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December 20, 2014

Interlude with a vampire

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A mixed lot, to finish the year off.

There is the skank who claims. quite plausibly, to have a single digit cock count, including the guy who allegedly raped her, thing is, despite the alleged single digit cock count, her husband does not know about three of them, he knows about me, and tries to get her to limit seeing me to once a month, cos, their solution to a tired marriage was to start swinging, except that isn’t working out so well for him, and he’s pissed it worked out for her, she found me, or vice versa, or whatever.

He also doesn’t know how into me she really is… she “loves” me, because I know, and tell her to her face, the only reason she claims to “love” him too is because that keeps her marriage working, it’s a strange definition of love, but an all to accurate one for a wimminz.

I relate all this because the sad fact is, despite all her failings, even just the ones he does know about, he’d prefer to stay with her, and the thing is, he shouldn’t be jealous of her being with me if that is the case, he should be grateful, because I am the one fucker around here who sees right through her, calls her on all her shit, and doesn’t want her as anything other than a regular ish sex slave to empty my balls into.

And I relate all this because we are about two weeks away from the traditional “we’re getting a fucking divorce” peak of the year, so I suspect both he and I are going to have one less cunt to empty our balls into in the new year… lol

Meanwhile, back at the skank ranch, another bint who litters her PoF profile with all the usual shit about no players and no pump and dump and no sex on first dates has progressed through sending me pics of her cunt spread wide open to offering me the aforementioned fuck on the first date, we’re all George clooney nowadays donchaknow.

Meanwhile in other festive hilarity, there was a group of us at the local, and one of the guys is having issues with his daughter going off the rails, spoilt by mommy of course, so he is asking for advice, and ends up looking at me as he asks… one of the other guys spurts out “Jesus, don’t fucking ask him mate, he’ll tell you do get rid of both of them and fuck some young bird“.. awkward chuckles all around the table, but matey has that look in the eyes you can see in motorcycle dealerships, with the guy calculating that if he gives up his girlfriend and his dog and his band and his surfing, and throws all that at overtime, he can just about squeeze out the payments for this here object of two wheeled desire right there in front of him….. and he is tempted… knowing that he probably won’t pull the trigger, knowing that he probably will regret not pulling that trigger, quite a lot, in subsequent times….lol

So I drop some product from the laser off at what is turning out to be a regular customer today, and he asks if seasons greetings are in order and if I have anything planned for Christmas, I tell him I’m more of a bah humbug man, I’ll be quite happy sat at home alone fucking with my laser and playing video games and chilling to some sounds… he just grins at me and says he has a bottle of 30 year old cognac and an open fire, bachelor basking in the rays.

There are a fucking lot of us out there.

I was still grinning from that and walking through town with a long time mate / much older cousin / fellow black sheep when I bumped into another wimminz I know slightly, she is also a contender to be a cum bucket, and she asks what I been up to today, I know she is asking if I have been fucking other wimminz really, but I play dumb and tell her I been to drop some shit off for a customer and before that I been to the graveyard, took the old lady.

So she looks at me all sad and asks me if I have lost my dad, I tell her no, we know exactly where the bugger is, pushing up daisies in Kyrat Cemetery… blows her fucking mind, my cuz bursts out laughing, yeah he says, I see your old man is still alive in you.

The old cobblers down the road has cleaned out one window of the shop, and has a full traditional nativity scene, with everything, the fucking church across the road, and I shit you not, has a fucking poster of Bart Simpson in a santa hat and some shit about midnight mass being at 9pm, and other ethnicities and beliefs are all welcome, and absolutely no symbology ANYWHERE that has anything to do with the nativity.

I don’t have a religious bone in my body, but I do wish the cobbler a happy and prosperous new year, the church can go fuck itself, or a choirboy, for all I care.

I guess my aura has spread far enough now, so far, touch wood, no fucker this year has asked me how my Christmas shopping is going, (none) if I am having a tree (no) if I am going anywhere or have any holidays booked (no and none) or if I have anyone “special” to see the fucking new year in with (yeah, my cock) and I must say it is a welcome development, as much as I enjoy shocking the stupid consumerist proles, there is more enjoyment to being spared the stupid fucking questions in the first fucking place.

I have made, not bought, made, three fucking presents, one for someone close to give as a gift, two for me to give as gifts, to the only two people on the planet I actually give a fuck about (apart from myself…lol) because quite honestly they are the only two cunts left who have not at some point in the past judged a previous present on it’s dollar value or “shiny”, at which point they get dropped for fucking life from the list.

So I’m heading back from town to my stinkhole to chill and mebbe play for Far Cry 4, and some panhandling mother fucker in a santa hat comes up and asks me for a donation, to help all the young homeless in this country, I guess it makes a change from starving wogs or cancer patients or spanish donkeys, I just shook my head and said no….

… at which point the cunt asks me, don’t I care about the poor homeless youth in our own country, who no fault of… I interrupted… No, I don’t, fuckem.

… at which point the cunt tries to tell me about hardship, bad fucking move, you think I never been fucked and penniless and homeless with an empty belly you cunt, and I don’t mean for a fucking day or two, or until the dole office opened or I could get a cheque cashed, been there, done that, got the fucking tee shirt, did it once here in the UK where it was easy, and once is foreign lands where it was hard, no social security, no safety net, no nothing but a hard fall all the way to death, cunts face is shocked, so I go on, matter of fucking fact, it happened to me three times, last time was in the UK, last time was just a few fucking years ago, and lemme tell ya, you think it’s tough not having a boot to piss in when you’re a teenager, try it when you’re fucking fifty and wake up one morning to find that not only has EVERYTHING been taken away from you, like, you HAD all that shit in the first fucking place man, comfy three bedroom home fully furnished and everything, then BANG it’s gone, not only that, the fucking state is trying to rail-road you for crimes you didn’t commit, and tells you that if you go anywhere near your sons, that will be a crime you do commit, and you go straight to prison, and you’re fucking FIFTY, and you gotta start all over again, from fucking scratch.

Bah fucking humbug


  1. Can this laser of yours cut vinyl for decals? Might have some work for you when I start my motorbike restoration…

    Comment by Tim — December 20, 2014 @ 8:26 am

  2. this fucking guy right here.

    merry christmas you tough old son of a bitch.

    Comment by noko — December 20, 2014 @ 10:40 am

    • Here here!

      Comment by Tim — December 21, 2014 @ 3:49 pm

  3. Wishing everyone at Wimminz a Merry Christmas, or whatever other winter holiday y’all celebrate. Let the good times roll…

    Comment by Boxer — December 26, 2014 @ 5:37 am

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