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September 7, 2015

The Night Train keeps on runnin’

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(lyric from Laid Back – “Bakerman”)

Well it’s been a funny old year, not that it’s over yet, but whereas a year or two ago I was in a distinct minority with my doom and gloom predictions about the economy and society, nowadays almost nobody who lives outside London does anything much other than purse their lips and tilt their head sideways, and then relate a little snippet from their own lives that kinda supports what I have been saying.

The latest one of note was a guy I know vaguely with a bike shop, included in his current stock of used bikes are a couple of clean late model twin cam harleys, both very clean, very low miles, going for around 9k, but in both cases the previous owners have managed to throw around 30k in extras at them, which isn’t that hard if you’re really determined.

So you’re looking at guys that have paid 15-20k for a bike, thrown another 30k at them to bring the total investment to 45-50k (and we’re talking pounds sterling here, not yuan) here, and then sold it to a dealer for 7.5k, so HE can sell it for 9k, so THEY have 7.5k cash which is more than the HD dealer will give you as a trade in on your no longer factory 2006 HD when you buy a ’15 model…

… and this dealer is worried, because there are yet more rules and regulations coming down the pipe from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) all of which make it even harder to get credit, to the point where the self employed won’t even get a mortgage, not unless you have something like 90% deposit.

Credit cards are a crap shoot, because the banks insist he has a merchant services account, which means ALL chargebacks get taken back from HIM, no matter how diligent he was…

… got to the point where the only way he can sell a bike on plastic is to have the cardholder turn up in person with every bit of ID imaginable and a whole bunch of household utility bills to boot, and they all better show the same name and address details, EXACTLY the same, no “John Q Smith” on one and ” J Q Smith” on another.

Cash sales, he gets a few, but not many of them about, it’s still finance city, and lots more apply than get, and it’s no longer much of a sweet deal for the dealer in commission terms.

I’m on my third and I strongly suspect last HD, I took advantage of the afore-mentioned type of modern HD buyer, the garage queen with 200 miles a year put on it and 2x the purchase price spent on engine mods, guy built himself a bike with dyno bragging rights, but ended up with a bike that he could no longer handle, and besides (I’m guessing here) those 2009 new model range rides look so schweeet… lol.

Rich boys toys…20150829_155438sml

Time was, you chucked money at HD because unless you stuffed it into a wall, you could pretty much always get your money back… pretty much.

You do the math on some of these things though, and you find owners who are spending UK£ 2.00+ per MILE on the odometer, and that is insane shit for a fucking production motorcycle… when I bought the current ride I put more miles on it in the first week than the previous / original owner had in five fucking years, yet he had also thrown so much money and engine mods at it that it no longer fitted in the category with Malcolm’s bikes.

I met Malcolm briefly years ago, a mutual acquaintance introduced us, me as someone who could help Martin recommission a harley that had been put into storage.

When I get there there is a mint 5 year old Electra-glide in the middle of the big double garage, with less than 2 miles on the odometer, and never registered.

There are also four other large lumps covered by tarps and blankets along the back wall.

Turned out about 5 years previously Martin’s folks had died, and he got left a lump sum, he hummed and haah’ed about how to invest this cash for a bit, and ended up at a certain man dealer in London, where he bought five brand new unregistered Electra-glides, which is decommissioned for storage and left in the back of the garage.

Need some cash?

Pull one of the bikes out and sell it, brand new old stock.

He actually sold that one for MORE than he paid for it, in strict pound notes terms (inflation excluded) because there is always some asshole who will buy a no longer available from the factory but brand spanking new unused and unregistered model.

I haven’t seen Malc for ten years or more, so at that rate he still has two left, and I hate to think what a patient man could get in the age of the internet and world wide markets for a brand new unused unregistered never ridden 1999 Evo engined FL’s… I know it’s going to be a LOT more than the 7.5k each he paid…. he got 11k for the one I was involved in, not a bad appreciation after only 5 years.

