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January 8, 2015

Camping snipers

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I want to start this one off with an image.Image1

It’s a WinDirStat screenshot of the Z drive on my main PC, which is itself just a mapped folder linking to my primary NAS box.

Number one, this is why the cloud is shit, I got all this stuff at the end of gigabit Ethernet on my LAN, and being on my LAN in the 192.168.x.x address range, it isn’t accessible to anyone not physically on my LAN, sure, there are ways of making it remotely available, but in a world where phones carry 64 gigs of storage, I just don’t see the benefits.

Number two, this is why it is weak, all it takes is a thief with a uniform and a warrant, and I no longer have access to any of that shit, which is why email / sms / kik / whatsapp backup to the cloud is still the order of the day… >;*)

Human beings are funny creatures, show most of them something like this, or a 2TB disk that is 80% full, and they have the urge to purge and delete files… they don’t know why, the 400 gigabytes that are still free on that disk are enough for anyone, they just seem to prefer it empty, like it weighed more, or ran slower, or used more juice, at 80% full as opposed to 50% full.

Then three months later they are looking for that file that they know they had, but can no longer find.

My policy is only delete shit you know for a fact you actively do not want anywhere on your system.

Meanwhile back in the real world everyone and their dog is starting to worry about money, big companies left right and centre and haemorrhaging staff and premises and ventures, and everyone is seeing it, it’s no longer possible to sweep it under the carpet or blame it on statistical outliers when for example the 5 biggest retailers in the country are in the shit and issuing profit warnings and laying off staff and closing stores.

When Tesco is closing 43 stores amid falling profits, you know it’s bad, with their purchasing power and economies of scale and accounting practices, if they can’t make money, no small business can.

Soft shoe shit about it being “only” the “smaller” “local” “convenience” stores that are closing is so much shit, and everyone knows it, the scalpels are out.

Meanwhile spam / cold calling / marketing has been ratcheted up, and a definite hint of desperation on the part of all those doing it, quotas to meet or your job is on the line if salaried, or fuck all in your pay packet if commission based.

Down at the street / gutter level, things are getting gnarly, and I don’t just mean in the financial sense, the wimminz on the dating / fucking scene are getting their game on, and betrayal of husbands is going to a new level, in your face motherfucker, and no you can’t divorce me cos I’ll take HALF OR MORE and keep the house and kids, and oh yeah, suck it up bitch, I may let you fuck me once a fortnight if you’re a good little boy.

Wimminz willingness to deliberately ignore being pump and dump material for some guy because basically life otherwise wasn’t too bad and they got some good sex is fading fast, it’s all about money and security and mortgages, you gotta have a j-o-b if you wanna be with me, ain’t nothing going on but the rent…. yeah, we heard that one before bitch, those of us with longer memories.

Meanwhile back in the other real world, my small coherent light business, one of my now regular customers, cash only, fuck the tax man, is out hunting, so he talks to me about a probable contract he has, and my part in it, we umm and ahh, I say prolly between 15 and 20 a pop depending on variables, he asks me can I do it for 15, as his budgeting for the whole job works a lot better if he only pays me 15 a pop, and 15 is more than 0, and the fact is I already purchased the machine outright so I got no ongoing extra costs, so ten seconds later we have a deal, it’s a man’s world and it’s fucking righteous and the true way to do business.

15 x 15 = 225 drinks vouchers I didn’t have before, for what might be two or three hours “work”, for values of work that include typing some shit and drinking coffee and loading fifteen pieces in the laser and hitting go.

it’s not even a small step on the road to world domination, but it is enough money to live for a week, and it’s another 225 off my outlay on the machine, and I’m already close to 10% of what I paid for it with these odd jobs and shit, and then you have the proverbial “means of production” free and clear in your own hands, unlike my day job, where the stroke of the accountants pen can change me from being employed on a salary to sweet fuck all.

It kinda reminds me of that feeling you get (or at least I do, because I have done this shit a lot) when you are sat in some guy’s kitchen drinking coffee, you’re collecting his wife to take away and fuck senseless for the weekend, and he knows it, and he is all sort of polite to you because he knows if he ain’t she will be pissed at him, and he has to live with the bitch, I don’t….

Don’t get me wrong, I never did the whole rubbing his nose in it thing, never saw the point, way too childish, and my ego ain’t that fragile I need to tread on a cuckold niggerz to get ma kicks, so he knows she is gonna do that shit anyway, thank fuck she is doing with me and not some hoser….

But that is the same as not being the sheep when two wolves and a sheep democratically decide what to have for lunch, owning your own means of production is like, a lot fucking closer to pwning some other niggerz wife, whereas not owning your own means of production is a lot fucking closer to being that cuckold niggerz, it’s your shit, and you get all the bills, but you don’t call the shots.

it’s a dog eat dog world…. rawr… lol

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  1. I´ve expected this shit a LOT sooner.
    It´s almost a relief to finally watch the avalanche starting.

    As the dead frenchies show, our dear elites seem to be finally at the panic stage.
    Setting the countdown off.

    Comment by hans — January 11, 2015 @ 1:55 am

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