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December 26, 2014

The books are still in the library.

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It’s just that nobody takes them out to read any more.

Technically I’m on call today, practically that means I’m sat on the sofa with the fire on, still not dressed, drinking coffee, chatting to skanks on PoF and so on, it’s a wonderful life stanley.

Outside the traffic is swishing by in the rain, inside I’ve run through all the usual pap and shite, apparently Jimmy Choos men’s loafers are on sale, reduced from 450 to 250, call me when they are 30, which is what I usually pay for a pair of trainers, which last me for a year.

I’ve played Far Cry 4 to death now, it was ok and whiled away a few hours, but once you got your campaigns done, that’s kind of it, that’s the problem with these online worlds, once you use up the designers imagination, it’s all stale and repetitive and limiting.

One has hopes that FTA-V for PC won’t be as bad, FC4 and Skyrim share worlds that are sparsely populated offline by AI NPC’s. So there is little fun to be had by camping out and sniping..

Being specific here, pick a place that should have a lot of regular traffic, like one of the bridges, and shoot out the tyres of every vehicle that tries to cross, creating a roadblock, you’d think that the fun would pile up, as would the burnt out vehicles, but the reality is you’ll be lucky to get six vehicles, much less more than six.

I find direct correlations between off-line gaming and the so called real world, if I don’t want to “save” 200 on a pair of Choos loafers, there’s fuck all out there to buy…

In Kyrat you get to be golden path, or the royal army, or a bunch of whiners who run around screaming save me and not this shit again before being killed, the designers don’t create programming to allow any other kind of interaction with the virtual world, which makes it exactly like the real world.

On-line gaming is frankly no better, it’s worse, it comprises the worst elements of both worlds, at least off-line I can run the Cheat Engine and make things more the way I want them, like Jimmy Choos loafers reduced from 4 to 2, but I can only wear them indoors at home where nobody sees me, which isn’t a problem, if it’s all about comfort.

And if it is about anything that isn’t comfort, then what the fuck are you doing?

Do headshots only count if my score goes on a public leaderboard?

So Clint asks the father permission to make a film oabout his dead son, the sniper, and daddy and his mustache say yay, but only if you honour his memory.

Pulling the trigger 150 times to reach out and kill at a distance in foreign lands is now apparently something worthy of honour, I musta done that way more than 150 times in Kyrat, and didn’t actually take any real lives, so I must be positively brimming over with honour, and any minute now ol Clint is gonna come a knocking at my door to make a film about me.

Meanwhile back in the “real” world the monthly missive from our HR department is doing the rounds, praising all the little drones who have had positive feedback from clients.

Cunts are too stupid to see that this shit doesn’t build team spirit, it destroys it.

So every single job I have done for this fucking company is not worthy of a single mention, nor am I…. OK, fuck this shit…. so Mr Kiss-ass gets all the praise all the fucking time, fine, fuck him and fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on, I’ll now make it a point of honour to NOT get fucking mentioned in any of your fucking monthly missives, I’ll pull my fucking weight, and not a fucking ounce more.

I can to this day distinctly remember a smarmy little shit about six years old deliberately and with slime and smarm aforethought turn to his stupid skank bitch mother, put on an ass kissing face, and say “I love you mummy”, well over 30 years have passed since then, and the smarmy little shit is now a smarmy big shit hitting 40

Punk makes my skin crawl, in exactly the same way as the usual suspects named every month in the HR glee club missive, and back in the real world the one who gets the most praise is known to us older guys as a workshy slapdash chancer, but he gets all the written praise which makes him unsackable for anything short of being caught red handed stealing.

I have had to go to jobs that he has fucked up, incredibly basic shit like not re-connecting patch leads after failover testing, because he spends all his time and energy making sure everyone around him, and everyone back at HQ, knows what a shit hot gung ho hero he is… instead of concentrating on the fucking job in question.

GTA-V for PC at least provides for the possibility of idly doing nothing but camping up somewhere high and sniping (in stealth mode) and watching the carnage while idly sipping coffee.

The praised by HR bloke is a lot like the praised by daddy and his mustache dead sniper bloke.

They are both just doing a fucking job, it’s not a difficult job, or a tough one, and the fact that they have more individual recorded gold stars from teecher than anyone else doesn’t mean shit, plenty out there done better, done it quietly, done it with no fuss, just a fucking job man.

But we live in a world where people wanna be a fucking hero, gets me some fucking adulation, for doing a fucking job, and invariably they are the cunts that don’t do it very well.

I wanna be a fucking hero for wearing a badge, or for being some oppressed nigger kid, or for some other mundane shit that I am making a fuck up of, you will respect mah self esteem motherfucker, or I will pop a cap in your ass, while I empty the mag in your general direction.


  1. Rewarding firemen breeds arsonists…

    Comment by mysterian — December 31, 2014 @ 2:31 am

  2. Finally came around to watching that Rover flic.
    Damn, that was great.
    And have to totally disagree with the reviewer there. Nothing in that movie was out of place.
    Actually LOLed when the song came. For me it brilliantly showed how fundamentally broken everything had become.

    Comment by hans — January 3, 2015 @ 11:55 pm

  3. Happy new year AFOR. Thanks for sharing your voice. Keep on keeping on.

    Comment by Yak — January 7, 2015 @ 5:36 am

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