But there is the thing, unless it is a tool of some sort, an asset is not a thing that you use, and if you use it, unless it is a tool of some sort, it is not an asset.

I can argue that the laser and the harley cost similar amounts of money, only one of them earns money…. a second harley would not earn me any money (if I rode it) and a second laser would not earn me any more money, as the one I have is not in use 24/7.

Put the money in the bank? Yeah, that worked well in Greece and Cyprus and other places… no thanks.

Somewhere between the time I met Malc and now, I met another guy, he took a different route, life was going to shit, divorce coming up, asset forfeiture and all that, so he went out and maxed all his credit cards and bought a brand new harley, then sold it for a quid to a mate, who sold it for a quid to another mate, who sold it for a quid to another mate, who sold it to the first guy again for a quid… which means nobody can re-po it… fuck it, he was gonna lose everything anyway, might as well come out of it smiling on two wheels.20150906_193010

His attitude was like mine, you buy it to keep it and to ride it, not a garage queen, not an overclocked dyno diva, not a supposed “investment”, not a big boys toy, born again mid life crisis, or anything else.

I always had this thing, you know, the guy is there showing off his latest mega super crotch rocket, I’d lean in and ask what was wrong with the rest of the rear tyre, that he was only using the middle bit…. LRFH

Second pic on the right is my rear tyre (first pic is the bike itself, can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this bike before on here — strange shit, you know you have done something, because you “must have” and then you check, and find no, you never did…) so if I can use 95% of the tread width on an old harley y’all got no fucking excuse on your modern jap superbikes.


I just made a coffee, re-read all this, and realised that the point I was trying to make, I have talked around a lot, but haven’t actually touched on once.

The point is that a thing is what it actually is, and indeed what it actually is may vary from one individual to another, and then there is how that thing is perceived, and indeed this too may vary from one individual to another.

Your “awesome harley cruiser” may be a “blinged up garage queen POS” to me, (and vice versa) and really, that’s just a matter of taste, and you are entitled to your own choices and tastes as I am.

However, your “investment” or “asset” may not be mine, and vice versa.

The guys up above who blinged 45k on bikes that they sold within a couple of years for 7.5k could take up yacht ownership for example, it’s a similar financial experience.

The problem starts when someone starts selling yachts and harleys and whatever else, as an “asset” or an “investment”, and when others start buying them as such.

it’s all great stuff until it comes to “mark to market” time, or selling time, and you actually make a sale.

One of those 45k spent but sold for 7.5k bikes had 3.5k of custom paint on it, he’d probably have gotten 8.25k from the dealer if it had had factory stock paint on it… that’s a bitch.

Not as big a bitch as a guy who just got burned to the tune of 37k for 5 years of harley ownership (and 300 miles of “riding” a year) who THEN TURNS AROUND AND USES THE REMAINDER of his mark to market “investment” to buy another brand new harley and start off all over again…

… or a yacht….

…. or stocks and bonds….





So the dealer who started this all off, he got no long term plans, he’d love to keep and grow the business, but he knows it’s moving goalposts as far as the FSA and other things are concerned, and you can only get late model clean as fuck low mileage garage queens as long as the supply stays available, and that is your shop’s USP… so enjoy it while you can, make money while the sun shines, and be prepared to bail when the seasons change.

Me, well I’ll be happy to keep this bike to the day I die, or until I get too old to ride, so it’s pretty much never going to get marked to market (sold), so the longer I keep and ride it and the more miles it does, the better the value from the fiat currency that was exchanged for ownership of it.

It’s like the laser, the residual value is already $0.00, because I got no intentions of selling, ever… it doesn’t cost money in HP or interest, just daily usage and routine maintenance and consumables.

If you buy something with no intention of ever selling it, that thing itself becomes substantially different from buying a thing that you may one day want to or need to sell.

If you buy a house for LIFE to die and get buried in it, it’s different to buying a house that you may want to sell, to upsize, or downsize, or just move for work.1073

We, as a species, have a VASTLY greater “turnover” in ownership of things than we used to when I was a lad, typically back then people would buy one house, maybe two, in a lifetime.

