade, and were not water-resistant either. Of course, the police departments had all the money in the world for fancy cars and heavy weapons for their SWAT teams, but they just couldn’t be bothered to buy quality radio equipment. Of course the boss would have us go ahead and sell them the cheap crap, only to have the cops come back and bitch later that the crap we sold them was unreliable, and our ball-less wonder boss man would give them free replacements. I asked why they bothered selling cheap crap to cops anyways, and all I got was they would just buy the cheap shit from someone else, might as well be us. Well in the end they got free replacements for their broke-ass mics and we lost our ass. But I’m just some stupid former Air Force tech, what the hell do I know about private enterprise? I ended up getting fed up being paid peanuts and no benefits and little vacation time with them, plus all the other fuck-ups, and quit.

    Now I work a government job as a radio tech, with better pay, bennies and vacation than I could expect in the private sector where I live. Even stranger, all the private shops in the area are so screwed up, that the county government radio shop actually does a better job repairing county radio equipment and handling business. Yet the conventional wisdom is that private enterprise is ALWAYS better and more efficient than any government entity. In theory it is, but our world is so fucked up right now in practice everything is turned upside down.

    Comment by Mike — November 2, 2015 @ 5:30 pm

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