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January 30, 2015

When world’s collide

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Seems the lay-offs are very much in vogue prior to April 6th (tax year end here) with world + dog “rightsizing” and “resource allocating” soon to be ex-staff members out the door.

Meanwhile the hilarity and insanity continues wherever you look, our feminazi law makers are now postulating that men should be able to prove consent before sex, or it is rape, a far, far, far cry from the old definition, which was that one party had to genuinely believe the other party consented.

Hey I got raped by Virgin Media, I genuinely believed that when I paid them the money they asked for they would give me 150 mbit to teh intertubez…. I guess I shoulda gotten written consent from the mofos first eh.

So, as I ended the last piece I talked about how this piece would be about how people who treat an analogue world as binary are responsible for leading us into economic collapse and wars.

So I guess I should do dat ting, but, fuck it man, open your eyes and look around you, says it all more eloquently than anything I can write, and if you do that and can’t see, then nothing I can say will make you see.

Men Going Their Own Way has days to run before the initial year’s hosting and domain I paid up front is expired, I put it up for grabs weeks ago and nobody wants it, and that’s fine, I don’t expect anyone wants the plate of lasagne sitting in my fridge either, so it had its day and it can die a death, no biggie, but I see signs of life, or, to be more specific, signs of pond life, over at the spearhead as Bill attempts to resurrect something or other, good luck with that shit, fool me once, more foll me a second time, err, or something.

So out and about today I swing by a friend’s house, and he bemoans to me the sudden dearth of Class IV laser diodes available for sale, fleabay ain’t listing them, amazon ain’t listing them, nobody is, terr-rist weapons see, or not see, if they get shined into the eyes of black helicopter pilots, between that and drones being flown into airport traffic lanes, who needs the Greeks to stick two fingers up at the bankers to trigger papiren bitte at the point of a gun, I mean, fuck it, we are now eulogising Churchill, who was a sad sack, and talk trash about Russian bears encroaching our airspace, daring to fly within twelve miles of us, you know, in international airspace, like they are fucking allowed to do, unlike the fucking Belgrano, but that was an argie boat and not a fucking Russian plane, and Putin is a warmonger innit, and still no word on the cockpit tapes or black boxes from MH17, and have you seeeen the camel-toe on the youngest kardashian bitch, and anyway Gazprom has chlamydia…

Meanwhile I go to a couple of my local business friends, and they are doing it right, downsizing their premises back to what they used to be, sticking with a core of good staff, plenty of stock in stock, and cash off the books trading is king, sure it’s all a lot more cramped and cluttered and a lot less bling bling but … it’s fucking sustainable, and more to the point, when I walk in as a customer, I get as good or better a deal than I got before, win win, fuck the bling.

On the cunt front I got more than I can use, more than I want to use, which is a shame, as on the one hand I feel I should be making the effort to fuck them all, but on the other hand, I’m sad to say I feel that I should be focusing on one or two, as that is “enough” and it feels like it is going to get risky out there, bunny boiler wise,,,, as if the days of gratuitous free fucks from skanks are numbered….

WE are being primed by the media to hate everything from scroungers on social security through bloody foreigners to bloody foreigners living here to rah rah rah those good old days during the war when life was so much simpler…. and there can be only one purpose for this deliberate and sustained effort, but as I ended the last post and started this one, there are many unintended consequences when you treat the analogue world in such a binary fashion.

WE enter a blinding fog whenever what I want does not match up to what you think I should want, and this happens on every level from the interpersonal to the international, and of course none of it is aided by those who stand between thee and me and claim to tell us all what the other party really wants.

I don’t even know for a fact, scientifically speaking, that ISIS even exists, much less the MILF fighters (lol) as I have never met one, much less heard from their own lips what they actually want, stand for, believe in, etc.

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