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June 29, 2015

Greek Roundabouts and Swingers

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So, while still being a recidivist misogynist bastard, I got a regular squeeze that often stays over, so this morning as she is off to work and I have a later start, she comes back to the bedroom after getting washed and dressed and ready to leave, and gives me a morning blow-job.

You literally can’t get that morning blow-job if you are hard-line MGTOW and kick the skank out at midnite after emptying your balls into her….

***irrespective*** of the merits or perils of being hardline MGTOW or having the bitch stay overnight, the significant factor here is you can’t get the morning blowjob if you kick her out at midnight and retire to your bed alone.

It’s 100% either or.

Greece (and most of the rest of the western world) is like that, or at least it is as soon as you stop with the bullshit and delusions and live now pay later kick the can down the road defer the bill as long as fucking possible while still stuffing your face at the all you can eat buffet.

Once the music stops and the light go up it’s back to reality, and either or.

But there is reality, and then there is everyone’s opinion on what is reality, and opinions are like assholes, we have all got one, and most of them are similar, but separate.

So far nobody has commented on the fact that the Greek reality happened on a Saturday the 27th of the month, typically just in time to NOT pay everyone’s wages into the bank on the last day of the month (Tuesday 30th this month)

How convenient for TPTB.

How inconvenient for the proles on the street.

So let me tell you a few things about ATM’s, I work with these things, but I don’t work for a security firm filling them with cash, if I did I’d have been programmed to freak out with secrecy and not discuss any of this with outsiders.

Think if a BIG office printer, the kind where there are multiple drawers of bins holding the feed paper, you’re kind of on the right lines, now securityify the thing up, rigid steel frame, panels, doors.

Doesn’t actually need a print head, as the paper in the bins is pre-printed, so it’s only a question of dispensing 5 sheets from the 10 bin when you ask for 50 etc.

round the font you have a flat screen and some keypad and buttons for the user interface.

round the back there are more keypads and stuff so the security droids can get it to unlock the empty drawer cartridges and accept the full ones, after inputting the correct codes and personal identifiers and codes of the day / week etc

And then there is the internet connection… of course the ATM uses this to check with your bank that your card is valid, and that you have 50 available to withdraw, and then tells it you have done so, and your new balance is applied to your account etc.

The ATM of course also uses this to report on its own health, intrusion detection operations, software and firmware updates, code registry updates and so on and so forth.

No internet connection = “We’re sorry, this ATM is not available” message on the front.

As to what they hold, the typical full size machine can hold easily in excess of a million in cash, they can hold a few millions actually, if you get one that is chock full, which means one that has just been filled, which also means one that all of the drawers and cartridges are used in.

Let’s say it takes 60 seconds for a complete user cycle, lets say each user can draw 250 bucks / quid / euro / fecalcoin notes, that’s 250 x 60 per hour which = 15,000 an hour, over a 24 hour period that’s 360,000, over a 7 day period that’s 2.520 million, and they really need to go a week or two between refills…. and you usually have two together, so customers aren’t “inconvenienced” when one is down for maintenance etc

Obviously the guys and gals filling these machines are carrying around several million in cash every day, but it isn’t loose cash, it’s in these tins or cartridges… hell, inkjet ink is the most expensive liquid known to man, but nobody actually HANDLES the shit with bottles and funnels and pouring and so on, in the same way nobody actually HANDLES the cash.

THAT is done behind high walls and closed doors and rules that you can take your cellphone and car keys and credit cards with you, but ALL cash and coin stays in your home, you don’t even have any in your car which you drive to work in.

Because essentially nobody is trusted, so these steps all serve to remove every single individual from temptation.

So, if you have a “Greek” event…. all you have to do is send an update via the internet to all your ATM’s, don’t let anyone draw more than 50 if they are greek or more than 100 if they are a bloody tourist.

It’s no different to an ISP sending a throttle command to the modem they provide you with for “free”, or a suspension of service command to the radius server that lets you get access to their network, or a fuck you go use this proxy instead of a direct connection.

You see, it’s simple programming, provided you have the computer power floating around somewhere, you can do the following.