A car or motorcycle would be bought and kept for ten or more years.

A stereo the same.

Hell, my old man died in the early 90’s with pairs of shoes (that were still good) that were bought new in the very early ’70’s, I’m sitting here in a one year old pair of trainers that are on their last legs and need replacing.

To many people, I’m sitting on an old, thirteen year old, obsolete, out of date harley.

To me, I’m sitting on one that is THIRTY FIVE FUCKING YEARS YOUNGER than my last one. (last pic above)

I don’t *care* what value you place on it, any more than I *care* what value you place on the current / latest squeeze (9 months so far and going strong) because they both give me exactly what I want every single day of ownership, I’m not investing and hoping for some future gains, I’m already getting so much out that every day is another win win day.



  1. Growing up I thought it was odd that my dad would never throw things away, spend huge amounts of time fixing/modifying/maintaining gadgets that could be replaced at a much cheaper rate, and almost never buy anything new. As years went by, I found myself doing the same thing and I now understand the wisdom in buying quality and knowing how to maintain and fix all the things you own. I’ve gained a much greater sense of how worthless many of the things that are ascribed such great status in society are, and how valuable some of the simplest things in life can be.

    I know I have more than I need, but times might not be so plentiful in the future. I’d like to have some savings in case things go south, and banks are looking pretty dodgy these days. It’s hard to think of something that everyone would want, could use every day, and has a high shelf life. Any thoughts? All I can think of are canned food, spools of copper wire, bullets, maybe bars of soap.

    Comment by freeman — September 7, 2015 @ 9:45 pm

    • Freedom, brother… highest shelf life of all… and to be free you have to be beholden to no one, indebted to no one, and have your own tools and shit, and a motorsickle or two.. lol

      Comment by wimminz — September 7, 2015 @ 9:48 pm

      • Hell yea bro. Have fun with the new bike

        Comment by freeman — September 8, 2015 @ 9:17 pm

  2. Fukme, right now I´m beating myself up for never having learned to ride a motor-bike.
    About 14000 {official numbers} (yah right, more like 140 000) brand new oh so helpless Flüchtlinge coming in to my neck of the woods.
    Of which barely a forth is actual women&children.
    Rest is gutless Muslims that didn´t have the balls to stay at home and fight & defend their own. Or worse, actual Daesh fifth column trash.

    Hopping on a bike just riding south sounds oh so sweet right now.
    Instead I´m probably going to get used to grocery shopping with my knife strapped to my side. :/

    Comment by hans — September 8, 2015 @ 9:29 pm

    • What the hell is Merkel thinking? Does the NSA have some uber blackmail on her, or does she think these immigrants will gleefully take on the role of cheap labor to pay into the pensions of aging Germans? When we all know the reality is they will instantly go on welfare, enforce sharia law, and turn it into a shithole “no go” zone. If only these people the asshole politicians recklessly let in could all settle in the gated communities of the politicians and bankers. Hungary is the only country that seems to be acting with a degree of sanity. Africa’s population is expected to increase by billions of people through the rest of the century and they’re going to demand to come into Europe. I fear what comes after. The Camp of the Saints was meant to be a warning, not a fucking blueprint


      Is there any place in Germany where you can go that won’t be swamped by vibrants?

      Comment by freeman — September 9, 2015 @ 2:15 am

      • If you cannot stand a professionally offended ´merican wimminz political correctness commissar, you have never experienced a rabid anti-nationalistic German “Gutmensch” in private.
        Children here are indoctrinated early and hard into German guilt and self-hate, so that for many the only escape from it seems to be going straight Nazi.
        Which ironically the indoctrination was supposed to “inoculate” against.

        For now it looks like eastern Germany has a good chance staying “free”, which is a mixed blessing because that´s where the real hardcore Nazi no-go areas actually are.
        To put it bluntly, Merkel is still sailing strong on her political correctness current and nobody is daring to object.
        Which will be interesting to watch when the rape statistics will come rolling in.
        At least in that regard I´m confident that German Men won´t stay such balless wonders as the Scandinavians.

