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July 14, 2015

Signs and portents

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I see them everywhere, but then again, so does everyone else, it’s pattern matching, what lets us see shapes in clouds.

I also see that some time in the past several years I’ve gone fucking gray, and I’m not talking the odd gray hair here and there, I’m talking most of them seem to be gray, my fucking chest hair is largely gray, my beard stubble is largely gray, my fucking pubes are growing out gray.

Over the same time period my skin, notably on my face, has gone from youthful and smooth (fnaar fnaar) to leathery Charles Bronson spent too long in the sun squinting down the sights motherfucker TEXTURED shit… don’t mean lines, mean texture…. what the fuck..lol

So, I guess it’s official and undeniable, the telomeres have spoken, y’all ain’t no spring chicken no more.

Someone said some years ago that the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent, but looking at the ongoing Greek fiasco and the state of economies and so forth makes me think, irrational exuberance is just as looney tunes as irrational panic.

Markets and politics and shit today seems to have more in common with reddit memes and popularity than anything even remotely related to real world shit, but surreal shit is getting ever more surreal.

In the day gig it seems we as a company have lost a lot of competent and experienced engineers, they have quit and moved on to pastures new, probably bored with being paid peanuts, I guess the inference being that since I haven’t quit I’m not that competent or experienced…lol.. I certainly never get mentioned in the monthly shouts to all the high fives above and beyond teacher’s pet accolades via email from da management..

… but today I notice one of my oppo’s has a meeting scheduled with the department heads and some apprentices, first I fucking heard of it, so someone somewhere clearly made a policy decision to keep yours truly well away from the fucking apprentices… can’t say they were wrong…lol

Meanwhile back at the laser shit, yeah, I could make a living at that shit now, it’s picked up organically and sans any kind of promotion or effort outside of a website, to the point where it could just about keep me alive… so considering it’s been only nine months since I bought the bitch and haven’t really pushed it in any way… a pleasant surprise.

It’s also been a couple of months for the silverstone nas box / asus h81i / wd red 6tb / stablebit drivepool / win 8.1 nas box, and I am having to admit that in every way it is exceeding my expectations, lovely little bit of kit… bear in mind the day job involves dealing with all sorts of corporate IT, not just routers and switches but also servers and storage kit, some of it very high end and very fucking expensive, and that shit just ain’t *that* much better, if at all, save for variations around the fact that it has to support many more users, which in itself has problems with added complexity and therefore reduced reliability.anonymised

The shit I am seeing in the corporate world is symptomatic of the decline.

Going to jobs where the network ain’t working because some cunt has done the BYOD day thing and plugged a cheap shit router into the network, which promptly starts broadcasting DHCP addresses to everyone one else on the network, in competition with the separate range DHCP advertised by the corporate router.

Going to jobs where teh (sic) switches are pegged at 99% CPU utilisation because (see pic) some cunt in patch cable hell has managed to path in a hard loopback between devices in the rack where there should be none, or where every port is patched in and the fact is the device itself is now working at capacity because nobody has any notions of bandwidth management per application type etc.. I mean, we all really fucking NEED rich text email and shit, with massive boilerplate sigs full of corporate branding images and other bullshit.

I just sent a fucking email to myself, from my corporate account to a personal one, I used a while fucking EIGHT BYTES for the subject and message body, the rest was “blank” or as blank as the boilerplate templates allow, and I didn’t even use any fancy fonts or font colours or anything, and what landed was a fucking whopping 236,909 bytes in size.


At 9,600 bps and allowing a 15% overhead for transmission protocols 260599.9 / 9600 = 27.14582291666667 —— so 30 seconds to send on an early modem, and the rule then was if your fucking corporate web page took more than 15 seconds to fully load you were fucked and drowned.

Fuck me I have a copy of my entire business website from 1999, multiple pages, sections, downloads and all sorts, and the entire fucking website is 1.9 mb, I really splurged out with a very fancy and bling bling logo that was 27,256 bytes, with a snazzy background texture that was a whopping 6,263 bytes and a home page html document that was a bloated 6,754 bytes, and I can remember agonising at the time whether it was all a bit too “fat”…

You want to know one of the most useful tools in my bag when I go to one of these places to do any work?

1″ masking tape.

I can label every patch lead end individually, I have to, because there is no network map and no colour coding and no cable labelling or marking of any kind, none, nada, zip, zero, zilch…

And I’m the only cunt in my company that carries masking tape…. and we are industry leaders… but keep me away from those fucking apprentices at all costs eh, might corrupt the poor bastards…

be afraid, be very very very fucking afraid.


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