1/ Take all unique personal account customers of natbarcloyd banks details, and use those details to create and populate a new database of customers of the new nationalised natbarcloudstatebank

2/ set up a cron job to push 100 newbucks a week into each account

3/ allow every user to draw up to 20 newbucks a day from the ATM

4/ send a command to every ATM to not dispense anything from any cartridges still tagged as containing euros

5/ send G4s out with newbux to replace the euro in the ATM’s

it’s literally a 24 hour financial coup that CAN be implemented from the top down, if you have access to the correct level of coders and security types, you’re talking a group of maybe 50 people can MAKE this happen and push it out to the masses.

It’s like my morning blowjob, in the either or sense, you either hand a banking system that allows this shit, in the system sense, or you have one where it is impossible, and if you have one where it is impossible, you don’t get your morning blowjob, ever.

Letting the bitch sleep overnight is letting the bankers / state impose / use a fiat currency, it’s either / or.

Back when I was  lad, the technical definition of inflation was “an increase in the money supply”

If there was one billion pounds of money in the system (doesn’t have to be all banknotes in a fiat monetary system, digital credits count too) and you increase the supply to 1.1 billion then you got 10% inflation.. end of…

Fractional reserve banking and loans are therefore inflationary by nature.

Here in the UK we have 60+ million people who think we are independent, because we use the Pound Sterling, not the fucking Euro, wherever it is printed.

They all forget, we USED to have Pounds, shilling and pence, 240 pence to the pound, or 20 shillings of 12 pence to the shilling, then we had “decimalisation” and an ENTIRELY NEW currency of 100 new pennies to the “pound”, but it was still ***called*** pennies and pounds, so nobody reacted to it like a name change from say drachma to euros.

Of course, this was all “before records began” back in the late sixties, the fact that it was in living memory is neither here nor there, now we have a constantly moving goalpost of “when records began”, see, that’s another way of changing the playing field, changing when your records begin and discarding all the older stuff.

Since records began in 1996 not only have house prices not risen *that* much, but the Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan haven’t invaded anyone at all, bastards still go on about my armed robbery and murder convictions throughout the seventies and eighties when I was a gangland kingpin though…

Which all brings me neatly and disjointedly to a local swinger “couple” as in they aren’t a couple and don’t live together but for the purposes of swinging they are a fuckbuddy couple, as in, she only comes as part of a couple, but he meets on his own, and she does not ever, so don’t ask, or it will offend, fnaar fnaar.

So they get pissed off when I say Fuck you I’m not interested in you as a couple unless she swings alone with me, and when I point out that ALL I AM DOING is imposing upon them, that which they seek to impose upon others, it’s toys outta da pram time.

And that’s the grexit in one sentence, when the Greeks try to play turnabout is fair game, it’s a bit like the Russians and Putin being labelled “aggressive” and “escalating” and “warmongering” for noting that all those NATO bases are within 100 miles of Russian borders, and none of them are within 1000 miles of USA borders, or the Russians deploying a mere 40 new nuclear missiles, some decades after Bush II administration said fuck you and walked away from Nixon’s 1972 limitation treaty and started building new nuclear missiles.

That shit isn’t an unfortunate CONSEQUENCE of an asymmetric system, the fucking asymmetric system is chosen mainly because it has those fucking properties, that is the whole fucking idea, shit runs downhill, asymmetric systems exist to define the direction of the slope.

I get a nice blowjob and not a slit throat or an empty wallet in the morning BECAUSE the relationshit is asymmetric, she does not hold the power and dare not fuck it up, and all that keeps that shit clean and lean and clear is the fact that the one with the power does not abuse it.

But then, I got morals and standards, despite the fact that my claimed total lack of morals and standards of any kind is always the first refrain of everyone who tries to manipulate me and make me their (too meek and timid to stand up for themselves) bitch.

Hey, no worries, the “contagion” from the greek collapse and exit is planned for and contained.

Now, who wants a blowjob in the mornings, OK, form an orderly queue and vote here…


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  1. I´m watching this whole “Grexit” like a Zookeeper watches a dog fuck a tigress.
    Totally in awe at the sheer ignorance displayed by ALL the (German) talking heads, “reporters” excluded as their imbecility is a given.

    Foot for thought..

    Thought there was time till at least September, but looks like I need to stock up a bit earlier on canned food. LOL!

    Comment by hans — June 29, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

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