        Comment by hans — September 9, 2015 @ 9:59 am

  3. I get the distinct feeling lately that our EU apparatchiks have upset American intelligence, with their no to war with Russia.
    What with all the ISIS (American proxy) Hadjis being shipped into Europe and armed and whatnot.

    Comment by Digger Nick — September 11, 2015 @ 3:55 pm

    • Now that Russia is entering the war in Syria to defeat ISIS, it seems the talking heads are having a difficult time trying to spin it in a way that fits the acceptable narrative. Political jiu jitsu. If Russia succeeds, they will have done what the west couldn’t officially do, and it would be a massive embarrassment to the west.

      Comment by Guy — September 11, 2015 @ 10:49 pm

  4. @Rest is gutless Muslims that didn´t have the balls to stay at home and fight & defend their own

    invasion. they are there to fight you and yours.

    longer version: remember the recent splodydope who tried to shoot up a paris train and was stopped by some americans? he had an ak-47. did anybody ask how he got it? you can’t buy one in a store anywhere in europe. another wave or two of invaders and they’ll have all the aks they want. to shoot you all with.

    good luck!

    Comment by let it burn — September 12, 2015 @ 5:51 pm

    • I hav´ta let my inner conspiracy child roam free here and declare THAT whole thing a pretty obvious Psyop.
      But good point, only ones armed here are the cops, the rockers and the criminals.
      Fun times ahead.

      Anyhoo back to the theme here. Oldie but a goody,.

      Don´t ride another man´s bike YET pay the full price for it! 🙂

      Comment by hans — September 12, 2015 @ 11:21 pm

  5. On the other hand, with the influx of muslims you will see more examples of feminists being put in their place:

    Comment by freeman — September 15, 2015 @ 12:24 pm

    • As belly aching a laugh as this is giving me, I know I will pop a vessel if I see 2-3 of these fuckers in the bus berating one of “our” wimminz for showing their hair or wearing short-shorts.

      I know I should know better, than to white knight for some retarded wimminz I´ve never seen and who´ll fuck me over in the courts.
      Ah well, maybe I´ll manage to restrain myself after all. 😉

      Comment by hans — September 15, 2015 @ 3:21 pm

      • Ja, definitely *restrain* yer-self, if for no other reason than these will be the same stuck-up cuntz who voted for Merkel in the first place… let ’em reap da rape they done sowed… then, AFTERWARDS, wax the muzzies anyway, for the usual Fatherland reasons.

        The great thing about muzz-scum is you only have to kill off about 6-8%, and the rest will “self-emigrate” post haste… cuts way down on the “disposal” problem. 😉

        Comment by DGAF in Miami — September 21, 2015 @ 5:38 am

  6. This post is worthless without a .wav file, lol… The cachet of American icon HDs (esp. highly tricked-out specimens) in the UK is comic-ironic, and balanced by the unbridled hysteria here in the USA for classic Brit bikes, especially BSA–talk about garage-queens–can you say giant Lucite display case?… lulz…

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — September 21, 2015 @ 5:48 am

  7. You have been tagged as CIA . You are now playing the “spot a mason” game.
    To play “spot a mason”, tag other American propagandists, supporting things like:
    degeneracy, a breakdown of civil society, homosexuality.

    Comment by shekel berg — September 27, 2015 @ 10:10 am

  8. After a short road trip and some time spent in local pubs, I’ve been noticing a wind change in broader society. People seem more tribal, unhinged, restless. People that were once staunchly republican have become disillusioned and are now completely checked out. People are now openly talking about remembering the names of those who sold out greater society. Topics that were once fringe are now no longer able to be hidden. NRx sites are flowing further right. Former hookups have been looking to reconnect all in the span of a month, after years of radio silence. What’s the barometer in Europe? Seems to me that interesting times are ahead.

    Comment by freeman — September 27, 2015 @ 1:55 pm

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